Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

Hi everyone! ūüôā Today’s review is on this retractable¬†Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal, which has been¬†recently launched by Elle 18. This kajal has become my daily ‘must apply’ kajal.¬†As soon as it was available¬†at local stores I¬†bought it because I had a good feeling that I will love it! And I¬†now can’t think of¬†stepping outside¬†without first applying this on my lower eye lids. I am loving it so much and I think all of you¬†will¬†be trying it out¬†after reading this post!

elle 18 eye drama kajal 4 Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

Price And Quantity:

Rs.135 for 0.35g.

BUY: Amazon.in

Product Description:

elle 18 eye drama kajal 8 Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

Directions To Use Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal:

elle 18 eye drama kajal 9 Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

My Experience With Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal:

{Skin-tone: Medium fair, warm undertones}


This kajal comes in a plastic and card paper packaging with a hologram sticker as quality mark.

elle 18 eye drama kajal 2 Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

elle 18 eye drama kajal 1 Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

The body of the kajal is black with the brand name, cartoon girl’s face and some other details printed on it. It looks very chic! It is a retractable pencil kajal and the cap shuts tight with a ‘tick’ sound. All the necessary information is mentioned on the pack.

elle 18 eye drama kajal 6 Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review


The color of this kajal is jet black.

elle 18 eye drama kajal 7 Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

I have used a lot of kajals before and none secured its place on my vanity, in the end before the kajal was even finished I tossed it out for some or the other reason. I was looking for a jet black kajal which gives opaque finish and not just looks dark in packaging but also looks dark on eyes. Smudge proof is other important  factor for me, as my eyes get teary easily. And this kajal is both dark and smudge proof. I have been using this daily including on special occasions. And even when my eyes got teary I did not notice it smudging until touched or rubbed.

The kajal glides on smoothly without any dragging required, unlike other kajals. For application, I just need small strokes working my way starting from one end to the other. After application, it sets into semi matte finish within few minutes.

It can be used on waterline as well, as¬†Elle 18¬†claims that this kajal is Opthalmologically tested. It can be also be applied on upper lids to tight line. I don’t have a steady hand and was not able to do a winged liner with this kajal, so just did basic eye liner look.

elle 18 eye drama kajal 3 Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

I can say that this kajal is 90% smudge proof, I have teary eyes and through out the day this kajal remained where it¬†has been¬†applied. In the end, I wasn’t even able to tell if it had smudged or not. And upon¬†observing closely, I could see that it had slightly smudged from the corners which did not bother me at all.

It is also water proof as it claims. Before using makeup remover I like to rinse my face with water first and¬†the kajal did not even budge. Only when I touched¬†and started rubbing it begin to smudge. So it doesn’t smudge till it’s untouched. Now it depends on you if you plan on to use it¬†as daily¬†wear or you’re¬†a would-be-bride and thinking of wearing this on your wedding so when you cry, the kajal doesn’t come off making you look like you have Panda eyes! ūüėÄ

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This kajal can be used as a base for Smokey eyes look too.¬†I think it’s the perfect color¬†to create¬†Smokey eyes. The only difficulty is¬†in smudging because given some time it settles into semi matte finish then trying to smudge it with a smudging brush becomes a task. So if creating Smokey eyes look with this kajal you would have to smudge it as soon as after you are done applying.

I can easily compare this¬†kajal’s quality with the¬†other high end kajals available in the market. I think this one would beat most of them!

Applying this kajal is so easy and simple but removing it is so difficult. My current makeup remover wasn’t able to¬†break down the product.¬†And I had to use coconut oil to remove this kajal. I dipped a¬†Q tip in coconut oil and gently massaged to melt down the kajal, later washing it off with a mild soap and water.

The only thing which disappointed me is the quantity. I have been using this a lot and I can already tell that this one won’t last that long but overall I am happy with this kajal. And my hunt for long lasting and smudge proof kajal ends here (until some other kajal could beat this one! ;)).

elle 18 eye drama kajal 5 Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

Pros Of Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal:

  • Sleek packaging.
  • Lasts very long. (Throughout the day!)
  • Color is opaque. (Jet black.)
  • Smudge proof.
  • Water proof.
  • No need to drag, easy to apply.
  • Did not irritate my eyes. (I have glasses.)
  • Dries to semi-matte.
  • Quality and finish as high-end kajals.
  • No burning/cooling/stinging sensation in eyes.

Cons Of Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal:

  • I faced some difficulty in removing the kajal with my current makeup remover. (But can be easily removed with Coconut oil/Olive Oil.)
  • Quantity. (Was expecting more.)

Rating: 5/5 (Was going to reduce 0.5 for quantity but then thought how much I’m currently loving this! :))

I would like to recommend this Kajal to everyone! You need to try it out at least once. It would perfectly suit all skin complexions!

Have you tried this kajal yet? ūüôā

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