Greenviv Rose Soap Review

Hello everyone! I am back with another review, it’s on a Rose Soap by Greenviv .I think this would be the most awaited post since I shared what I received from Greenviv. Who doesn’t love Roses and Rose products? Well, then let’s dig into the review. I am telling you that you would want to try this! 🙂

greenviv rose soap 3 Greenviv Rose Soap Review

Price and quantity

Rs.99 for 100g BUY:

greenviv rose soap 2 Greenviv Rose Soap Review

Product description

This is made of natural oils and herbal extracts. It deeply nourishes skin and gives natural glow with refreshing bathing experience.


greenviv rose soap 8 Greenviv Rose Soap Review

My experience with Greenviv rose soap


Such a pretty packaging! Here, have a look yourself.

greenviv rose soap 4 Greenviv Rose Soap Review

And the box has all the necessary details mentioned on it, including the important dates.

Color and lather

The soap is orang-ish red in color and lathers quite well.


Amazing citrusy-sweet fragrance! People who love scented candle baths will love this. Such an experience! I loved the fragrance so much, it is very mild, calming and feels cool to the senses. The fragrance will not irritate sensitive noses.

Effectiveness of Greenviv rose soap

{Skin-type: Dry}

First of all! Before beginning my bath with this soap, I take my time to sniff the soap! 😀 I love how refreshing it smells! I have been using this soap for a month now and I could only conclude that the experience is awesome! There are certain products which claims to be of Rose and when I try to smell them, the fragrance would always irritate my nose. But it wasn’t the case with this one. At first, I was expecting that maybe this product will also turn out like that, but it dint and instead I fell in love with its fragrance! I am all about fragrance person even over aesthetics. And this soap has both! This shows how much thought and creativity has been put behind the product.

The soap lathers very well and cleans the skin effectively. Let me share with you something- the other day, I went to clean my beauty blender and my hand landed on this soap. Those of you who use/have used beauty blender knows how dirty a beauty blender can get. So mine had a lot of product on it even though I clean it regularly. And to clean my beauty blender, I rubbed this soap and the product started coming off as I was rubbing, quite quickly! I haven’t experienced this with any other soap. Also I have tried using this soap my face and it effectively cleanses skin, oiliness, dirt and grime without making the skin feeling dry. Post bath skin feels soft and supple and stays refresh throughout the day! Except for facial skin of course, facial skin tends to get oily with time.

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Overall, this is an amazing soap! You need to have an experience with this at least once in life! Why not? It’s natural and herbal soap with so many pros!

greenviv rose soap 1 Greenviv Rose Soap Review

Talking about the pros, here’s a gist…

Pros of Greenviv rose soap

  • Ingredients used.
  • Erotic fragrance!
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Gentle on the skin. Hence one of the best soaps for sensitive skin.
  • Cleans skin and makes it soft and supple.
  • Can be used on face.

Cons of Greenviv rose soap

I found none!

Rating 5/5

I highly recommend you to try out this soap. Seriously, I feel like I am bathing with rose petals like Cleopatra!

To know more about Greenviv, go Here.

So, are you trying out this soap? Do share your thought here!

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For DIYs

Note: Please don’t make any DIY in huge quantity. For any DIY try to finish it within 10 to 15 days.

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