Greenviv Chocolate & Vanilla Lip Scrub Review

Hello everyone, I am so excited to review this product today! I am in love with this lip scrub, it is so amazing! 😀

Small back story: I have never scrubbed my lips before in my entire life! (Not even a DIY product.) I always thought that a lip balm is enough and I did not have pigmented lips, so I thought I won’t need a lip scrub, plus my lips only flake during Winters. But this product has changed my thoughts! Taking care of your lips is very very important! Like you scrub and moisturise your face, you also need to scrub and moisturise your lips regularly. And that’s not all…

greenviv chocolate and vanilla lip scrub 8 Greenviv Chocolate & Vanilla Lip Scrub Review

Price and quantity:

5g for Rs.199


Product description:

Smell it, Lick it, and Love it!  Smooth away your lip troubles with this sweet cocoa sugar lip scrub loaded with natural oils and honey is perfect for exfoliating & softening your lips every day for that pristine condition. What makes this lip Scrub so special is the Chocolate and Vanilla that exfoliate and moisturize your lips naturally and give then a fresh look.


greenviv chocolate and vanilla lip scrub 9 Greenviv Chocolate & Vanilla Lip Scrub Review

Brown Sugar, Coconut Oil, Kokum Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Honey Extract, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Powder, Tocopherol Vitamin-E, Soya Lecithin, Vanilla Essential Oil.

Directions to use Greenviv chocolate & vanilla lip scrub:

I take small amount (roughly less than pea size) of the scrub directly on my finger and apply it on my lips, rubbing my lips in circular motions and then ending it going clockwise and anti-clockwise. Along with my lips I also scrub the edges of the lips, the area which is prone to whiteheads.

My experience with Greenviv chocolate & vanilla lip scrub:

greenviv chocolate and vanilla lip scrub 3 Greenviv Chocolate & Vanilla Lip Scrub Review


It comes packed in a cute transparent plastic container. The container had an outer plastic cover, which I have peeled off. The lid is a screw cap, which opens and closes tight. Considering the size and the tight shut lid, this lip scrub is travel friendly. All the necessary information is mentioned at the back of the container. The price and the important dates are also mentioned.

greenviv chocolate and vanilla lip scrub 4 Greenviv Chocolate & Vanilla Lip Scrub Review

Color and consistency

The scrub is brown in color and contains tiny granules. The scrub is thick in consistency and is slightly oily in texture.

greenviv chocolate and vanilla lip scrub 7 Greenviv Chocolate & Vanilla Lip Scrub Review

Fragrance and taste

The scrub smells like vanilla and has an hint of chocolate smell too. The smell did not irritate my sensitive nose. Instead, I feel like continuously sniffing on it and the scrub tastes sweet!

Effectiveness of Greenviv chocolate & vanilla lip scrub:

I have been using this scrub since the day I received it, thanks Greenviv! It’s been 10+ days now. I use it on alternative days, as it’s Winter season and I have been experiencing flaky lips. I also use this scrub prior to makeup appplication, to prep my lips for smooth and even lipstick application.

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The granulaes in the scrub does not feel harsh at all on the lips. It feels good on the lips while scrubbing. Since the day I started using this lips scrub, I haven’t noticed any whiteheads on the edges of my lips. Not only this my lips have been getting lighter in color, by this I mean that I now have Pink Pink lips. Not that that I had pigmented lips before, but I did not have Pink Pink lips either.

Post scrubbing lips feel moisturised and soft. Sometimes I skip lip balm after scrubbing. Before, I never felt my lips, but after regularly using this lip scrub I could feel my lips I hope this makes sense! 😀 I think it has to do with blood circulation! 😛 The tinted lip balms also shows up well on my lips now!

The lips scrub does a great job in scrubbing away the chapped and flaky lips. And my lips now look healthy and plump. Talk about the benefits of lip scrubbing! Not just me, but my sister is also using this scrub and we both are in love with it and the results! I am definitely going to purchase this in future. Also, I highly recommend you all to try this lip scrub. Why not? The product contains all natural ingredients and is handmade!

greenviv chocolate and vanilla lip scrub 1 Greenviv Chocolate & Vanilla Lip Scrub Review

Overall, I am in love with this product and you will be too!

Summing up the pros and cons for you…

Pros of Greenviv chocolate & vanilla lip scrub:
  • Travel friendly.
  • Tastes sweet.
  • Does not feel harsh on the lips at all.
  • Scrubs away chapped and flaky lips.
  • With consistent usage, I noticed my lip becoming lighter in color.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • After scrubbing lips feel moisturised.
  • Did not irritate my lips.
  • After using this scrub the whiteheads around the lips are in control.
  • Makes lips look healthy and plump.
Cons of Greenviv chocolate & vanilla lip scrub:

I found none!

Rating: 5/5

I highly recommend you guys to try this lip scrub. This lip scrub can be used by both men and women.

To know more about Greenviv, go Here.

So, are you getting your hands on this product? 🙂

For DIYs…

Note: Please don’t make any DIY in huge quantity. For any DIY try to finish it within 10 to 15 days.

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Snehal ♥️

10 thoughts on “Greenviv Chocolate & Vanilla Lip Scrub Review

    • snehal says:

      😀 Happens with me! Whenever I use this scrub, I get this sugary-sweet taste! Also, they have mentioned we can lick it! 😀

  1. Aishwarya says:

    I usually use diy lip scrub..but after reading your review i think i should definitely try this scrub! Thanks for the review!?

    • snehal says:

      Hi Aishwarya 🙂

      DIY scrubs are effective too! But never tried one yet! 😀 (You would have read me telling this in the post.) And yes, you should definitely try this out some day!

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