Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner – A Must Have For All!

?Yo, all cool peeps! Today I am going to share with you my planner called Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner, which is Diary Cum Organizer. In my previous diary, I was left with few pages, in which I used to note down some usual day-to-day stuffs; whilst staying organized. (Attempted to!?) I was looking for a planner which would really help me to get things going. (Really!) And to keep track of my ‘back’! ? That’s how I stumbled upon the most stupendous planner! ? And I feel lucky to have it now! ? Wondering what’s so awesome about it? Well, you gotta hop in to find out! ?

butterly yours bhasad planner 1 Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner   A Must Have For All!

Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner- The Most Coolest Planner To Own!

Finally, now I can keep track of things and literally put my ‘back’ to work. ? Let me tell you a bit about myself. Now before I start I would like to warn you that I might suffer from partial amnesia. ? I am a very forgetful person! I have to write down things in hopes to remember them and do it later. Yes, there is my diary, my phone and what not apps to schedule things. But still it never helped me to decide what needs to be done first and what is not urgent at the moment. 

I like keeping a diary/planner to keep it old school and classy.That’s how I came across this planner through a review. At first, I just saw one picture and thought to myself ‘meh… it would just be a simple planner/diary.’ But I am glad that I took the ‘kasht’ pain to read it. ?

After my eyes scanned through the pictures of the planner , I was both dumbfounded and attracted! ? I just thought , ‘I need to have it!’ (In a bit you’ll know what is it all about. ? Friends who know what is the coolest part about it Shhh… don’t spoil the fun for those who don’t! ?)

Now let’s get to know a bit about the planner! ?

It comes in a card paper box, the planner encased in a plastic. The box doesn’t reveal what’s inside therefore this also could make a perfect gift for planner fanatics!

butterly yours bhasad planner 5 Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner   A Must Have For All!

The planner looks very stylish and is about 5×5 inches in size. Therefore, I can easily carry it anywhere with me in my hand bag. It has smooth leather cover, which feels soft and cushiony. The quality of the leather seems ‘mast’ very nice! ? The stitches look clean and strong too.

I asked for the parrot green color, since it looks very soothing & relaxing. ? My logic behind getting in this color was- even in the midst of stressful events, whenever I reach out for this planner, the eye pleasing green color would clear my mind and would help me to schedule things. Yes of course it is available in other colors too like- black, hot pink and bright yellow.

butterly yours bhasad planner 6 Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner   A Must Have For All!

As you can see that this planner can be personalized with your name. (Now no ‘chor’ thief will steal your cool planner! ? This reminds me how I was always the one who’s cute and cool stuff got stolen in School! ?)

My name is imprinted at the bottom right, in silver. It looks neat to me. But somehow I feel that the silver name print will disappear with time. The back of the planner is not soft like its front. Quite hard but smooth and has the brand name ‘Butterly Yours’ imprinted on it. 

butterly yours bhasad planner 3 Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner   A Must Have For All!

The planner contains a booklet inside. The booklet contains 150 pages. There is a partition inside in which the booklet’s card paper is neatly placed. This tells that the booklet can be removed and can be replaced without any fuss. Thus the booklet is detachable for future uses. ? All the pages contain one side containing four categories and the other plain. I am definitely going to use both the sides to my advantage. You can either discard the page(s) by tearing off from the top or can keep it. I like it how after tearing no one can tell if the booklet has even a single page missing.

Now comes the coolest part which made me fall very hard for Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner! ? It contains four categories into which you can easily assign tasks. The phrases in bold are in Hindi, if you understand Hindi then you can totally related to them! ? To simplify it also contains writings in English to better differentiate tasks.

BHASAD Urgent & Important

O TERI KI Important not Urgent

BHAINS KI AANKH Urgent not Important

DEKH LENGE YAAR Not Important not Urgent

butterly yours bhasad planner 7 Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner   A Must Have For All!

As I’ve began using the planner I found out how previously the task falling under ‘O Teri Ki’ that I had put under ‘Bhasad’ in my usual diary or to-do list. ? Thus messing up things for me and in the end I was surrounded by bhasad situations! So my knight in bright green armor- The Bhasad Planner, jumped in to take control over my Bhasad Situations! With this planner I still have a lot to learn especially how to prioritize things and plan accordingly.


INR 349

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I love it! 🙂

Rating 5/5

Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner is a must have planner for people who have a ‘Ghajini’ memory like me. ? It is literally teaching me how not to mess up things thus decreasing the stress level. I would highly recommend this to everyone, a planner like this not only helps in creating scheduled tasks, following scheduled tasks, knowing the difference between ‘Urgent’ & ‘Important’ and then putting the plan in action; but also teaches us how to manage our time properly. ?

Now, when are you getting your Butterly Yours Bhasad Planner? Share your thoughts/questions in the comment section below! 🙂

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