How To Make Makeup Last Longer On Oily Skin

How To Make Makeup Last Longer On Oily Skin

Have oily skin and fed up of spending time on makeup because in the end it is all messed up? Fret not, this post is just for you! People with oily skin struggle to make their makeup last longer. It’s just been barely two hours and the makeup start melting and creasing! And if you have oily skin then you probably sweat easily too, due to open and large pores. First, we put so much time and effort in applying makeup to enhance our beauty and then, in the end, it makes us look ugly! So in this post, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks which will help your makeup last longer on oily and sweaty skin! You will learn how to make makeup last longer and also oil, transfer, sweat proof! So hop in to know more!

How To Make Makeup Last Longer On Oily Skin How To Make Makeup Last Longer On Oily Skin


Before applying makeup it is advised to cleanse your face and neck with a mild cleanser. The cleanser should be non-irritating and at the same, it should effectively remove all the oil build-up. Post wash, the skin shouldn’t feel dry or stretchy. Because if it does, then your skin will go all bonkers on producing more oil! And rinse with mildly cold water to close the pores.


This step is very essential! You must hydrate your skin before starting with makeup. Skip on creamy and heavy moisturizers. Instead, use a gel or water-based moisturizer. Use a pea size quantity of the product and let it settle on your skin for a minute or two. Don’t jump right after on makeup! You can also use a hydrating face mist to hydrate and nourish your skin prior to makeup application.

Setting spray

I know this sounds a bit crazy but many beauty gurus and makeup artists swear by this step! (You will be learning many crazy things ahead!) I am talking about using a setting spray or primer spray before makeup! Alright, it definitely sounds crazy but one must do this to lock in the hydration into the skin and also to form a layer before you begin with makeup.

So in total, you have to use a setting spray twice. First, after hydrating your skin and second, in the end when you have finished your entire makeup look. That is after base, eyes, lips etc when everything is done. A setting spray, in the end, is the final step to lock in your makeup. This will help to let the makeup last for hours! So yes, a setting spray is essential in your makeup kit if you have oily skin.

Use a setting spray keeping a distance of wrist length.


For oily skin after the setting spray, another essential product is a primer! Use a pore minimizing primer which will help in filling the pores to create a smooth canvas for foundation application. Focus on the areas more where it tends to get oily like the T-zone. A primer will also help in creating a barrier between your skin and makeup. It will further help in keeping the makeup intact and in place for a long time!

If you have oily eyelids then priming your eyes before eyeshadow is also a must! There are eye primers separately available. Although you can use a translucent powder too to make eyelids shine free and smooth. Remember, don’t go crazy when it comes to powders! Use a fluffy brush and apply a little bit.


Again this would sound crazy but I swear this works! I personally have been following this after learning it somewhere online. And that is- to dust powder on the skin after priming but before foundation. The thought behind this is that it helps to dimish the appearance of shiny skin. I know, using a powder and liquid foundation sounds like a cakey mess! But it won’t turn out like that if you use bare minimal powder.

For this step, blot away the oil (if you see any) and then using a translucent powder, dust it with the help of a fluffy brush. Use only minimal powder! After this, you can move ahead with the foundation application.

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The powder can also be used in the end for example when setting contour or highlighter or foundation. Use a mattifying powder which will help to keep oil at bay. Again, only dust the powder with the help of a fluffy brush. After this, you can use the setting spray to lock in your makeup for hours!


For oily and super oily skin it is advised to use a mattifying foundation. Because normal foundations tend to crease and the look turns cakey due to facial oil! So use a mattifying, oil-free foundation preferably one with a liquid consistency.

Again, this is going to sound crazy but many swear by this step! After applying the foundation and once you have set it with a translucent powder, then rub ice on your face. Rub it on your entire face and then later blot the water with a blotting paper. Now, this ice step is suggested especially for brides with oily skin. Since this helps in locking the base on your face and the base stays put for hours! This step also makes your makeup turn sweat proof, transfer proof, waterproof and cry proof! However, this may not suit dry skin people. Anyways we are talking about oily skin here. Then once you are done with the foundation and ice step you can move ahead to the rest of the makeup as usual.


If you are following the ice step then concealing can be done after that. To conceal the under eye area use a liquid concealer instead of cream ones. After concealing use a translucent powder to set it. (If you don’t feel the need then you can skip this.)

On the travel

Once you have used a setting spray, the job doesn’t end there! You need to carry a few makeup items with you, which you may need. And these are-

  • Compact powder or translucent powder. In case the shine shows up on your skin. Don’t just pat the powder onto the oil. Blot it first and then use a little bit of the powder.
  • Powder brush. To apply the powder. Don’t use the pad or the puff which comes with the powder.
  • Blotting paper or tissue paper. I personally use plain tissue papers to blot away the excess oil even when I am not wearing makeup. I cut the tissue papers in small square pieces.
  • Face Mist. In case your skin feels dry and dehydrated a face mist will refreshen your skin as well as your mood. I personally carry a DIY face mist with me. After spraying from a certain distance I crazily wave my hands!

Most probably you may not need to carry all of these if you have followed all the steps properly but it is advised to carry at least tissue paper and face mist with you.


  • Don’t over powder. Use only in required minimal.
  • Use powder products for- contour, blush, and highlighter.
  • Blot shine or oiliness with blotting paper.
  • Apply less foundation on all the oily regions like T-zone to prevent cakey face.

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