Azzaro Decibel Deodorant Stick | Long lasting & neutralizes odor

I have been using Azzaro decibel deodorant stick for many months now! This was a blind buy by Dada (grandpa). He bought this one for me on his visit to Dubai, along with the Guess by Marciano perfume and Labello lip balm. We all know how a deodorant becomes a must have if you sweat a lot. Then it doesn’t matter which season it is- you gotta have a good deodorant! A good deodorant gets you through a long busy day without worrying about the lingering odor! So, today I’m going to share my experience with this deodorant stick.

decibel deodorant stick azzaro 1 Azzaro Decibel Deodorant Stick | Long lasting & neutralizes odor

Azzaro decibel deodorant stick Experience

decibel deodorant stick azzaro 5 Azzaro Decibel Deodorant Stick | Long lasting & neutralizes odor

It was a love at first sight with its packaging! All in black makes it look- quite classy and rich! This deodorant stick comes in a roll-up/retractable form just like a lipstick. It has a protective lid too. All the important details are also mentioned on the stick and the carton box in which it comes.

decibel deodorant stick azzaro 3 Azzaro Decibel Deodorant Stick | Long lasting & neutralizes odor

The stick is quite big and it has been lasting me for almost a year! It is light/transparent brownish-yellowish in color. The fragrance is citrusy and refreshing! I love its fragrance too! After a bath, apply on underarms and you will feel refreshed throughout the day! That too without even stressing over the underarms odor. Because it completely neutralizes it!

decibel deodorant stick azzaro 4 Azzaro Decibel Deodorant Stick | Long lasting & neutralizes odor

I was quite new to this deodorant packaging as I am used to a roll-on packaging. Without fail, I use this deodorant every day after a bath. It is a bit waxy but as I use it daily, it doesn’t bother me anymore. Also if you are someone who sweats a lot then you may feel sticky at the end of the day. Especially, if you live in a weather like Mumbai’s! But I don’t feel sticky when I stay in AC room. I do not have a bothering underarms sweat odor. It is quite normal and mild. And after using this deodorant I do not have to think a lot before raising my hands up, up and up!

A trick I have found recently which you can use if you face really bad under arms odor. Apply your deodorant then apply loose powder on it. I use Nivea pure talc. This step further helps in neutralizing your body odor. I used this trick when I was attending a big event which lasted from day to night! And when I came home, I could still smell this deodorant!

Coming back to the review, you only need 2-3 layers for a long-lasting effect. It can be carried easily. Although it feels quite heavy in hand as compared to other deodorants. But you can easily keep in your bag on travels!

This deodorant stick has lasted me through the entire summer and monsoon and now it’s soon going to be winter! And I still haven’t noticed it melting. As in the beginning, I was afraid that it might start melting on an increase in the temperature in summer. I store it in a room at normal temperature and it’s doing good!

decibel deodorant stick azzaro 6 Azzaro Decibel Deodorant Stick | Long lasting & neutralizes odor

As now winter is just around the corner I am going to hook more on this stick! Since in winter we normally don’t sweat easily but still need to use a good fragrance to avoid any embarrassing situation! Overall, I am in love with Azzaro decibel deodorant stick!

decibel deodorant stick azzaro 2 Azzaro Decibel Deodorant Stick | Long lasting & neutralizes odor

Price and quantity

Online the price ranges from INR 2,000 to INR 3,000 for 75ml

To Buy Click Here

I loved it!

If you are a woman who doesn’t like much girly fragrant deodorants, hence you are looking for a unisex or men’s deodorant which lasts long, then this is for ya! Of course Azzaro decibel deodorant stick can be used by men too! You will surely love its citrusy refreshing fragrance. It will neutralize mild to moderate under arms odor and you wouldn’t have to worry on those long tiring days! Although it’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth every penny! Especially when it’s going to last throughout the year!

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