Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo Review

Hey everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was equally great! ? And I remember that most of you have been waiting for this blog post, that is a review on Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo. So, let’s hop in straight into the review!

lass naturals i h t 9 shampoo 1 Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo Review

Lass Naturals IHT9 Natural Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo is:

  • 100% Vegetarian
  • 100% Natural Active Ingredients
  • Against Animal Testing
  • GMP Certified


This Ayurvedic shampoo contains natural follicle stimulators, hair nutrients, scalp cleansers and conditioner that combat thinning of hair and baldness. The 9 Ayurvedic herbs in this intensive hair therapy instantly nourishes balding scalp and stimulate hair growth that promotes longer & thicker hair. Perfect for oily, dry hair and normal hair. Gentle enough to use on permed, color-treated, bleached or highlighted hair. Apart from fighting hair loss, this shampoo also keeps hair healthy, manageable & full of shine & volume. Both men & women can benefit from this highly effective shampoo.


Plantapon SF*, Rose Water (Rosa Damascena), Dehyton KT* (Cocoamidopropyl Beatine), Lamesoft PO 65* (Coco Glucoside & Glyceryl Oleate), Olivem 400®, Bhringraj Ext. (Eclipta alba), Jatamansi Ext. (Nardostachys Grandiflora), Fenugreek Ext. (Trigonella Foenum Graecum), Neem Ext. (Azadirachta Indica), Shikakai Ext. (Acacia Concinna), Ritha Ext. (Sapindus Mucorosai), Amla Ext. (Emblica Officinalis), Aloe Vera Ext. (Aloe Barbadensis), Saw Palmeto Ext. (Serenoa Serrulata), Ginseng Ext. (Panax Ginseng Extract) Henna Ext. (Lawsonia Inermis), Cocoa Ext. (Theobroma Cacao), Tea tree Ext. (Melaleuca Alternifolia), Lemon Ext. (Citrus Limon), Citric Acid, 2-Phenoxyethanol.


Apply sufficiently over wet hair, gently massage in circular movements with fingertips for a few seconds. Leave for two minutes and rinse off.

(Since everything was in tiny-miny size on this bottle, I jotted down the above points for you!)

My Experience With Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo

This is a sample sized shampoo bottle. It is also travel friendly as its flip open cap is spillage free. All the important labels are mentioned on it, which I had to read with my glasses on. ?

lass naturals i h t 9 shampoo 3 Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo Review

The shampoo is pale honey in color and runny in consistency. Which is great because it is quite difficult to squeeze the bottle. What was a major turn off for me was the smell! I can’t explain it but it wasn’t pleasant. (If you have used this shampoo please describe the smell in the comment section below! ? As I can’t think of a word.)

lass naturals i h t 9 shampoo 4 Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo Review

Okay… um now I have only used this shampoo twice after that I had to stop using it and with that I made a pledge that I won’t try out random shampoos on my hairs! ? Why? Read on!

I am not trying to degrade the product or the brand. All I will talk in this post is that it did not suit me. But I know that it suits very well on the other hair types. Before we move on further, my hair type is- frizzy and wavy. And I have waist length hairs. Also I would like to add that my scalp is quite normal and changes with the weather.

So the first time I used it, once my hairs were dry they looked a lot frizzier than usual. Even my regular leave-in conditioner couldn’t calm down the frizz. It also could be due to the weather as the Summer was crazy back then, in Mumbai. (Monson has already began here!⛈) And the second time when I used it, along with the unusual frizziness I also noticed my hair feeling brittle and lifeless. At this point I freaked out and did not know should I continue using it or what should I do! ? (By the way, on the contrary the conditioner from the same hair loss therapy range suited me well. I have already reviewed the conditioner on the blog. You can find it HERE.)

Then, I finally decided to not try out for the third time and I began using my regular shampoo and I saw the difference- my hairs were going back to normal! ( After few usages obviously. I will surely share with you which shampoo I am currently using. To stay updated make sure you have subscribed to the blog!) So around this time the bottle still sat in the bathroom cabinet and my dadi asked if she can use it. Since her shampoo was over and it was urgent. I was reluctant but I said, “Yep, sure!” Thinking that may be her experience would be different than mine. And I was right! (Her hairs have lost a lot of volume with age. She has multi colored hairs- brown, black & white! 😀 And natural barbie curls. Also she always complains about hair fall, which is quite obvious for her age.) She started using it regularly and told me that she likes it. She even asked me what brand it is, since she can not read English.

I was totally surprised after listening to her experience! She said that the shampoo suits her hair and noticed a bit of reduction in her hair fall too! (A… what?!) Yes, I can relate to your reaction after reading that. I would also like to add that she consistently used only this shampoo.

So after trying to get my head around these two experiences, today I sat down to write this post! ? My conclusion is, I wouldn’t really recommend Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo to people who have frizzy and sensitive hairs like mine. But if you have normal or oily hairs, plus all the issues like hair fall etc. then you should try it out!

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And my apologize that I couldn’t use Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo more than twice and share the end results from my perspective (about the claims).

lass naturals i h t 9 shampoo 2 Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo Review

Price and quantity

INR 65 for 50ml and INR 265 for 200ml

To Buy Click Here

I didn’t like it as it did not suit me. But my dadi (grandma) liked it! 🙂

Rating 2.5/5 (from me) & 4/5 (from dadi)

Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo did help to clean my scalp and hairs properly but did not help with my frizzy hairs. Neither helped to manage my hairs. Instead made it worse. So, if you have frizzy hairs, you can skip this shampoo.  But if you have normal or oily hairs, then you can try it out.

Have you used Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo? How was your experience with it? Share your thoughts/questions in the comment section below! Along with this also share your hair type. 🙂

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Till next time, take care!



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13 thoughts on “Lass Naturals IHT9 Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo Review

  1. thetownbird says:

    I too got the sample for the shampoo and conditioner. Trying them these days. I have oily hair so let see how it comes to my hair. I like how you put your honest review.

  2. Helen says:

    Thank you for sharing your honest review. I totally agree with you that not everyone react the same to the same product (I had the same experience).

  3. Archana@IBeautySpy says:

    I too got a sample of this and the conditioner. I was disappointed with the conditioner as it contains silicones. I still haven’t used the shampoo. But I have dry and frizzy hair. So I don’t think it will suit me.

  4. Safi says:

    This is a kind of shampoo that requires an adaptation period, it took me many washes to get used to this, But I quite liked using it. It definitely prevented hair fall due to breakage on me. Sad that this didn’t work for your hair type. Loved the honesty in your review ?

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