Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes | Review

Aye peeps! Excited to know which brushes are these? Well, who doesn’t love to enhance and draw attention to their eyes? I personally love eye makeup a lot! ? A bit of defining eyes and some eyeshadows, brightens up the eye area and also compliments your eye color. (Mine are light brown, which are yours? 🙂 ) So as a newbie in eye makeup and after learning the importance of makeup brushes, I wanted to get my hands on the very basic and necessary eye makeup brushes. Which are not only of a good quality but also easy on the pocket! In this post, I will share with you some of my Affordable eye makeup brushes which I have been using for the past 6+ months and they are still in good condition! So hop in to know more!

affordable eye makeup brushes 8 Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes | Review

Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes From Generic Experience

These Affordable eye makeup brushes are available on Amazon from the seller Generic. (Can it be termed as an Amazon Store? ?) They also have other amazing products! But in this post I’ll be only talking about these brushes. 

They come in a plastic cover in set of 4 brushes- Flat top brush, Round top brush, Angled top brush & Tapered top brush. Each brush has its own plastic cover as well. There are two small stickers on the main plastic cover, which contains some basic information.

These brushes look exactly how they are shown online! The black colored body is matte and provides a good grip. The silver reflective ferrule holds the body and the bristles very well. Nothing looks out of the place! There isn’t any brand name or logo on the brushes. Neither I was expecting! These brushes are ideal for both professional as well as home usage.

affordable eye makeup brushes 1 Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes | Review

affordable eye makeup brushes 3 Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes | Review

They look quite big in size but are very light weight. The length of these brushes is approximately 18.5cm or 7.28 inches. And the material used is nylon. These brushes look like dual fiber to me. (Correct me if I’m wrong! ?) 

The bottom half black colored bristles are tightly held together by the ferrule. And the top half white colored bristles are very soft. They are shaped very well. However, when taking a closer look I do notice that some of the bristles are not cut down properly. But it never really gave me any errors while doing any eye makeup look. I have washed these brushes a few times and did not notice any reduction in its density!

affordable eye makeup brushes 6 Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes | Review

I store them in their plastic covers, the way I received. But I wish that it had its own small pouch to make it more travel friendly. Although at such price point really can not ask for a pouch! ?

Now let’s take a closer look at each one of them, one by one and know about its uses…

Flat Top Brush

The first one we have here is- Flat top brush. Which I have been using to apply any powdered base eye primer or simply any talcum powder. The bristles feel very soft on my sensitive eyelids and does its job very well! The result is always natural!

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affordable eye makeup brushes 12 Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes | Review

Round Top Brush

I love this Round top brush! ? I use it to blend my eyeshadows. It also helps in applying and blending shadows on and above the eye crease. Yes, it becomes a bit difficult and least helpful when trying to do anything on the outer corners, of the eyelids. But for that I use another brush which you will soon find ahead!

I also have one more blending brush in my small makeup brushes collection, which is Colorbar emphaseyes eye blending brush. (Already reviewed!) 🙂

affordable eye makeup brushes 10 Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes | Review

Angled Top Brush

I still have no idea where do I need this brush in eye makeup! ? But I remember using it to soften the shadows just below my eyebrows. Times when I over do my eye makeup! ? Also I apply transition shade using this brush. Do share your views in the comment section below on where must I use this one!

I wish instead of an Angled top brush if an Eyelid brush was provided, which would help in packaging eye shadows and building its intensity. Anyways, I have another brush which fulfills this purpose. And it is Vega eye shadow brush. (Already reviewed!)

affordable eye makeup brushes 11 Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes | Review

Tapered Top Brush

As I said earlier that I use another brush on the outer corners of my eyes, it is this one! Whenever I want to create a sharp look to go with a long winged eye liner. This is the brush that I reach for. It is quite dense yet bit stiff. So it does its job well in pulling out the eyeshadow.

It can also be used to highlight the inner corners of the eyes and also to apply whilst blending eye shadows on the bottom lash line. Plus, it can also be used to highlight brow bone area. Again for these purposes I already have another brush which is Colorbar smokin eyes smudger brush. (Already reviewed!)

affordable eye makeup brushes 9 Affordable Eye Makeup Brushes | Review

As a beginner and learner in eye makeup, I’m completely happy with these brushes as of now! 🙂

Price and quantity

INR 265 for 4 brushes

To Buy Click Here

I loved it!

Rating 5/5

For the price point and the quality of these brushes, plus- they are multipurpose in use; I totally recommend these brushes! They are absolutely beginner friendly.  If you are new to eye makeup and yet you do not want to spend a lot; at the same time need good quality, long time usage brushes, then you must try these Affordable eye makeup brushes from Generic!

Are you a beginner in eye makeup? Are you willing to try these Affordable eye makeup brushes from Generic?

Which brushes do you currently use?

I love to hear from you! Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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    Great, I didn’t had any knowledge about types and quality of brushes to use for eye makeup. Got to know much about it and the matching nail art looked really fab

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    The price point is amazing
. I haven’t tried these ones, but I have had bought few myself in the past and they do work really well
..Generic brushes are not too bad

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