Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil Review

Hi everyone! 🙂 Today’s review is on this hair oil, which is 2-in-1 product. As in what you ask? Well, it works like an hair oil used for scalp massage and also as leave-in conditioner! As you read it right! Find out how! And oh, you can skip Hair Spa with this too! Now this becomes 3-in-1 product, right? [Before and After Hairs photos included.]

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Price and quantity:

50ml for Rs.28 and 500ml for Rs.250


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Product description:

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Directions to use Bajaj almond drops hair oil:

I use this hair oil in two ways: As scalp massaging oil- once in a week to promote hair growth and reduce hair fall, at the same time to nourish hairs. Then as leave-in conditioner- after my hairs are washed, dried and de-tangled, I part my hairs in two sections and apply more than coin sized amount of this hair oil on each sections. Only applying on the hairs and not scalp or roots. If needed I apply more oil but not too much (not like how you traditionally apply hair oil). After this I tie my hairs up in a bun.

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My experience with Bajaj almond drops hair oil:

The bottles are transparent. Bigger bottle is made up of plastic and the small one of glass. Rest, the entire packaging is the same. Both have the same opening, where you have to pierce the plastic lid, to use the product. The bottle’s cap has Bajaj written on it. And all the necessary information is mentioned on the bottle

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The opening is secured. To use the oil you have to pierce the lid. I have pierced two holes.

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The cap can be securely closed. I did not notice any leakage, hence the small bottle is travel friendly. Considering the big size of the bigger bottle I can’t say that it is travel friendly.

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Color and consistency

The color of this oil is very similar to that of honey. This oil is non-sticky and is runny in consistency. It can be applied on hairs and scalp effortlessly. It can also be washed off effortlessly. From my hairs it gets rinsed off easily within one wash. (Of course with a Shampoo.)

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It has very pleasant and refreshing smell, which stays in hairs for days!

Effectiveness of Bajaj almond drops hair oil:

{Hair-type: Fine and frizzy, Hair-length: Long and wavy}

I have been using this hair oil since past 5+ months. Mostly like a leave-in conditioner. So the love story began like this: One day, I used this hair oil as a scalp massaging oil, before I used to use some other hair oil. (This hair oil is always available at home as my Papa uses it too.) And I found that compared to other hair oils this doesn’t seem to be sticky, oily, greasy and annoying! Because of the sticky feeling, I always hated using hair oils and never followed hair oiling regime. But this hair oil changed that!

Then the other day, after washing my hairs and when they were completely dry, I used this as a leave-in conditioner and then tied my hairs up in a bun. After few hours and mostly probably the next day, I achieved this Hair Spa kind of result! I was really amazed! All the hair oil got absorbed into my hairs and the oil did not feel oily or greasy on my hairs at all! I noticed that the oil helped in taming down 95% of my hair frizz and also helped in controlling flyovers, which are so annoying! And since that day to this day, I have been regularly using this hair oil.

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I wash my hairs twice a week, so I also have been using this oil twice a week too, after my hairs are completely dry. I know this sounds a little strange, normally everyone applies hair oil and then they shampoo. And my routine is different. 😛 But I can gurantee that if you start using this hair oil the same way, then even your routine will change and plus you are also reducing your expenses on hair spa, isn’t that great?

If you see my hairs after wash, they would look very frizzy and dry. And after conditioning them with this oil and when I check my hairs after some hours mostly after 3 hours or so, or the next day, all the oil gets absorbed into the hairs and the frizz is gone! You won’t even be able to tell if my hairs are frizzy or not. Not only it tames frizz but also it nourishes hairs and reduces hair fall to some extent and also increases hair growth. The result you will see with regular usage. I do not have split-ends *touch wood* And I do not know if the credit goes to this oil or any other reason.  So I can’t comment on the ‘spilt-ends’ part. And when I know that the weather is harsh, I do apply some oil on my hairs again.

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I maybe using and trying a lot of shampoos and conditioners or any other hair products, but this is the one product which has permanently secured its place on my vanity! Yes, I have used other leave-in conditioners, like there is one which I have used from Livon, then one from Hair Care. But since the day I started using this one, I have been madly in love with this hair oil!

Pros and Cons?

Pros of Bajaj almond drops hair oil:
  • Non-sticky hair oil.
  • Can be used as leave-in conditioner.
  • Tames frizzy hairs and fly overs.
  • Makes hair shiny, soft and bouncy.
  • Reduces hair fall with regular usage.
  • Promotes hair growth with regular usage.
  • Smells really good!
  • Small bottle is travel friendly.
  • Doesn’t make my forehead or the sides of my face oily.
Cons of Bajaj almond drops hair oil:

I found none!

Rating: 5/5

I highly recommend this hair oil to everyone one of you out there, male or female, doesn’t matter! 😛 And especially to people who have frizzy hairs and oily skin. I know oily skinned people hate using hair oils. I feel the same in Summers. But this oil has changed my view of an hair oil!

So, have you tried this hair oil? 🙂

For DIYs

Note: Please don’t make any DIY in huge quantity. For any DIY try to finish it within 10 to 15 days.

14 thoughts on “Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil Review

  1. Sanasi says:

    So should we use a normal condition after shampoo on wet hair? And then use this on dry hair?
    Or should we skip the condition part and use this directly on wet hair?
    I have hair double frizzy than you, and have used this oil before. But I never paid attention to the results…Was just in love with the smell haha

    • Snehal says:

      Use your shampoo and conditioner as usual and then use the hair serum on slightly damp hair. I use different hair products now. I will be a sharing my routine in a post soon. Subscribe to the blog to stay updated! 🙂

  2. Ilse Daniëlle says:

    Wow your hair is beautiful!! I use Morocoon argan oil for my hair which is also a great option. I have never tried Almond oil but it looks like some I’d definitely tryout if I can find it around where I live!

    Xx Ilse

    • snehal says:

      Hi Ilse Danielle
      😀 Thanks! And the credit goes to this oil!
      I have read and heard about Morocoon argan oil hmm will try it out some day!
      You can get this Almond oil online if you shop online. 🙂

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