Stay Refreshed With Nivea Pure Talc Skin Powder | Review

Aye peeps! How are you all doing? Well, today’s review post contains about a common product, which is a staple in every Indian household- talcum powder! Since my childhood days I’d only been using talcs from Pond’s. But some months ago, on my visit to a relative’s place, I was handed Nivea Pure Talc when I asked for a powder. I had never used Nivea Pure Talc before but at that time I had forgotten to carry my compact with me and my face was an oily mess! After using Nivea Pure Talc for the first time I liked it! Hop in to know more about it!

nivea pure talc skin powder 1 Stay Refreshed With Nivea Pure Talc Skin Powder | Review

Nivea Pure Talc Experience

nivea pure talc skin powder 2 Stay Refreshed With Nivea Pure Talc Skin Powder | Review

The one we have here is a 400 g bottle. It is also available in a smaller size- 100g. But I am not the only one who loves and uses talcum powder, other members of my family uses as well. So, the big bottle makes sense, right? 😉 The plastic bottle is opaque white in color and contains all the important details mentioned on it. Due to its bulky size it is obviously not a travel friendly option but the smaller version is. It has a rotating cap through which the amount of powder to be used can be easily controlled. Hence no product wastage!

nivea pure talc skin powder 4 Stay Refreshed With Nivea Pure Talc Skin Powder | Review

nivea pure talc skin powder 5 Stay Refreshed With Nivea Pure Talc Skin Powder | Review

I have been using this talcum powder for many months now and it is still sitting on our common shelf. The powder is pure white in color but it doesn’t leave behind any whitish-ghostly look. Given a few seconds it quickly adjusts with your skin complexion. Gives a soft feeling to the skin and also smells very pleasant and refreshing! 🙂

I have been mainly using it to kill underarms odour when at home. Because when I am at home it doesn’t make sense to use a deo. It’s not necessary to use a deo at home! As it claims- it neutralizes body odour. Now my underarms odour isn’t toxic unlike many people! 😀 But it exists. (I hope this making sense to you!) The odour is quite mild but won’t bother the people around me but as I get sweaty easily it worries me if I’m smelling! 😀 As the smell is nothing but of bacteria poop! So when at I’m home this talc helps with mild odours. 🙂

I also regularly use it to set my makeup, with a powder brush of course. It helps in preventing facial oil and shine for a good amount of time. Apart from using it to set makeup I also use it to bake my under eye area. As from the swatches you can see that it gives a brightened effect. Therefore, when I use it to bake my under eye area it also appears brighter and lively! (Note that my dark circles aren’t that bad as of now.)

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And yes of course apart from these personal hygiene and makeup related uses, I also use it on a daily basis whenever I step outside. It provides a very refreshing feeling, the finely milled powder makes the skin feel soft and supple. Being someone with an oily skin I always need a loose powder or compact. And for now this product is sufficing the need. Since I also have acne prone sensitive skin, it did not cause me any breakouts or clogged pores either. Since it completely disappears with excessive oil and sweat formation. I am thinking of trying the other variant once this is over, which is Nivea Musk Talc. Have any of you used it? 🙂

nivea pure talc skin powder 3 Stay Refreshed With Nivea Pure Talc Skin Powder | Review

Price and quantity

INR 120 for 400 g

To Buy Click Here

I loved it!

Rating 5/5

Nivea Pure Talc stays true to its claims and can be used by both men and women. But for men there is another variant available too- Nivea Musk Talc.  This is an everyday needy product. Totally recommend it!

Have you used Nivea Pure Talc? How was your experience? Which Talc do you use and love?

I love to hear from you! Share your thoughts/questions in the comment section below! 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Stay Refreshed With Nivea Pure Talc Skin Powder | Review

  1. Sabeeka Lambe says:

    I love Nivea and the moment I saw this on the supermarket shelf it went in my cart… Have Ben using it as a regular talcum powder and Loved how you use it as a setting powder… will try that….

  2. Minakshi bajpai says:

    I used it many times. Nivea is one of the best and reputed brand from years. It’s fragrance is very refreshing and cool. But I never used this for setting make up. Will try this trick with this powder. Thanks for sharing

  3. Papri Ganguly says:

    It blends so well on the skin withput leaving Amy white cast or ghosty look. Nivea is always my favorite brand when it comes to fragrance. I don’t use talc but love to try this one.

  4. Jiya B says:

    Nivea Talk is there since ages. The packing earlier was Blue colour Metal Can . Now it looks great in new packaging. Thanks for the review I love the fragrance of this talk.

  5. Dipika says:

    I love Nivea and have been loyal to it since ages. Nivea talc is a must in mu household be it for better half or myself.
    I like the light effect amd mild fragrance it leaves behind.

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