Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Soap Review

Hey everyone! ūüôā Winter is here! And my skin has been so dry and¬†dull since past few days. One thing I really regret not doing is not carrying this soap to Gujarat, which is¬†from Dove. There the climate was so cold and dry and my skin went all dry, stretchy and wrinkled. So today’s post is on this soap, which is a winter must have and a holy grail bathing soap! Wait, this is not just a soap it is a moisturizing beauty bar!

dove cream beauty bathing bar soap 1 Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Soap Review

Price And Quantity:

3 bars for Rs. 184. One bar of 100g. (Available separately in one bar too.)


dove cream beauty bathing bar soap 4 Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Soap Review

Product Description And Ingredients:

dove cream beauty bathing bar soap 6 Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Soap Review

My Experience With Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Soap:

It comes packed in a white box which contains all necessary information. The bar is pure white in color and has an imprint of a bird (dove) on it.

dove cream beauty bathing bar soap 3 Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Soap Review

Fragrance and Lather

The soap smells extremely pleasant. It is like having an aromatherapy while bathing! (Sigh.) Post bath the fragrance stays on the skin for few minutes, until it completely disappears.

Effectiveness Of Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Soap:

{Skin-type: Dry}

I have been using this bathing bar since past 2+ years. It was recommended to me by my Aunt. Bathing with this soap is like taking the bathing experience to a next level. (Sigh again.) The soap forms very rich creamy lather and the lather stays for a little while longer as compared to other soaps lather which dries off faster. And thus it has replaced my shaving foam.

Not only it cleanses skin but also moisturizes. Post bath skin feels soft and supple. Unlike other soaps, which cleanses the skin but the skin feels dry. Initially, I did feel slimy feeling on my skin when washing off the soap. That could be because of the 1/4 moiturising cream which the soap contains. But soon I got used to it. Sometimes I use only this soap instead of my makeup remover to remove light makeup- foundation, eyebrow products; and skincare products. It gently removes without leaving the skin dry.

As I mentioned earlier that I did not carry this soap with me when I went to¬†Gujarat, because we all know that carrying a soap is not¬†travel friendly¬†as it gets¬†messy.¬† But now I¬†realise that¬†that was a huge mistake!¬†Few days ago my skin was so dry and stretchy to¬†the point where movement became uncomfortable. So now I am back to using this soap again. It has been 3 days now and the stretchy feeling of the skin is gone! My skin does feel dry and wrinkly because of the weather here in Mumbai. And it’s all in control with this beauty bar and a Body Lotion which I am currently using.

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Overall, I have so happy with the results and I am promising to myself that I am going to carry this soap to wherever I travel in a box! ūüėÄ

Pros Of Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Soap:
  • 1/4 moisturizing cream.
  • Post bath skin feels moisturised.
  • Forms rich creamy lather and can be used instead of shaving foam.
  • Skin feels soft and glow-y.
  • Removes light make-up like foundation and eyebrow products.
  • Did not irritate my sensitive skin.
  • Did not break me out.
  • Contains glycerine.
  • Has a pleasant smell.
  • Combats stretchiness and dullness of the skin within 3-4 days of usage.
Cons Of Dove Cream Beauty Bathing Bar Soap:
  • When rinsing the soap off the skin, skin feels slimy which may be annoying for some people in the beginning.
  • Skin stays moisturised only for some hours. So¬†along with this you need to use body lotion too.

Rating: 4.5/5

This soap is not just a winter must have, but all season must have! Because all of us have either normal supple body skin or dry body skin and this soap takes care of the skin and nourishes it.

So, how’s your experience with this beauty bar? Oh have you tried it yet? ūüôā

For DIYs

Note: Please don’t make any DIY in huge quantity. For any DIY try to finish it within 10 to 15 days.

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