Fuschia by vkare Lavender Face & Body Scrub Review

Hola guys! ? Today I will be reviewing Fuschia lavender face & body scrub, which I have been using since past two or so months. So if you wanna know how it works on my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin; hop in!

fuschia lavender face and body scrub 1 Fuschia by vkare Lavender Face & Body Scrub Review

My Experience With Fuschia Lavender Face & Body Scrub

fuschia lavender face and body scrub 2 Fuschia by vkare Lavender Face & Body Scrub Review

The scrub comes in a cute jar. ☺ And the packaging is very simple and travel friendly. The only missing labels on the jar are the important dates and product description. So to know more about the product I visited their website.

fuschia lavender face and body scrub 4 Fuschia by vkare Lavender Face & Body Scrub Review

I am glad that the scrub is not creamy. As after using a creamy scrub I always feel the need to wash my face post scrubbing. But it isn’t drying or irritating either. The scrub is quite thick consisting  granules, just of the right size. Whenever I scoop some of the jar’s content on my fingers, the granules always joins in. ? By that I mean, it provides a good exfoliating feeling. Talking about the granules- they are neither too gentle nor abrasive. My sensitive skin felt all fine post usage. ? As it did not irritate my acne even a bit. My skin turns oily during Summers but otherwise it is combination. And the product suited both the phases of my skin very well. (Don’t know how to put this out in words! 😛 ) Yes, the scrub isn’t creamy but it has a touch of hydrating effect to it. From this I can tell that it will suit people with dry skin too! 🙂

What I love the most is the fragrance! ? It contains lavender fragrance, which is neither mild nor strong. Being it one of my favourite fragrances, I get very excited every time to use this scrub ! ?

As usual I have been scrubbing my facial skin twice a week with this face scrub from Fuschia by vkare. It claims that it controls acne breakouts, on which I would like to say that it does help to smoothen out areas where there are whiteheads & blackheads. Hence, making skin appear smooth and soft on touch. And helps prep my skin prior to any face mask application. I also enjoy using this scrub prior to face shaving. (Yes, you read that right! Don’t tell me you haven’t read my Face Shaving Post.) Along with this it has also helped me to keep my flaky skin (caused due to usage retinoid) in control. 

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(As of now I have stopped using retinoid since  I have incorporated a special acne treatment in my skin care routine. And guess what? I have some positive results to share! ? Be sure to Subscribe to this blog to stay update. Will be reviewing the special acne treatment soon!)

I also have been using it on other areas besides my facial skin, like to scrub my neck and hands sometime. (Only when I feel fancy! ?) And it definitely helps to turn all the rough patches into smooth and soft skin. ☺

Overall, my experience with this scrub was fantastic! The only claims which bothers me is that “controls acne breakouts”, to which I would like to say that it’s just a scrub which smoothes out skin. A good one at that! 🙂

fuschia lavender face and body scrub 3 Fuschia by vkare Lavender Face & Body Scrub Review

Price and quantity

INR 400 for 191g

To Buy Click Here

I loved it! 🙂

Rating 4.9/5

It does seem a bit pricey but Fuschia lavender face & body scrub has been lasting for me since past two months. And I think it would make for another one month. For a product which is free from SLS and other chemically stuff, plus which is suitable for all skin types, it truly deserves a try! ?

So, have you tried Fuschia lavender face & body scrub yet? Share your thoughts/questions in the comment section below! 🙂

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  1. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay says:

    I have used tea tree and charcoal scrub from Fuschia. They’re also too good. Reading your review thinking of giving it a try.

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