Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut Review

Helloooo everyone! 🙂 If you follow me on Instagram @beautytending where I shared that I’ve been using Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut. Well, it’s about to finish now. So before it’s late hop in to know my experience with it!

last forest bees wax balm coconut 2 Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut Review

My Experience With Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut

last forest bees wax balm coconut 5 Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut Review

I liked its packaging! ? The product comes in a glass jar which contains all the important details except the product description. The screw cap closes and opens without any trouble. Further there is a protective lid. (No issue of the content sticking on the back of the screw cap!) The jar is quite travel friendly too.

The product is thick in consistency and contains mild coconut smell. It also contains these chunks of particles, Beeswax is it? ? Or cold pressed coconut. I’m not sure, soeey! ? You can have a look at the picture below.

last forest bees wax balm coconut 7 Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut Review

last forest bees wax balm coconut 8 Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut Review

So I have been using this every night since the day it has arrived! 🙂 Before going to bed I take some of the product in my fingers then directly apply and rub it on my feet (heels, sole and toes). Then I’m off to bed wearing socks. ?

Before I started using this product, I did not have cracked heels but I had noticed 2-3 cracks on the big toe of my right foot. Also the area around my heels felt bit hardened. (Could be because I wear flats and more open footwears now!)

I have been consistently using this for my feet since 8th April (No I did not remember the date. I checked my Instagram post. ?) So it’s been two weeks now and I have seen a change around my heel area and the toe! Well, the skin around my heels now appears to be soft and less hard and it seems as if this balm is helping in preventing cracks on my heels. And those 2-3 cracks on my toe are almost gone now. They have lightened! 

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I know within the next few days the cracks will completely disappear and so will be the balm as it’s almost over now. I have to stock up more of this product.

last forest bees wax balm coconut 10 Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut Review

(This is the pic which I shared on Instagram! 🙂 )

last forest bees wax balm coconut 3 Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut Review

Price and quantity

INR 130 for 20g

To Buy Click Here

I loved it! 🙂

Rating 5/5

It definitely helps to prevent cracked heels and heals active cracked heels. You should try this! I will also like to add that those 2-3 cracks are gone! It could be because I have been enjoying in the beach water lately. But I will also continue applying this balm to prevent cracks.

So, what are you using for your feet? Have you tried Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Last Forest Beeswax Balm Coconut Review

  1. Nidhal Sinha says:

    It seems to me a bit odd that they named the product “Coconut beeswax balm” while there’s no mention of coconut oil in the ingredients.
    Never the less, it seems effective and even the price isn’t something one would fret about.
    Your feet look spick and span, Snehal ?

    • Snehal says:

      It does contain a coconutty smell, when I visited their site it says, ‘Coconut oil melted with wax’ .
      But not sure why it isn’t mentioned in the ingredient list.
      Thanks Nidhal! 🙂

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