Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee Review

Hey everyone! ? Today’s post is on Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee. I can see all coffee lovers intrigued to check out this post. So what are you waiting for? Hop in to know more and find a cup of coffee for you in the end! ☕? (Or I might finish it before you!)

beans talk n leaves coffee 1 Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee Review

I love coffee! ? And who doesn’t? I started having coffee from School days as I used to have a lot of headaches back then, and drinking coffee would ease my throbbing headache. Back then I only had coffee whenever I had a headache or migraine. But now coffee has become my everyday partner for life! ? I need to have a full mug of hot coffee every morning or my day doesn’t start, literally! A hot mug of strong coffee gets everything jump started including my BM! (TMI! ? I thought that it was needed to share.)

So, when I received these coffee powders I was very excited to taste each of them. Since these weren’t instant coffee powders, that is, they need to be brewed; I was intrigued to try out this different method of coffee preparation.

But first let’s know a little about Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee

Is this instant coffee?

No, it isn’t instant coffee. It’s better. This coffee is supposed to be brewed and it can be simply done with a Dabba filter or you can use any other coffee making method/machine. (I tried a gauze cloth. ? This was my daddi’s (grandma) idea! But now I use coffee paper filter.)

What is so special about Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee ?

Coffee around the world is looked from two different perspectives. The first being from the connoisseurs perspective. The other being as SIMPLE as good or bad coffee. And we are the ones who thought to balance the both. With our Love for Coffee which is very strong, we came up with a product where the high quality of product is guaranteed but the difference being, we chose to characterise our blends based on liking-ness and the type of experience each individual blend produces. (I am thankful you did! ? And I hope you come up with some more kickass blends and instant coffee in future too.)

For me the preparation time was almost the same as instant coffee. As I filter my instant coffee with normal filter. (Filter for tea. Common item in Indian household.) As I do not like even a tiny-miny piece of buttermilk in my coffee. So the preparation time was almost the same for me.

These coffee powders come in three blends- Velvet Dew, Shotgun & Smooth Operator. Each having different taste which I had a hard time in finding out as I was very new to filtered coffee. But after savouring the taste I was able to pick up different tastes ranging from light, medium and strong.

The packaging is very simple yet thoughtful. Comes in airtight pouches with ziplocks. The ziplock pack helps retain the coffee smell in the pack and also doesn’t let the air mess up the powder. Like with instant coffee powders I have noticed the powder becoming hard, especially when the jar isn’t closed tight. The pack contains all the important labels on it. The ziplock pack is very convenient and travel friendly.  Thumbs-up for packaging! ?

The coffee powder is finely milled and each contain a strong coffee smell. ? I always find myself sniffing on the pack before taking a tablespoon to prepare my coffee.  It contains very rich coffee aroma.

beans talk n leaves coffee 2 Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee Review

Velvet Dew

beans talk n leaves coffee 3 Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee Review

I like the name, it feels velvety on the tongue. ?  This one I found it to be light to medium than the others and I kind of didn’t like it. As I want my coffee to be strong. (To get up early in the morning or stay awake till late hours. Strong ones also help with BM.) Just my opinion though. I am sure many of you would like this to be your morning cup of coffee, depending on your taste. Because my bro tried and he liked it! And now even I find myself brewing this in the evening. ? As it helps to send a message to my brain ‘still some hours left before hitting the pillow, gotta stay awake and freshen up’. 

Price and quantity

INR 250 for 250g

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To Buy Click Here


beans talk n leaves coffee 4 Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee Review

? This is my most favorite among the three! It has pretty strong and dope taste. And the blend is just perfect for my taste buds! ☕ I have this every morning and whenever I have to get up very early in the morning, still in drowsy state- when my mind just couldn’t wake up! After having a hot mug, it pretty much jump starts my day. ⛱ When it wasn’t morning for you, it was morning for me! ? I also remember sipping on this during late night hours while studying. And damn, it made up my mood very soon. Heck, I was able to brainstorm! ? This one I definitely need every morning!

Price and quantity

INR 245 for 250g

To Buy Click Here

Smooth Operator

beans talk n leaves coffee 5 Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee Review

This is my sissy’s favorite! She liked it so much that she snatched the pack from me. ? (Don’t tell her that I shared this with you! Shh… she mustn’t know. )☕ So I was able to taste this a few times and if I’m not wrong it has a medium to strong taste with a chocolate after taste. Yum yum! ☕+?=?

By the way, Velvet Dew and Smooth Operator contains chicory. In what proportions? ? Not sure as it is not mentioned anywhere. I am not bothered by it as long as it doesn’t do any harm to my body. ?

Price and quantity

INR 230 for 250g

To Buy Click Here

So as promised in the beginning of the post. Here’s a cup of coffee for you. ?  Stay caffeinated with Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee! ?

beans talk n leaves coffee 6 Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee Review

I liked it! 🙂

Rating 4.9/5

All coffee lovers out there (both instant and filtered), you gotta try this once! I am sure you will find a perfect blend for you.

Have you tried Beanstalk & Leaves Coffee yet? Share your thoughts/questions in the comment section below! 🙂

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Till next time, take care!



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