My Current Favourite Perfume- Guess By Marciano Perfume | Review

Aye peeps! A month ago, I shared a post on my Instagram @beautytending talking about my recent favorite perfume. And on asking many of you requested for a review. So here it is- my review on Guess By Marciano Perfume. This perfume was bought on my dada’s (Grandpa) visit to Dubai. There are few other products too. I’ll share each one  soon!? I have been using this on a daily basis. And totally in love with its fragrance! Hop in to know more!

guess by marciano perfume review 1 My Current Favourite Perfume  Guess By Marciano Perfume | Review

Product Description

This female Guess perfume, brings us the notes of star fruit, Curacao orange liquor, sparkling grapefruit and cardamom as it opens. Middle notes continue with a floral rhythm of peony, pink honeysuckle and intensively clean and sweet jasmine. Base notes wrap up the composition with powdery vanilla, musk and woody accords. This perfume is available as 50 and 100 ml.

Guess By Marciano Perfume Experience

guess by marciano perfume review 2 My Current Favourite Perfume  Guess By Marciano Perfume | Review

First of all this isn’t the complete packaging. I have misplaced its cap ? (The same has happened with my Elle 18’s kajal!) and I’ve discarded the box. The bottle comes in a similar goldeny-brown colored box. Its cap is also of similar goldeny-brown transparent color and it closes tight. I love the floral design which is on both the bottle and the box. It gives a feminine touch to it.

The transparent glass bottle has a unique shape- triangular. However, it is not travel friendly since it is made of glass and also feels quite heavy in hand.

guess by marciano perfume review 3 My Current Favourite Perfume  Guess By Marciano Perfume | Review

If I wasn’t able to explain the bottle’s shape properly, here’s the picture! 🙂

guess by marciano perfume review 4 My Current Favourite Perfume  Guess By Marciano Perfume | Review

The bottle screams- luxe, classy and feminine! Do you agree?

guess by marciano perfume review 5 My Current Favourite Perfume  Guess By Marciano Perfume | Review

Coming to the most important part- fragrance and lasting power! I’m not able to pick up the individual notes. For me it is a pleasant flirty mixture of all. And it definitely is boozy and sensual! It is not too sweet but got just the right amount of sweetness in it. As time progresses it turns musky and spicy, which smells erotically pleasant to my senses! And most importantly it is not something which will give me an headache! Let me tell you that I am very picky with perfumes and also with products fragrance. If something doesn’t smell good to me, I do not use it! I am also prone to headaches. So when it comes to perfumes, the notes should meet my expectations and should be friendly to my senses! 😀 And this is the one! Though it wasn’t my choice, it was a blind buy by my Dada. But it has turned out almost perfect for me! 🙂

The fragrance radiates within an arm’s reach in the beginning and after 3+ hours a person has to be an elbow’s reach to sense the fragrance. (I hope that made sense! 😛 ) In the beginning, the fragrance is very strong but as the time progresses it turns mild, yet still staying strong (not as much as before) but not overwhelming. I use it on both my skin, that is on neck and on my clothes. It did not irritate my sensitive skin at all.

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Everyday I am out for almost 5 hours and this perfume lasts for that long easily! I believe that it could easily last up to 7+ hours! So if you are someone who stays out for long but your perfume tends to die down after mere few hours, you can try this and you don’t have to worry about body odor! Since it easily overpowers body odor.

I am someone who falls in love with men’s perfumes and who prefers men perfume more than women’s. Simply because they come in variety of fragrances and last pretty long! But perfume like Guess by marciano had made me cling to it for straight one month! It is a signature worthy fragrance and has become my third signature fragrance! (I’ll share my first and second ones soon! Have you subscribed to the blog yet? 🙂 )

I have been using this daily and be it any occasion, after getting ready my hand always reaches for this one! Me and my sista, both have been using Guess by Marciano perfume these days and still 1/3th of the bottle is finished. I am guessing that it would easily last us for the rest of 2017! 😀

Overall I am in love with Guess by Marciano perfume boozy fragrance!

Price and quantity

INR 2,613 for 100ml

To Buy Click Here

I loved it!

Rating 5/5

Guess by Marciano perfume totally deserves a try! If you love spicy, vanilla, attention grabbing and boozy fragrances; then you’ll want to try Guess By Marciano Perfume too! The fragrance is very refreshing and sexy! I feel calm and refresh even when I’m sweating like crazy! 😀

Have you tried Guess By Marciano Perfume? How was your experience?

Which is your current favourite perfume?

I love to hear from you! Share your thoughts/questions in the comment section below! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “My Current Favourite Perfume- Guess By Marciano Perfume | Review

  1. Madhu Anand says:

    The bottle is so pretty. I always love to have one men’s perfume in my stash along with my fav women’s floral ones. I have used a few guess perfumes before. WIll try this if I get a chance.

  2. Poornima m reddy says:

    My current favourite is electric seduction… Been a fab of it from almost more than a year now… This one looks awesome

  3. Minakshi bajpai says:

    Guess perfumes are amazing ones. I used this brand. I just love the shape of this perfume bottle. It gives a complete feminine appealing. And the golden colour makes this bottle more beautiful. And about fragrances as you said must be amazing and best things is that it last for long hours which is the main thing that I need from any perfume. Thanks for sharing your review

  4. Surbhi says:

    My current favorite is Issey Miyake. The white one with a tall bottle. The fragrance is to die for. I has one Guess perfume long back. I love the fact that fragrance lingers for a couple of hours. Those perfumes are like investments for me.

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