My Current Hair Care Routine | Wavy & Frizzy Hairs

My Current Hair Care Routine For Wavy & Frizzy Hairs

Before, I always hated my hair due to the frizziness! No matter how much I looked after them they still appeared frizzy! I tried some hair serums too but they did not help in controlling my hair frizz. And then I had to go with using Bajaj almond drops hair oil as my hair serum. I know, I know…. the mineral oil in it! But what do I do? I was fed up with the frizz so much that one day I even chopped off my waist length hairs to shoulders! Yep, my hair was that frizzy, damaged and untamed! So my only complaint was the hair frizz. And sometimes I did face dandruff and hair fall issues. But my top priority became to control the hair frizz! Only from these past few months, I changed my hair care routine and hair products that I see the change I wanted to see! If you have wavy, frizzy, damaged hair with occasional dandruff and hair fall issues then you must hop in!

My Current Hair Care Routine Wavy Frizzy Hairs 8 My Current Hair Care Routine | Wavy & Frizzy Hairs


My Current Hair Care Routine Wavy Frizzy Hairs 2 My Current Hair Care Routine | Wavy & Frizzy Hairs

I have been trying the shampoos from Ultra Blends range. Currently, I’m using Garnier Ultra Blends anti-hair fall shampoo with royal jelly and lavender. So far, I love it! Did not see any side effects from the shampoo. My scalp is itchy and normal. And due to the salicylic acid present in it, it gets rid of the itchiness and mild dandruff. It perfectly cleanses my scalp, hair, and oil in one wash! What could I ask more from a shampoo? Previously, I have also tried Garnier Ultra Blends revitalizing shampoo. I’m looking forward to trying other variants from Ultra Blends range. Which one is your favorite?

I am not sure if you shampoo this way or not. Since I have been doing it for years I have continued till now! I take a clean mug and then I pour the required amount of shampoo in it. I mix required amount of water and then I stir this shampoo solution with my fingers. This way, not much quantity of the shampoo is used and you can pour the shampoo solution directly on your head little by little whilst massaging.


My Current Hair Care Routine Wavy Frizzy Hairs 3 My Current Hair Care Routine | Wavy & Frizzy Hairs

Dove hair therapy daily shine conditioner is my first hair product from Dove and I am loving it! Half of the frizz control work is done by this conditioner. It does contain a few chemicals which will make you frown upon. But so far, I haven’t noticed any negative effects. Instead, only the positives! So I will continue using this conditioner and if I get a chance will try other conditioners from Dove too. I am yet to try their shampoos. Have you used any shampoo from Dove?

After shampooing, I part my hairs in two section and apply this conditioner moving upwards from ends till ears. I let it stay for a few minutes. Rinsing can be quite a task because it leaves a slimy-silky feel. So I take my time thoroughly rinsing it off.

Hair rinse

My Current Hair Care Routine Wavy Frizzy Hairs 4 My Current Hair Care Routine | Wavy & Frizzy Hairs

Whenever I face major dandruff issues with minor scalp breakouts without fail I use Greenviv Natural apple cider vinegar hair rinse. But I must warn you about the smell! If you already use AVC in your skincare or haircare routine then you are already aware of its smell! But if you are new to AVC then let’s just say that it’s not quite pleasant! This AVC hair rinse also contains ‘the mother’.

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I make sure that my scalp and hairs are wet and then I spray this all over my scalp. I let it stay for a few minutes then I wash off with my regular shampoo following my regular conditioner.

Hair oil

Noor Secrets hair oil, natural & organic

My Current Hair Care Routine Wavy Frizzy Hairs 5 My Current Hair Care Routine | Wavy & Frizzy Hairs

It’s been quite a while since I added this hair oil in my hair care regime. Half of the frizz and dryness control work is done by it! If you often face dryness, frizz, hair fall, dandruff issues then you must check it out! It claims to work on premature greying too. I’m not quite sure about that since I don’t have any! (Yet!)

As my time permits, I oil my hairs regularly every Saturdays. I make sure that I get a nice scalp Champy massage! (Ahh… thinking about it already feels so relaxing!) Then I tie my hairs in a braid. I do keep this overnight and wash it off the following day. But if you are someone who breakouts from overnight hair oiling then keep the oil at least for 2 hours. If you are cool with overnight oiling then place a cloth on your pillow before you hit it!

Hair serum

Nature’s Absolutes rosehip oil

My Current Hair Care Routine Wavy Frizzy Hairs 6 My Current Hair Care Routine | Wavy & Frizzy Hairs

I know this sounds crazy- using rosehip oil as my hair serum! I received this serum as a PR sample for reviewing purpose but it did not suit my oily skin. Not its fault because it claims to be suitable for dry skin. With that, it also says it can be used on dry hair ends! So, when I couldn’t use it on my oily face, I used it on my dry hairs!

A few drops of this serum nourishes my dry hair ends. I do not use it regularly/nowadays though. Only when I know that the climate is harsh and my hair will transform into a frizzy bear! Also due to its size, I can easily carry it around with me!

My Current Hair Care Routine Wavy Frizzy Hairs 7 My Current Hair Care Routine | Wavy & Frizzy Hairs

In the above picture, my hair looks frizz free and well managed. If you do not know how my hairs were before then Look At This Picture! I credit the conditioner from Dove and Noor Secrets hair oil for giving me healthy, shiny and frizz free hairs! Oh, and I haven’t used the serum! As I said before that I only use the serum when I am heading outside in harsh weather! So this is my non-hair serum hair look! (If that makes sense!)

I just wanted to share how my hairs have transformed from damaged to healthy just from a few products and strict hair care routine! Let me know which hair care products you currently love in the comment section down below! Also, have you used any of the products which I have shared here? What’s your hair type?

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  1. Archana says:

    Loved reading your routine. Would love to try the ACV hair rinse. I too have frizzy hair and currently using Organique shampoo and The Nature’s Co Hibiscus Rosemary Hair Mask. Both help in taming my frizz. I use Argan oil as serum… And rosehip oil didn’t suit my skin also. I got breakouts ?

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