Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review

I have been using this razor from Gillette Venus since the day it was newly launched in India. Now I think instead of Deepika Padukone I should be starring in the Ad (kidding!) My 4+ years of experience with this razor have been so awesome! If you ask me to name Top 5 0r Top 10 things I can’t live without then this will be included in the list! Also, this is one of my holy grail product! So, how I fell in love with this razor you ask?

gillette venus razor 12 Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review

Price And Quantity:

Pack of 1 Razor (with body and cartridge) for Rs.199


gillette venus razor 2 Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review

Product Description:

gillette venus razor 3 Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review

gillette venus razor 4 Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review

Directions To Use Gillette Venus Razor:

For best results it is recommended to use with Satin care shave gel. I use mine with my regular bathing soap, which is from Dove. I lather soap on wet skin then glide the Venus razor against hair growth for smooth, hair-free skin and close shave.

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My Experience With Gillette Venus Razor:

gillette venus razor 1 Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review


It comes in a plastic and card paper packaging with all the necessary information mentioned on it. The razor has a translucent blue colored body and cream blue colored rubber at the bottom, which provides tight grip (even in shower). It is the basic Venus razor that comes in 3 blades. Alongside the blades it has protective cushions with a blue and white colored strip which is enriched with Aloe and Vitamin-E.

gillette venus razor 6 Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review

The cartridge can be easily removed by pressing a button, which is at the back. It can replaced by other Venus cartridge.

gillette venus razor 9 Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review

One cool thing about this razor is that it is especially designed for women’s curves, its flexible head proves it. It can be easily used on tricky areas like knees. (I keep legs stretched straight in front of me then run the razor on knees.)

gillette venus razor 10 Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review

Another cool thing is that we can keep track of how long the razor can be used through the Indicator Strip. The Indicator Strip is a blue and white colored strip that contains Aloe and Vitamin-E, thus it’s also moisturising for the skin. When the blue color on the strip starts fading this is the sign that now the razor needs to be disposed or refilled.

gillette venus razor 11 Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review

{Body skin-type: Dry and sensitive , Body hair-type: Normal}

A small back story: Well, prior to shaving with Venus I used to get waxed. And Oh My God not only it was painful but it also left deep red colored freckle like spots all over my skin along with some in-grown hairs! (That was a nightmare for me!) I also experienced dark underarms when I used to get waxed.

Then, one fine day I saw an Ad of this razor, when it was first launched in India. I was so impressed by the Ad, also the overall packaging looked so attractive. And because of my issues with waxing, I felt as if Venus razor was calling out to me from TV! I thought to myself that I need to try this. Of course I was a little nervous to try out because of those ugly shaving myths.

But since the day I started using this razor to this day, I have never stopped using it. This razor is my saviour! I also carry this along with me whenever I am travelling. And those red freckle like spots have disappeared with time when I had completely stopped waxing. With this I could also no longer see any signs of dark underarms. Now my go-to weapon for un-wanted hairs is shaving mainly because my skin loves it and me too especially with Venus razor!

This razor is very gentle on the skin, unlike some other razors. The blade doesn’t even feel on the  skin. All I feel is the protective cushions. While shaving, I never felt the need to go through the same area again and again to achieve close shave. Skin feels so smooth and soft that I am not able to tell if I had waxed, epilated or shaved. Post shaving, for more smoother and softer experience I use my regular body lotion.

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From months and years of shaving with this razor, I have never experienced my hair getting thicker or growing back like crazy. But I remember experiencing thick hairs with usage of other razors, which are available in the market. So from this, I can tell that Venus Razors are the best quality razors for women of any age. And it gives the best body shaving experience!

Another best experience is in shaving pubes. What an amazing Spa like moment! We all know that how sensitive the skin is down there, right? This razor is very gentle on the skin. Because of the protective cushions and the strip it never felt harsh on the skin. I did not experience irritating skin or bumps etc. down ‘there’.

I have also used the razor when the blue color from the strip started disappearing. It works fine but not like a brand new one and also it starts looking dirty. So I tossed it off! 😛 And at one point, I had gone as far as using the razor for 6 months at max, which I don’t recommend. I was just testing how long does it provide smooth shave and guess what? It passed the test! (But you don’t try that. I know that sounded unhygienic. :D)

I like to store it in the same plastic pack it comes in, tearing off the card paper. This way I can store wherever I want to and it also becomes travel friendly.

gillette venus razor 7 Gillette Venus Razor For Women Review

Now, I keep at least 2 of these razors and it can be used anywhere on the body except on face of course.

Overall, I am so happy and in love with this product that I won’t stop using it! By the way, I want to try out their 5 blades razor. So as soon as it becomes available at local stores here, I will be getting it! 🙂

Tip to make the razor last longer:

I let all the excess water drip off and then using a rag or tissues paper I let the water droplets absorb off the blades. (Can use hair dryer too.) By doing this it never caught stains and lasted little longer. And even if you don’t follow this, it really doesn’t catch stains like other razors.

Pros Of Gillette Venus Razor:

  • Especially designed for women. (The entire Venus range.)
  • Easily lasts for 4 months.
  • Easy to use anywhere, at any time.
  • Pain-free.
  • Can be used to shave bikini line and pubes.
  • Protective cushions along with Aloe and Vitamin-E strip.
  • In my 4+ years of experience I never had in-grown hairs.
  • No cuts, nicks or redness.
  • Easily available both online and offline.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Very gentle on skin.
  • Did not experience thick or dark hairs.
  • Can be used in shower. (The rubber at the bottom provides good grip.)
  • Gives close shave with 3-blades.
  • Easy to change refills.
  • Did not experience any bumps or skin darkening/pigmentation issues post shaving.
  • Did not irritate my sensitive skin.
  • Did not experience any breakouts.
  • Doesn’t stain like any other razors.

Cons Of Gillette Venus Razor:

I found none with this razor! But one con we all know is that, if you have thick hairs your hair might grow back feeling poky on touch.

Rating: 5/5

I highly recommend all you ladies to try out Gillette Venus razor! You may not be a shaving person but you might want to try this out for pubes. Trust me you will thank me and Gillette later! 😉

So, all you Venus beauties have you tried this razor yet? 🙂

For DIYs

Note: Please don’t make any DIY in huge quantity. For any DIY try to finish it within 10 to 15 days.

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  1. Ipsa Khurana says:

    It definitely saves so much of our time as well as our budget, I have to confess. I mean I have noticed hair groeing back at a similar pace post going for a wax, and then it all seems such a waste of time and hard-earned money.

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