How To Maintain Your Fair Complexion

How To Maintain Your Fair Complexion

If you are naturally blessed with fair complexion then you are lucky! I mean unnecessarily you won’t be Googling how to become fair! But having fair skin doesn’t mean that the fairness will stay with you forever. With time your skin may turn dull, with uneven skin tone and sun damaged! You have to follow a good skincare regime which will help you to retain your natural fair complexion. My skin is also fair naturally, I have inherited it from my mum. On a daily basis, I receive messages from my friends asking me how to get back their lost fair skin. Or how to maintain their fair complexion. And some shooting me personal questions like how Mumbai’s weather did not turn me tan or dark! So in this post, I’ll be sharing what routine I personally follow to maintain my fair complexion! Hop in to find out!

how to maintain your fair complexion How To Maintain Your Fair Complexion


Fair skin gets tanned faster. How? As it is said that the lighter your skin tone, the more are the chances of getting sun tan and sun burn! So what do you do? Apply sunblock daily 20 minutes before stepping out. And the job doesn’t end there, you have to re-apply sunscreen after every few hours. Especially, when you will be under the sun. For example going for site seeing. I know this sounds like a tedious job but worry not there are spray sunscreen available too! That will definitely make your job easy!

As someone who is a Retinol user and has sensitive skin, sunblock and umbrella are my best friends! Yep, I’m that girl who you will see under an umbrella! I have been doing this for years and this is how my skin doesn’t get tanned easily and also I am saving my skin from sun damage. Not only my skin but I’m also protecting my hairs for sun damage. And I do get the dose of Vitamin D during early morning hours!

Skincare routine

Follow a strict skincare routine according to your skin type. It could be that you are fair with dry skin or fair with oily skin. Whichever your skin type is, find products suitable for that particular skin type.

Mine is fair, oily, and acne prone. So I use products according to this skin type. During Winter my oily skin turns combination. So that time I use products accordingly. I also love using DIY/Homemade face packs and masks. Not to achieve more fair skin but to maintain it and also the youthful glow.


Everyone should exfoliate their skin regularly. If you are someone with fair and dry skin then exfoliating once a week is enough. If you are someone with fair and oily skin then exfoliating twice a week will do. Exfoliating regularly helps to get rid of the top dead skin layer and also kicks the dull look. The dull look is often more noticeable on fair skin rather than on wheatish skin. So regular scrubbing helps to keep dullness at bay.

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Don’t just focus on your facial skin. Exfoliate neck and body too! I like to exfoliate my neck and body daily in the shower with a loofah. So, by chance, if my hands get a tan, scrubbing with loofah helps my skin to lighten the sun tan faster!


A facial steam is another important step as it helps to clear clogged open pores. And this further helps from future breakouts! Imagine you have fair skin but many pimples too! And just like the dull look, pimples get more noticeable on the fair skin. I know sometimes it could be caused by hormonal issues (My case!) or stress etc. But having steam regularly will help clear the pores and your skincare products will absorb easily into the skin!

I take a facial steam and bath every 15 days. I find it very relaxing therapeutic!


I love receiving a facial and neck massage regularly. And for this purpose, I visit parlor for regular clean ups. Only because for the facial and neck massage! But not necessarily you have to visit a parlor too. You can perform a facial massage on your own at home too.

Massage helps with the blood circulation and makes the skin appear supple and more lively. In addition, skin also feels softer and glowy!


To maintain fair complexion and also the inside-out glow, you must keep a check on your fluid intake. It is said that having at least 3 liters of water daily is sufficient. It also keeps your skin healthy, hydrated and aids with indigestion.

I probably have more water than I eat! It is because I feel thirsty now and then and I also sweat easily!

Further, I would like to suggest-

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For DIYs

Note: Please don’t make any DIY in huge quantity. For any DIY try to finish it within 10 to 15 days.

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  1. Poornima m reddy says:

    These steps are helpful .. I am always proud that I am fair .. but have started to maintain also.. quite helpful

  2. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay says:

    The steps you have mentioned are all important. Here, lemme confess I don’t use umbrella. Promise you, i must use since now??.

    • Snehal says:

      Umbrella I optional 😀 That’s what I’ve been doing for years so shared! But using an umbrella does prevent a lot of tanning!

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