Lotus Colorkick Kajal Review | Jet black, Smudge-proof, 8 Hours stay!

Lotus Colorkick Kajal Review

Hellow, beautiful people! I hope you are doing well! ๐Ÿ™‚

After my Elle 18 drama kajal was over I was on the lookout to try a new kajal from a different brand. A kajal which is jet black, smudge-proof, long lasting and also easy on the pockets! So I was browsing on Amazon and that’s how I spotted Lotus colorkick kajal! Aint it cute? So after using it for quite some time, here’s my review! If you wanna know this is the kajal you would like to try, then keep on reading!

lotus make up colorkick kajal review 1 Lotus Colorkick Kajal Review | Jet black, Smudge proof, 8 Hours stay!

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Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

Hi everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ Today’s review is on this retractableย Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal, which has beenย recently launched by Elle 18. This kajal has become my daily ‘must apply’ kajal.ย As soon as it was availableย at local stores Iย bought it because I had a good feeling that I will love it! And Iย now can’t think ofย stepping outsideย without first applying this on my lower eye lids. I am loving it so much and I think all of youย willย be trying it outย after reading this post!

elle 18 eye drama kajal 4 Elle 18 Eye Drama Bold Black Kajal Review

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