4 Effective Waxing Tips For Sensitive Skin & Ingrown Hairs

4 Effective Waxing Tips For Sensitive Skin & Ingrown Hairs

If you have sensitive skin then I understand why waxing can be a tough call for you! Since I, myself belong to the group of people who have super sensitive skin! I still remember my first time waxing session and thereafter, how red and irritated my skin turned! And to add to my horror- freckle type spots started appearing all over the waxed area! As of now, I am a shaving person, but there are times when I get waxed occasionally. And I follow a simple routine, to keep any such waxing side effects at bay. Surprisingly, the routine also helps to prevent any ingrown hairs. Just from a simple routine? Now that’s a bonus! Today, in this post, I will share with you some waxing tips to follow every waxing session.

4 Effective Waxing Tips For Sensitive Skin Ingrown Hairs 4 Effective Waxing Tips For Sensitive Skin & Ingrown Hairs

Pre Waxing Tips

Hair length –

Before scheduling your next waxing session, check on the hair length. They should be long enough to stick to the waxing strip so that all can be pulled in one go. If the hairs are very tiny, you/your beautician will require going over the area more than once. This can cause some discomfort especially if you have sensitive skin! So I suggest you keep some distance before every waxing session, like 30-35 days.

And in case if there is that one small or even a few tiny hairs which are left behind after waxing, pluck them with a tweezer. But don’t put your waxing strip on the area again.

#1 Exfoliate – 

Use a good exfoliating scrub to scrub off dead skin cells and also to help prevent ingrown hairs. A good loofah or a body scrub product will do too! The exfoliating scrub should be gentle enough so that the skin is not left irritated prior to waxing. A simple routine will be – bathing before waxing. So while you are in the shower, you can quickly exfoliate the skin too.

Skin Care After Waxing

Experts suggest: if you have sensitive skin, then don’t wear tight-fitting clothes just after getting waxed. Go for cotton and loose fitting clothes to let the skin breathe. Hitting the Gym after waxing is completely your choice. As it totally depends on how your skin is comfortable. But a quick shower is suggested after exercising to prevent the sweat and oil from clogging your open pores, which often leads to breakouts. Also, it is advised not use soap for a few hours, as it may irritate your sensitive skin.

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How To Reduce Redness After Waxing?

Following is the routine which I follow to get rid of the redness after waxing. Of course, I don’t follow each one of them in a row. I choose one among the three depending on my mood and the place where I am getting waxed at.

When Getting Waxed At Home

#2 Calm With Coolness! To reduce the redness and the sensitivity, I take a cool water rinse to calm my skin. You can also follow the icing method if the waxing was done in a small area, like facial waxing or bikini waxing.

When Getting Waxed At The Salon

#3 Use a toner!

You can use a simple toner made with aloe vera juice or gel. Rose water toner would work great too! Also, it’s good if it is slightly cool, as it will instantly calm down your red & irritated sensitive skin.

#4 Moisturize To Prevent Bumps!

If you are someone who gets bumpy skin after waxing then I suggest highly suggest you apply a light body lotion or a light moisturizer. A Lacto Calamine-based cream or lotion will work too!

So these were the simple waxing tips and routine which I follow to prevent waxing side effects on my sensitive skin & ingrown hairs.

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    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. These are very helpful to me as whenever I wax I get bumps on my skin and it used to last for hours. Thanks for mentioning the cream to prevent it.Keep posting such beauty tips.

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