Fuschia Blush Face Mask With Rose & Calamine Review

Aye peeps! If you have checked out My current skincare routine for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin post; you’d have seen Fuschia blush face mask as my current face mask. Me and my sissy have been using this mask for a month and we have different skin types. Mine is oily whereas her’s is combination. Till now I have used a few products from Fuschia and they’ve matched my expectations. Their products are SLS, Phthalates and Paraben free. Plus, handmade with love. The ingredient list on this one is quite attracting! So hop in to know how it fares on oily & combination skin type!

fuschia by vkare blush face mask review 1 Fuschia Blush Face Mask With Rose & Calamine Review

Properties : Cleansing, Toning Purposes.

  • Each of the variants is enriched with different natural active ingredients which impart them their unique properties.
  • Use these masks once or twice a week
  • Apply a layer of this mask even over your skin and relax for 15-20minutes.
  • Once dry, rinse with plain water.

Fuschia Blush Face Mask Experience

fuschia by vkare blush face mask review 2 Fuschia Blush Face Mask With Rose & Calamine Review

It comes in an opaque white colored plastic jar with a screw cap. the jar contains details like brand name, product name and ingredient list. The important dates and product description is missing on this one. They have a different packaging too, where they have mentioned all the missing information. I’m assuming this is their PR packaging.

The jar is very travel friendly, it easily fits into small spaces. Thus it can be carried on long travels too.

fuschia by vkare blush face mask review 3 Fuschia Blush Face Mask With Rose & Calamine Review

Fuschia blush face mask is light pink in color and is of semi-solid consistency. I scoop out the product directly from the jar and apply on my cleansed damp face. As I apply the mask whilst rubbing on my damp face, it melts and applies evenly on the skin. The fragrance is a mix of calamine and rose. It is not too strong so won’t annoy sensitive noses.

fuschia by vkare blush face mask review 4 Fuschia Blush Face Mask With Rose & Calamine Review

Here’s the application swatch of the mask, on the back of my damp hand. This mask dries up within 10-15 minutes and it is very easy to remove just with plain water. It is not one of those drying face masks which dries up and makes it difficult for you to even move your facial muscles. I can talk, smile, laugh and I remember eating with Fuschia blush face mask on too! So it is very face and chores friendly! 😛

fuschia by vkare blush face mask review 5 Fuschia Blush Face Mask With Rose & Calamine Review

fuschia by vkare blush face mask review 6 Fuschia Blush Face Mask With Rose & Calamine Review

As I said earlier that me and my sis have been using this mask for a month now. We both have been using it in evening after a tiring day! The calamine and rose calms down our skin, after facing a war like situation in crowded Mumbai local trains! 😀 Due to the ingredient bentonite powder, my skin feels deeply cleansed. Aloe vera, kaolin light and china clay aids in controlling facial oil.

Me and my sis have both noticed a significant reduction in oil and redness from pimples. At first I do remember it causing some tingling sensation in sensitive areas like nasolabial folds. But after two uses my skin got used to it. Post usage I notice an instant glow in my skin which stays put till the next evening! Yes my face does get oily and sweaty as usual, as I travel in polluted crowded places. (Seriously someone help me!) But I come home happy in the evening, as I know that my skin would be getting its daily dose of treatment from Fuschia blush face mask! 🙂

Both mine and sis’s skin doesn’t feel even a bit dry or stretchy after washing our faces. Still I follow up with my Khadi Natural aloe vera gel. Whereas she leaves as it is, since skin feels supple and smooth. 

Overall my experience with Fuschia blush face mask is great! My sis is probably loving it more than me. Since she hardly tries out anything on her face but after trying Fuschia blush face mask once, she has been using it daily too! 😀 This mask has impressed her that much!

Price and quantity

INR 400 for 168g

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We loved it!

Rating 5/5

Fuschia blush face mask is a great face mask suitable for oily and combination skin type. I have been using it daily and my oily skin has been benefitting from it! This is one of those face masks which calms down your skin after the daily travelling stress, whilst controlling oil. People with normal skin type can also use it but then I would suggest you to use it once or twice a week. Of course it can be used by both men and women!


Have you used Fuschia blush face mask? How did it work for you?

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  1. Surbhi says:

    The price is little on the higher side but that’s expected from clay and calamine based skin care products. I love the soothing and cooling effect that calamine gives to the facial skin. Good review.

  2. Joshita JJ says:

    The name itself is very attractive. Rose and calamine are effective ingredients and Fuschia products are amazing. Well reviewed…

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