Review: Ma Earth Botanicals Balancing Cream | Best for dry skin

Review on Ma Earth Botanicals balancing cream

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If you experience extremely dry skin and now with winter approaching, you are on a hunt for a good natural moisturizer. Then this product might just be for you! This moisturizing cream is from Ma Earth Botanicals. I have already finished using their coconut lime shower gel, which is also a good natural shower gel for dry and sensitive skin type. And I loved it! By the way, I have already reviewed it so you can check it out later! This post contains a quick review on the balancing cream from Ma Earth Botanicals. So hop on to find out how’s it!

ma earth botanicals balancing cream 1 Review: Ma Earth Botanicals Balancing Cream | Best for dry skin

Ma Earth Botanicals balancing cream Experience

ma earth botanicals balancing cream 2 Review: Ma Earth Botanicals Balancing Cream | Best for dry skin

The jar which I have received is a PR sample. And this is not their original packaging. But the original packaging does not have much difference. Only it is quite bigger in size. All the important details are mentioned on the jar as well.

ma earth botanicals balancing cream 3 Review: Ma Earth Botanicals Balancing Cream | Best for dry skin

This cream is white in color and has a buttery texture to it. It has a spicy fragrance, which I quite liked! I’m not sure which ingredient smells like that. When applied on the skin it feels cool. But I have to say that it is quite a heavy-duty moisturizer and after sometimes feels greasy on my oily skin.

I have only used this twice on my facial skin. Once I used during the daytime and within 30 minutes my skin felt greasy and oily so I had to wash it off! (Note- My face usually gets oily after 1.30 hours.) And the second time I used the same night, I mixed a small quantity with my Retinol. And the same thing happens again- my face was a grease ball! So after that, as I was afraid of breakouts and I did not like the greasy feeling I did not use it on my face. This definitely won’t suit oily and combination skin!

But I began using it on my dry arms. On the contrary to my oily facial skin, my body skin is quite dry and very sensitive! When I used it on my arms it kept them moisturized and nourished throughout the day! I did not feel the need to apply any moisturizer on my arms again. Also, I did not feel the cream to be greasy or sticky or heavy on my arms. I also noticed that it had smoothened the dry patches on my elbows too!

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ma earth botanicals balancing cream 4 Review: Ma Earth Botanicals Balancing Cream | Best for dry skin

I asked mum to use this cream on her dry and mature skin. And she quite liked it! She says that it suited her facial skin and kept it moisturized throughout the day! So from these two experiences, I can say that this cream is suitable for dry and extremely dry skin types only. And especially suitable for mature skin.

Overall, this sounds like a good cream to use in winter to combat dry and stretchy skin!

ma earth botanicals balancing cream 5 Review: Ma Earth Botanicals Balancing Cream | Best for dry skin

Price INR 2,275

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I didn’t like it since it did not suit my oily facial skin! But mum likes it since it suited her dry skin!

If you have dry, extremely dry and stretchy skin then I can suggest you to try Ma Earth Botanicals balancing cream. However, I personally feel that it is way more pricey! Even though it can be used on dry body skin and the ingredients used are quite attractive! And if you have oily or combination skin, then this will be too heavy for you.

So, have tried Ma Earth Botanicals balancing cream? Which products have you tried from Ma Earth Botanicals?

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29 thoughts on “Review: Ma Earth Botanicals Balancing Cream | Best for dry skin

  1. Mrinal says:

    This looks like a great product for dry skin… i have a dry body skin and oily facial skin and would like to try it on my body.. but it is way too costly for me ?

  2. Papri Ganguly says:

    I have used few ma earth products, they are really good. This cream also looks very effective. But the price is hurting

  3. Dipika says:

    One thing I really look up to in your reviews is your ending notes. You are always honest to mention your take on the product.
    I have highly oily skin, so probably this is not for me. Will heck for my mum.

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