A Better Florist – Beauty in Burlap Wrapping

It’s not a secret that I adore all things beautiful. It doesn’t just have to be make-up (or unicorns) – when there’s beauty, I appreciate it. One of the florists that made my beauty senses spark up was A Better Florist in Singapore. I first heard about them online, in article that was talking about the best florist in Hong Kong, and they just happen to mention that it was A Better Florist. I also saw that they originally opened the doors to their blooming haven in Singapore, and that they are the best florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A Better Florist–Beauty in Burlap Wrapping 1 A Better Florist – Beauty in Burlap Wrapping

Immediately after going to their website, I was thrilled with the aesthetics. It wasn’t overdone, it was simple yet charming. It’s super easy to find everything you want to see, whether it’s flowers, fruit baskets, hand bouquets, halal hampers, stunning flower stands or balloons. I mean, they literally have everything, and if there’s something I haven’t listed like funeral flowers, know that they are the masters when it comes to flowers, and there’s no occasion that they can rise up to.

They separate everything into categories, and they don’t have a huge selection on display, which is great, because you don’t get confused or overwhelmed. However, I immediately checked if all their products can be customized, and I was thrilled to see that they can. So, after making sure that I can fantasize with my flowers and gifts, I scrolled through the flowers. To be completely honest, I was hooked and I completely understand now why so many people talk about them being the best florist in Singapore.

The flower arrangements weren’t basic, they were completely different from what I usually see in a flower shop. Everything had a cute and chic vibe to it, and everything seemed more luxurious and expensive. The prices are neatly displayed next to each picture, so you don’t have to waste time contacting their customer support. I can tell you right now, that the prices aren’t nearly as high when compared to some of their competitors.

After reading more about them, I realized that they have a completely different philosophy. They want to make people happy, you or your loved ones, and they want you to be able to get exclusive gifts and flowers for your loved ones, even if there’s no special reason for it. I love the fact that they spread love and positivity, and encourage their customers to do it too. That’s not usually the motto of the usual flower delivery Singapore has to offer.

So, I placed my order, online, because that’s the easiest route to take. I went for a get well soon hamper  they already had pre-designed, because my friend was sick. I clicked on the order button, gave them my details, and my hamper was in my home within an hour or so! Same day deliveries are apparently the norm, and if you have emergencies, they can deliver flowers to you within just 90 minutes, which I was pleasantly surprised with. They don’t charge for the fast delivery, which was another huge plus, and something that the usual flower delivery Singapore has would definitely charge extra.

A Better Florist–Beauty in Burlap Wrapping 2 A Better Florist – Beauty in Burlap Wrapping

The get well soon hamper was even better than it looked in the picture. It didn’t catch my eye at first, because I was looking at a fruit basket initially, and then I somehow strolled into the category where there was a cutest baby shower gift. But I have no regrets buying it, it was beautiful, and my friend was pleasantly surprised.

From my experience, not only do they offer the best flower delivery in Singapore, they can easily be called the best florist in Singapore. They really do care about their customers, and listen to what they want. They create designs that you would love to gift to your loved ones, and not something that’s boring and has been done so many times before. The entire team is pleasant and happy to help, which plays a huge role in my opinion.

Luckily, if you’re not in Singapore they also offer a Dubai flower delivery, and a Hong Kong flower delivery. Given that they have such a great reputation in Singapore, I’m quite sure that since the delivery they offer in Singapore is amazing, that they also have the best flower delivery in Hong Kong.

Overall, I recommend shopping from A Better Florist with all my heart, because they really did step up the game, and know what you need and want. Go to their website and check out what they have to offer.

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14 thoughts on “A Better Florist – Beauty in Burlap Wrapping

  1. Amrit Kaur says:

    This is a great venture for people living in Singapore, hong kong and dubai. They can surprise their loved ones with special and beautiful flowers any day.

  2. Seema Wadhwa says:

    Better Florist seems to be a saviour for those beautiful and special occasions. I love how elegantly they’ve wrapped the flowers, makes for such a thoughtful gift

  3. Judy says:

    I love getting and sending flowers.. Cause they are priceless and convey feeling like no other gift. The wrapping technique looks perfected here. Will surely try Better Florist.

  4. Nisha says:

    Online flower options have saved me many times. Like once I forgot to get a present for my friend but online flower order saves me from embarrassment. Nice to know about the best flower shop in Singapore

  5. Preeti tiwari says:

    Wow… It looks like an amazing service, I really loved the get well hamper, it’s so innovative. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Shub says:

    Better Florist is really cool and I have tried their collection of beautiful roses before. Lovely post and glad that they are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi also now.

  7. Prerna Sinha says:

    The wrapping technique is so beautiful and amazing. I really love such services. And it looks like an amazing and safe present option

  8. Farha Shaikh says:

    I’ve never used this service but it is so amazing to surprise people , the best part is they assure quality , I would definitely use it for my cousin’s staying in Singapore

  9. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    Flowers are the most beautiful things in the world. The best thing about them is they can be used to express your feelings, whether it be joy, sorrow, or apologies, flowers say it for you. These bouquets seem really good and suitable for any occasion.

  10. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    Good to know about this service. I am always looking for impressive presents at the last minute. This seems like a fail-safe option.

  11. Terri Steffes says:

    I love that burlap wrap! I will have to try them. I order flowers for many of my colleagues that are spread across the US.

  12. artchee says:

    Those are great flower bouquets. If possible, I won’t hesitate using their product and service to send flowers to someone special. :0)

  13. Simran Ahuja says:

    Nice Info. Burlap wrapping is itself a tough task and after visiting their site must say they have mastered this technique. It really looks pretty. Thanks for sharing.

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