What is the Right Anarkali for Your Body Type?

What is the Right Anarkali for Your Body Type?

Anarkali is a favorite of the Indian women and each of them wants to flaunt the different types of Anarkalis available. However, most of them get bewildered by the latest models of the attire and end up buying one that does not go with their body shapes.


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Unlike sarees that could be draped to make any woman beautiful, Anarkalis have certain peculiarities that call for proper judgment when choosing a significant style. With the jacket Anarkalis with cigarette pants, flared Anarkalis, sleeveless and full-sleeve Anarkalis gowns, A-line Anarkalis, etc., it might be hard to choose one style that would best go with your body shape if you do not have an idea regarding what parts of your body need highlighting and what need concealing. To make yourself look as perfect as possible, the proportions of a particular body shape must be distributed evenly throughout with an Anarkali if you want the best of it.

Here are some amazing tips for wearing an Anarkali according to your body shape:

For the Short Women

As a short woman, one of your lamentations is that of not being able to wear an Anarkali suit. People might have given you an earful regarding the mismatch of your height and Anarkalis making you severely repent the entire scenario. Yes, being short requires extra attention while choosing an Anarkali but that does not imply that you do not get to wear one.



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If not worn correctly an Anarkali suit might make you look like a tent, hence, it is recommended to go with a solid or single-coloured Anarkali. Yet be easy with the flare as short people must go with little to no flare else your stature would succumb to the look of the dress. In addition, avoid floor-length Anarkalis so you do not look short.

For the Petite Women

Petite women have a delicate bone structure that makes them a classic narrow look. Generally, they are accompanied with short hands and legs that give them an overall petite look. For the ideal Anarkali, a petite person should choose a suit that has a minimum or no flare much like that of the short women. Due to their small built, the flare might drown them in the fabric and own the woman.

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Hence, it is advisable to look for an A-line Anarkali that preferably ends above or on the knee. The straight-cut ending of the dress would give an edge to the structure balancing the overall look. Sleeveless designs are apt for the petite women as it is a treat to see those gentle movements of the little hands.

For the Plump Women

Plump women are known to look amazing in Anarkali suits. This is one of those attires that could be easily rocked by a chubby woman despite having the well-rounded curves on her. Moreover, it is probably because of the roundness of such body types, that the ethnic wear looks so embraced by them.

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If you are a plump woman, choose an Anarkali that has a nice flare to it to even out your bosom volume with the rest of your body. Creating a narrow midriff, the Anarkalis give an hourglass figure to the voluptuous structure making you look like a goddess. Avoid narrow A-lines and short-sleeved Anarkalis so that you do not look as you have an uneven distribution of mass in the body.

For the Slim Women

These body types are versatile and could rock almost every type of attire thrown on them, be it from the west or the east. Anarkali suits make slim girls look effortlessly tall and elegant like no other eastern outfit. Take ideas from Sabyasachi’s runways and you would understand why there is not much to avoid.

05 What is the Right Anarkali for Your Body Type?



Slim girls could choose almost any style of Anarkali, however, since they are able to sport unconventional looks with equal elegance, contemporary or fusion ankle-length or floor-touching Anarkalis are the choice of all. One color glittering floor-length Anarkali gowns with stunning back designs should also be a wise decision. Do not forget to pair the outfit with stunning footwear even if they stay concealed by the length of the dress.

For the Leggy Women

When our vision a woman with long legs in an Indian attire, we instantly imagine her wearing a pair of cigarette pants with a jacket Anarkali. Either that or A-line (if the person is slim), ankle-length or floor-length Anarkalis and gowns to achieve a classic ethnic look.

06 What is the Right Anarkali for Your Body Type?



Tall women like Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif are mostly seen sporting the longer versions of the Anarkali suits; hence, you must be smart enough to take cues from them.

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