How To Whiten Teeth At Home

How To Whiten Teeth At Home

Everyone would like to have white teeth and healthy gums. Bright and shiny teeth not only make your smile appear brighter but also brightens your personality! Many people do not smile with their open mouth in pictures because they are too embarrassed to show their yellow stained teeth. It could be from unhealthy oral habits, diet or a genetic factor! Are you also embarrassed by showing off your stained teeth? Fret not, I’ve compiled a list of home remedies which is not only easy to follow but also available at low cost rather than spending a fortune on teeth whitening treatments. So hop in to learn at home effective teeth whitening methods!

how to whiten teeth at home 1 How To Whiten Teeth At Home

First let us understand what do we mean by white, bright and shiny teeth. When your teeth are free from stains and from plaque accumulation. Then they naturally appear bright and shiny.

The methods which I share here may or may not make your teeth super white like celebs. But it will help in getting rid of stubborn stains. And will break down plaque or tartar formation, if any. Since these methods are tried and tested also quite effective, following them or even any of them will help you achieve bright and healthy teeth and gums. They are also safe to follow so you don’t have to worry about eroding your enamel.

Now, let’s check out the methods!

Oil pulling

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Oil pulling is a great way to remove surface stains from teeth and to healthify your gums. It should be done with high-quality organic coconut oil. It is believed that oil pulling draws out all the toxins from your body, improves your gut and oral health. And this is safe to do on daily basis. Since it won’t harm the enamel of the teeth.

How to do it?

It should be done on an empty stomach and before brushing your teeth, every morning. Take a spoonful of organic coconut oil and swish for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, spit it out in a plastic of your trash can. After that, you can continue with your regular brushing routine.


  • I know it sounds tiring especially swishing for 20 minutes. The important point to remember here is to swish slowly.
  • Initially, you can practice for 15 minutes.
  • Try this for at least two weeks before you check the result.

Baking soda

how to whiten teeth at home 3 How To Whiten Teeth At Home

Baking soda is gently abrasive in nature and contains anti-bacterial property. Thus it can be used to remove surface stains and plaque as well.

How to do it?

Use a pinch of baking soda in your toothpaste. Just before brushing, sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on your toothpaste and brush as usual. Follow the routine as you would like swishing with water and cleaning your tongue.

Practice this twice a week. Your teeth will be clean, polished and stain free!

Hydrogen peroxide

how to whiten teeth at home 4 How To Whiten Teeth At Home

Hydrogen peroxide also contains anti-bacterial properties. And this could possibly be one of the best mouthwashes! Use anywhere from 1% or 3% hydrogen peroxide which is a safe amount to be used. It not only whitens your teeth but also aids sore gums.

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How to do it?

Mix hydrogen peroxide with distilled water in 50/50. Swish for at least 15 seconds. Do this thrice a week and see the result.


It may cause stinging if you have cuts or ulcers in your mouth.

Apple cider vinegar

how to whiten teeth at home 5 How To Whiten Teeth At Home

This is another best mouthwash for teeth whitening. It also contains anti-bacterial properties. It helps get rid of stubborn teeth stains and also helps to break down plaque.

How to do it?

Take apple cider vinegar with distilled water in 50/50. Swish every night for 15 seconds. Follow this thrice a week for best result.


how to whiten teeth at home 6 How To Whiten Teeth At Home

Salt is gentle abrasive and acts as a disinfectant. It also helps to kill stinky bad breath. Use a salt scrub once in a while to remove surface teeth stains.

How to do it?

Just take a pinch of salt and scrub it directly on your teeth for few seconds.  Do this a few times in a week. Then swish with normal water. You can also do a warm water salt swish for healthy teeth and gums.


how to whiten teeth at home 7 How To Whiten Teeth At Home

It is believed that banana peels contain natural whitening properties. The same I have heard about orange peels too.

How to do it?

Take the peel of the banana and rub its inside on your teeth directly. If this is uncomfortable in doing then scrap the inside of the banana in a small container. Mix some water to form a thick paste. Now rub this paste on your teeth directly. Let it stay for a few seconds then spit. Follow this every day for best results!


%name How To Whiten Teeth At Home

Strawberries are acidic in nature and can be used as a natural teeth whitener. Since they are also good in removing teeth stains.

How to do it?

Simply you can eat strawberries every day! But remember to swish later. Alternatively, you can make a strawberry paste by mashing strawberries. Rub this paste directly on your teeth. You follow this a few times in a week.


  • Reduce excessive coffee or tea intake.
  • Brush teeth twice daily and floss once a day.
  • Change your brush after every 3 months.
  • Swish with plain water after every meal and even after small meals.
  • Swish with plain water after having drinks which could possibly stain your teeth.
  • Reduce sugar intake.
  • Avoid smoking or drinking.
  • Visit your dentist regularly and follow their advice closely.

I personally follow the salt method. And almost half of the work is done by my toothpaste which Colgate sugar acid neutralizer.

I hope this post was helpful! And do let me know which ways you have tried to whiten teeth at home in the comment section below!

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