Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee Review

Hey everyone! ? Today’s post is on Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee. I can see all coffee lovers intrigued to check out this post. So what are you waiting for? Hop in to know more and find a cup of coffee for you in the end! ☕? (Or I might finish it before you!)

beans talk n leaves coffee 1 Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee Review

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Paper Boat Chikki Review

Hi everyone! This is my first time in reviewing a food product. And I am starting it with the Paper Boat Chikki. For those of you who don’t know, Paper Boat have come up with chikki too! Yay! And if you follow me on Instagram (@beautytending) I had shared a cute box. And I know many of you already knew what was inside. 😛 But I still wanted share these photos and a short sweet review on it! 🙂

paper boat chikki review 3 Paper Boat Chikki Review

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