How to Avoid Headache from Computer Screen | 6 Effective Tips

How to Avoid Headache from Computer Screen | 6 Effective Tips

How to Avoid Headache from Computer Screen 6 Effective Tips 1 How to Avoid Headache from Computer Screen | 6 Effective Tips

Do you get frequent headaches from staring at the computer screen all day long at work? Do you suffer from migraine? Personally, I am prone to headaches and was also prone to migraines. And it’s been so long that I got a migraine attack. (Touchwood!) So here are 6 effective tips to completely prevent headaches from looking at the screen! And I have included my personal favorites too! Scroll down below to know the tips and tricks!

How to Avoid Headache from Computer Screen | 6 Effective Tips

1. Adjust the Monitor

Always set your screen at eye level so that you don’t have to slouch. Sit comfortably so that you don’t strain your eyes nor neck. Keep a comfortable distance between you and the screen. The screen shouldn’t be placed too far nor too close. As this can cause unnecessary eye strains and dizziness after a long time.

To set the monitor at the comfortable level you can either adjust your chair. After adjusting the chair if the sitting position is not comfortable for you then try a monitor table. Check out the table links below!

2. Lower the Brightness

The brightness of your screen should match with the brightness of your environment to ensure a comfortable working experience. Make sure that both the lights – one of the screen and other of the room, is not contrasting with each other. As this leads to eye strain which leads to headaches and can even lead to a migraine!

3. Increase Font Size

If you find yourself squinting your eyes even if you have glasses then you may want to change the text size. It makes writing and reading also easy!

4. Install Screen Filter

The blue light from the screen could also strain your eyes and cause aching in the temple area. If you have the option of turning the blue light off in the laptop/desktop, make use of it. Or look for a reading mode if available. In the smartphones, there are inbuilt options available or you can also use an app to block the blue light.

If the above options are not available then you can install a screen filter for your laptop. It’s easy to apply and most of them also come with the privacy option. Just like the one below!

5. Try Computer Glasses

Installing a screen filter may not look appealing so you can also try a computer glass which reflects the light coming from the screen. The advantage of using computer spectacles is that you won’t have to make screen filter changes on multiple devices. The spectacles shared below is unisex so you can check out!

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6. Take Short Breaks

What I do is, after every 30 minutes or so I look at something green in color for a few seconds. The 20-20-20 break could be a little bit impractical. So, whenever you feel like your eyes, need some break look at something solid green in color for a few seconds. It instantly relaxes your eyes and freshens you up.

You can place a small pot of artificial green leaves on your desk and look at it. Something like a small solid green-colored ball will work too. Or how does a green-colored notebook sound? Or anything that works for you!

Bonus Tip! ~ Get Your Eyes Checked Regularly

This is not a tip more like a piece of advice. It’s just like getting regular checkups at the dentist. You should get your eyes checked regularly. Especially if you have glasses. I have glasses and I get my eyes checked every year. I always notice some minute changes in my glasses numbers.

Also, clean your electronic devices regularly. Try the below handy kit which has all the cleaning materials required. It can be used to clean TV, desktop, laptop, basically any screen and even your mobile phone!

Final Note

When it comes to blogging, about 70 to 80% of the work I do on my smartphone. (This is how I personally like to blog.) But when it comes to office work, we are literally staring at the computer screen for more than 7 hours a day! And 3 to 4 hours straight without any short breaks in between. Isn’t that crazy?! Well, let me know what tips you personally follow to avoid headaches from screen work. Please share what works the best for you in the comment section down below. I would be very much interested to know! 🙂

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23 thoughts on “How to Avoid Headache from Computer Screen | 6 Effective Tips

  1. Tracy @ Cleland Clan says:

    These are great tips! Because of this, I’m going to put my monitor at school up on a small stand. I think that will help a lot.

  2. The Sunny Side Lifestyle Co. says:

    I didn’t even know computer glasses were a thing! Great tips for someone who spends their days staring at a screen. The simple step of increasing the font size has changed my life!

  3. Debra Roberts says:

    I actually have prescription blue light glasses in progressive trifocals! They really do cut down on the harshness as I work in front of a total of 7 monitors at work (fetal monitoring as a nurse). Great article!

  4. Thuy says:

    I need to invest in computer glasses! I spend 8hrs a day at work staring at a screen and it’d probably be way easier on my eyes

  5. Live Learn Better says:

    Great tips and a digression from your normal skin care tips. All these suggestions are very valid and useful to anyone using a computer for more than 3 hours a day.

  6. Erica (The Prepping Wife) says:

    These are great tips! I also keep a bottle of eye drops at my desk to refresh my eyes periodically, as well as using many of your tips. The frequent breaks are a big one. I didn’t know about having something green to look at once I take a break from the screen. I’ll definitely give that one a try.

  7. Lindsay Brown says:

    These are great tips! I get terrible headaches from the screen so I will definitely take these into consideration. I don’t realize that the screen should be the same brightness as the room you are in! And I like the idea of thong a break by looking at something green! Great post!

  8. MeenalSonal says:

    All pointers in the post are so apt, yes regular breaks help in regaining our mind. Recently I have started using computer glasses.

  9. Deepika says:

    Great tips Snehal! Headache is the problem which I have to face if I work more than routine. I will implement these surely.

  10. Kim Paradise - MumFLIX says:

    Thanks for these helpful tips.. We all definitely use the computer screen and other screens a lot.. And I think we all need a break.. Thanks for sharing this..

  11. Kavita Singh says:

    With the increased usage of gadgets, this is definitely a much-needed post. I too take small breaks in between and using computer glasses is a must. Thank you for sharing these tips.

  12. Kinshoo says:

    Headache and stressful eyes are so common caused by prolonged computer working hours. Thanks for helpful tips and product details.

  13. Sarah Emery says:

    Wow, you do 70-80% of blogging on your phone?! That’s amazing. I am constantly having to remind myself to take breaks when on my laptop. Thankfully, I have a setting on my Apple Watch to help remind me to get up every 30 minutes. Great tip about lowering the brightness of my screen. I never thought that could be the source to causing headaches (and not the workload – ha ha!).

  14. Despite Pain says:

    Excellent tips, Snehal. I had never heard of looking at something green. I’ll remember that now. I sometimes get sore eyes because I have spent too long in front of the screen, so your tips are very helpful.

  15. Scott J DeNicola says:

    I bought a pair of blue light blocking reading glasses and it has been a game-changer for me. I spend all day in front of my computer screen and I can not stress enough how these have helped me eliminate headaches. Also as you said take breaks and remove your eyes from the screen. That doesn’t mean to stare at your phone instead. Great tips that everyone should follow.

  16. Ruchi Verma says:

    These are perfect tips you have shared …I usually increase font size ..Thanks for sharing this informative post!!

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