How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire

Finding the most amazing wedding attire is no child’s play. It takes several months of planning and the opinions of at least two dozen people (which we all ultimately reject) to make the right decision. It is a true fact that in 2019, the number of choices and available options are way more than it used to be a decade back. 

Your wedding day is by far the most significant day in your life (after your birth), and it should have all the grandeur. The first thing that you need to do in order to make your wedding day special is to look superb. And for that, you need the perfect and the most fantastic wedding saree.

How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire 1 How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire

Best Place to Get Your Wedding Sarees

There are several ways to get your dream saree. Let us evaluate each place. 

1. The Closet of your Grandmother

Your grandmother will happily give you access to all her traditional clothes. You can keep up the family heritage by wearing a saree that is from the last century (no offense!) and smells of naphthalene if you absolutely wish to. If this is not what you wish, then move on to the next section.

How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire 2 How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire

2. The Local Bazaar

The local bazaar will offer you good-looking sarees. You would often hear terms like ‘ditto Manish Malhotra copy” or ‘Sabyasachi copy.’ But do you really want a ”copy” to wear at your wedding?  Additionally, once these shops sell you the cloth in an exchange of thousands of rupees, they will not return or refund (not even exchange in many cases). 

3. Designer Saree

You can go for the real designer sarees. But chances are good that it is going to cost you in lacs. We understand that wedding saree is an extremely important thing, but do you really want to spend that kind of money? No right. And you also have to save up for the honeymoon in an exotic location!

How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire 3 How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire

4. Suggested by Friends and Family

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This is by far the worst choice any bride can make. Friends and family almost always do not suggest anything that is worth giving a shot. If you go for this option, you will end up getting more confused than ever. However, if you are someone who has considerable difficulty in making a decision, you can ask one or two persons, on whose choice you can trust. But don’t end up inviting the entire gang to make the decision for you.

How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire 4 How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire

5. Online Wedding Saree Shopping

Online shopping is perhaps the best choice. There are several benefits of doing online shopping for sarees. Let me list it down for you: 

  • Options– You will get loads of option while shopping online for your wedding sarees from which you can choose. 
  • Convenience– You can do your wedding saree shopping at your own convenience. You will not have to get up physically and search for the entire market. You have got it all at your fingertips.

How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire 5 How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire

  • New collection of sarees– Shopkeepers often do not get a new collection of sarees till the old stock is entirely (or almost) sold. But with online shopping, you will get to see the latest collection of sarees as soon as they enter, which is pretty frequently.
  • No Hurries– This is a major problem that many of us have faced. Often when you go to buy a saree, the shopkeeper gets impatient after showing you a few samples. After a point, he will try to hasten you into making a decision. Which in most of the cases, he is successful in going. And the end result? You return home with a saree that you don’t even like. Online shopping eliminates this problem.

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25 thoughts on “How to Find the Most Amazing Wedding Attire

  1. nita says:

    sarees are looks perfect on every women but its incomplete without jewellery. So jewellery and saree makes women perfect & beautiful.

  2. Amy says:

    I always go to search for my mom’s wardrobe or local bazaar for getting affordable and good quality wedding outfits to wear.

  3. Rakhi Parsai says:

    I really liked these ideas suggested by you as indeed it’s not easy to find the perfect outfit. Weddings call for expensive yet the best kind of outfit and when you have ideas to choose the best one it becomes easy and worth the money.

  4. Neha Sharma says:

    I agree with you, online shopping for wedding dresses has become kind of a trend now. Even my cousin got her wedding lehenga online.

  5. Varsh says:

    I always raid my mom’s wardrobe when I’m bored with my sarees. Online shopping for sarees is a great option since some sites have special themed collections.

  6. Roma says:

    Loved your recommendations buddy. All
    Of them are worth and it is so lovely to see brides these days are so spoiled for choice

  7. Gurjeet Chhabra says:

    woo, beautiful design and bright colours. I have decided In my brother wedding will shop from here only

  8. Anahita Irani says:

    Stunning sarees, I just got mesmerized with cprs and designs. Truly exquisite and well described post.

  9. Lyosha says:

    Indian weddings are the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. I do actually like it even though I am not a big fan of European weddings.

  10. Thuy says:

    I love the vibrant colors. When I get married someday I don’t think I’ll just wear a white wedding dress. I’m inspired to add some color

  11. Kim Paradise - MumFLIX says:

    Wow I love how there are so many beautiful colour options and designs to choose from these days. I don’t know how many people these days scan their gran moms wardrobe but I think it’s a fabulous idea.

  12. Subhashish Roy says:

    Some wonderful sarees on show here. And really you don’t have to even go out to have them. Online shopping I just love.

  13. Erica (The Prepping Wife) says:

    When looking at these beautiful sarees, my first thought is how boring the traditional white wedding dress is! I’m amazed at the beauty here and the color choices. I would think that borrowing one from a grandmother would be a lovely tradition and an honor to be able to wear. In the pictures, the first red one is my absolute favorite. Although the blue and pink one is a close second.

  14. Pragnya Mishra says:

    For my sister ‘s wedding, we got one from the local shops. and it was absolutely gorgeous. We love grandmother’s wardrobe.

  15. Tracy @ Cleland Clan says:

    Wow! These sarees are exquisite! There is such a variety of patterns, full of detail, that it would be hard to choose. I think that wearing a family heirloom would be really special, but I can also understand wanting your own.

  16. Deepika says:

    All the sarees took my heart away. Yet I am not an expert in wearing saree but I love to wear. You suggested some beautiful prints with lovely colour combinations.

  17. Trish Veltman says:

    All of these sarees are so beautiful and elegant – they’d make a bride feel like a million dollars

  18. Despite Pain says:

    Those sarees are beautiful. I’m in the UK and when I got married, I wore a traditional white wedding dress. I loved it, but in comparison to those sarees, it was so boring! I love those bright, colourful sarees, but it must be so hard for a bride-to-be to choose one.

  19. Diane C DeNicola says:

    I have been lucky in my lifetime to witness several Indian weddings while staying at a resort we used to frequent in the Dominical Republic. The rituals are fantastic. In many instances, we were able to witness several nights of the ceremony which was often performed on the beach. The colors of the sarees really stood out to me and the brides always looked so beautiful. I don’t think the “hand me down” tradition of wearing your grandmothers (pr in our case your mothers) wedding attire is out of the ordinary.

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