Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash Review

I have been using Clean & Clear pimple clearing face wash since past two weeks. I randomly decided to buy it from Amazon along with some other products. It claims to work well on pimple prone skin just within 7 days of daily use. The main ingredients are neem and lemon, and we all know how these two ingredients work effectively on pimples. I have even shared a DIY neem face mask under 5 homemade face masks for pimples post. (Do check it out later!) So, does it really help in clearing pimples? Hop in to find out!

clean and clear pimple clearing face wash review 1 Clean & Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash Review

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Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash Review

Hey lovelies! How are you all doing? I hope having a great weekend! 😀 Today I’ll be sharing my experience with Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash. This is one of their first face washes I believe with improved formula. Firstly, I want all of you to know that I’ve been using this face wash for more than a year now. What’s so great about it? Read on to find out. And I will also talk about on what it claims and how did it work for me.

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Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser Review

Hello everyone! 🙂 Clean & Clear is a brand which almost all Indians know about. And it’s most popular among the teens. Their products are just amazing, effective and priced at reasonable rates. So all you School/College goers, you can go ahead and buy out of your pocket money (you won’t regret it!). You’ll be surprised to know that their product was the first  with which I begin my skin care routine (school days). In those days for some reason or the other I never got my hands on their face moisturiser (old one). Well, recently I have been facing some skin issues and thought of opting for Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser because it contains Salicylic acid and also because it claims that it prevents pimples. Read on to find out how it worked for me.

Clean and clear oil free moisturiser 2 Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturiser Review

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