Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Review

Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Review

For a very long time, my dry and frizzy hairs have been loving the TLC from Dove conditioners! Previously I have used Dove Daily Shine Conditioner after which I decided to try more hair conditioners from Dove. When I found out their Oxygen Moisture Conditioner is specially formulated for dry and dull hair, I had to try it! So I have been using this conditioner currently and here’s my review!

dove oxygen moisture conditioner 1 Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Review

Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Review

dove oxygen moisture conditioner 2 Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Review

The conditioner comes in an inverted white colored plastic bottle, which has all the important details mentioned on it too. The blue flip cap closes securely. So in spite of being it an inverted bottle, I never noticed any mess around the cap. The conditioner is quite thick in consistency but applies very smoothly and evenly on hair strands. Its rich aroma screams expensive! I can definitely bet that all girls will love it!

dove oxygen moisture conditioner 3 Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Review

dove oxygen moisture conditioner 4 Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Review

My hairs are so frizzy to the point that they appear damaged and lifeless! So a good conditioner and a hair serum is a must for me! (By the way, I am using a new hair serum these days. And it’s awesome! Watch out this space, as I will be revealing the product soon!) So I’m that girl who buys hair care products which say for dry/damaged/dull hairs! And this conditioner from Dove did not let me down!

dove oxygen moisture conditioner 5 Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Review

Whenever I switch any hair products especially conditioners, I do notice a bit more hair fall than usual. But with this conditioner, I did not notice anything such! I take out a good amount of the conditioner and apply on my hairs after sectioning them into two equal parts. Despite the conditioner is thick, good that it gets washed off easily in the shower!

Post wash, I can definitely see some shine and bounciness in my hair. What I am really impressed with is that it helps to control the frizziness and literally brings life to dull hairs! (Hey, by the way, I have been using St. Botanica biotin collagen volumizing shampoo these days! Do check out my review later!) Yes, coming back to this conditioner, I will continue using it! In fact, I am going to check out more conditioners from Dove. (You have any favorite?) It helps detangle my hairs once they are dried and helps better manage my super frizzy hairs!

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dove oxygen moisture conditioner 6 Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner Review

Price and quantity

INR 167 for 180ml You can buy it From Here

Final Verdict

I love it!

Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner is helping to keep my hair frizz under control. And provides luster while making my hairs more manageable! People with dry, damaged, dull and frizzy hair will love it! Oh, and I am still not sure what do they mean by ‘thicker looking hair’! (Hmm how do you alter hair strands?) But, it did not cause me any extra hair fall than usual, and that’s what I am glad about!

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