10 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Naturally at Home

10 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Naturally at Home

10 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Naturally at Home 1 10 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Naturally at Home

Today’s post is for those who are facing difficulties to lose weight probably since ages! So, here I am sharing 10 effective tips which if you follow then you will start seeing amazing results soon! No, I am not gonna say something like starving yourself to death! Let’s be real it is practically impossible to follow such crash diets while we live with other people and our eating habits revolve around them. Especially here in India where women have to cook so much that also everything according to other members of the family. So after such hectic day, I know no women have time to cook something different for themselves. So whether you are a male or female but if you are wondering if there are some easy to follow tips out there to lose a few inches, then keep scrolling!

10 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Naturally at Home

1. Keep a Food Journal

Keeping a food journal will always make you focus on eating a balanced diet. Maybe you drink but occasionally. Maybe you have junk food. Whatever eating habits you have, write it down in your food journal. Many times people come to me saying that I rarely have junk food but when I told them to write it down whenever they have junk food the reality was on the paper! Not only your occasional habits but also your daily meals can be written down in the journal. Your food journal will tell you what food items need to be increased or decreased!

2. Use Smaller Plates

This is something that I personally follow and it does work! I used to have a huge appetite even though I have an athletic body type. But now my appetite has reduced and I follow a balanced diet and I’m happy about that! So start using smaller bowls and plates to follow the portion size control diet. Do not take a big jump from a huge plate to a tiny one. We are not trying to starve ourselves here so please remember that. We are only trying to eat how much our body really needs. That is eating to satisfaction and not eating beyond satisfaction.

3. Avoid Processed Food

Why? Because they take a really long time and a lot of effort to be digested. Plus they cause bloating and gas issues. I know once in a while we all have processed food. But have it in moderation. Write it down in your food journal and keep track of it.

4. Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

If you start following a low carb diet you will see a rapid fat loss. Again do not jump directly from carb contained diet to carb-free diet. You only need to reduce it a little by little. In such a way that carb is included in your meal but in a small quantity, it should not be a major portion of your meal.

5. Increase Protein Intake

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Because why not? It not only gives you energy but also reduces crazy cravings! So whenever you go on a low carb diet slightly increase your protein intake. Protein can be obtained from consuming meat, seafood, and eggs.

6. Eat More Fibre

Not only it helps in keeping your bowels moving in a healthy fashion. But studies show that consuming soluble fiber aids in fat loss especially around the middle section of the body.

7. Consume More Fruits and Veggies

Include more veggies in your lunch and dinner. And whenever you feel hungry snack on a fruit! You might have heard your doctor telling you numerous times to have more fruits and veggies. Why? Because it actually helps in maintaining a fit body!

8. Eat Slowly and Mindfully

When we eat faster we tend to complete the meal quickly which sends signals to our brain that we may not have had a proper meal and we may need to get more food on our plate! This is a common habit which I have observed in morbidly obese people. They eat very fast and eat more. So take your time, chew food properly and slowly. Try to avoid eating while watching television. This distracts our mind and digestive system.

9. Keep Healthy Snacks Around

The best and healthiest snack items are nuts! I love munching on nuts or fruits as it calms down a sudden hunger pang. You can also have fruit juices or soups to tame your hunger instantly especially when you are just an hour away to your next meal!

10. Exercise Regularly

Last but not least is to exercise regularly. Of course, this has to be on the list! There are many types of exercises. Pick the one which suits best according to your lifestyle. You can prepare your own personal exercising schedule that works best for you. Note this down along with your everyday meals in the food journal.

Final Note

Please, don’t try to follow a low carb and low-fat diet at the same time. This is not something that is recommended ever! What works best for everyone is following a portion size and balanced diet while tracking your macros. Eat small portions but increasing the number of portions for a day. And of course, exercising regularly. Let me know what works best for you in the comment section down below! 🙂

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19 thoughts on “10 Easy Tips to Lose Weight Naturally at Home

  1. Aishwarya Sandeep says:

    Keeping a good journal really helps.. Recently I started blogging about my weight loss journey.. Trust me it helped me analyse my journey and kept me motivated. I felt like I have a strong support.


    I ham trying to follow as much as I can what you have mentioned above. Moreover I have joined Zumba and added it with some work outs

  3. Snehalata says:

    These are some amazing tips to lose weight at home and I also follow some of the rules to maintain my body and weight but sometime cheat days comes and we again put our weight back

  4. Gunjan Upadhyay says:

    A healthy diet with some exercise is a great option and i like your idea of a smaller plate. It shall definitely help control th portion size

  5. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    This is a good collection of tips for weight loss. You should also drink plenty of water and invest in a fitness band to help you cover minimum 8000 steps in a day (WHO’s requirement)

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