Monsoon Makeup Hacks- 7 Tried and Tested Tips for Rainy Season

Monsoon Makeup Hacks- 7 Tried and Tested Tips for Rainy Season

Monsoon Makeup Hacks 7 Tried and Tested Tips for Rainy Season 1 Monsoon Makeup Hacks  7 Tried and Tested Tips for Rainy Season

The rainy season is officially here! And I am sure we are all glad to experience the soothing coolness in the air, after the scorching summer heat! But daily makeup wearers must be having some trouble with makeup. So here are some tips for you to keep your makeup from getting messy. These are 7 tried and tested monsoon makeup hacks which are easy to follow. I have also shared the best and affordable makeup products to use this monsoon season. Now let’s have a quick look at it!

Monsoon Makeup Hacks- 7 Tried and Tested Tips for Rainy Season

1. Prep with Primer

It becomes a must to use a primer as it not only creates a smooth canvas for makeup but also hydrates the skin. But before priming your face make sure it is cleansed and toned. The Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer is very lightweight and does the deed very beautifully. After all, you only require a pea-sized amount!

2. Switch to Powder Foundation

I know it can become a difficult situation if you are someone who really can never do without a foundation. So instead of ignoring the foundation step, replace your regular foundation with a powder foundation. The Lakme 9 to 5 Primer Matte Foundation Compact Powder is a three in one product. It conceals, evens out skin tone and you won’t be needing to apply powder or compact over it. Also, avoid cream and oil-based makeup products which will leave a greasy-wet look on your face.

3. Slay in Bright Colored Matte Lipstick

The key to rock and enjoy in the rains is to wear as minimal makeup as possible. Hence use minimal makeup products and complete your look with a bright colored matte lipstick. This way you will look your best! The Maybelline Color Sensational Powder Matte Lipstick applies smoothly and lasts very long!

4. Coat Lashes with Waterproof Mascara

If you are someone like me who has pretty much non-existent eyelashes then I understand why you really need to apply some mascara no matter what weather it is. So yes you can still use mascara during a rainy day but make sure it’s waterproof. Like the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara. And use an oil-based cleanser to remove it as it would be little tough to remove it later. These days I am using Biotique Almond Oil Makeup Remover.

5. Use Pencil for Eyebrows and Gel Liner for Eyelids

If you use a powered eyebrow product then for this season replace it with an eyebrow pencil. Because if the water gets on your face then the powered eyebrow product will disappear weirdly leaving behind uneven eyebrows! Something like the Lakme Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil is your best bet!

Also for the eyeliners switch from liquid eyeliner to gel liners or use a waterproof liquid eyeliner. Here something like the Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and the L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Black Lacquer Eyeliner is your best bet!

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6. Keep It in Place with a Makeup Setting Spray

Now to finish off your entire look and keep it in place throughout the day, use a makeup setting spray. It will also leave behind a nice refreshing feeling! Wet n Wild Photo Focus Matte Setting Spray- Matte Appeal is one of the best affordable and good quality makeup spray currently available in the market!

7. Carry Tissues to Fix and Pat Away Moisture Gently

Carrying an Origami So Soft Face Tissue Box around with you will help you in two ways. Firstly, if you do get wet be it your face or any body part you can wipe away the moisture from the skin. And even clean up any dirt that lends up on your clothes or skin! Secondly, if there’s any makeup flaw maybe you were applying in a hurry and later you notice something off, then you can fix it with a tissue paper. (I am not sure about you but I always have some extra tissues in my bag!)

Bonus tip! – Get a waterproof and travel-friendly bag like the one below to carry your makeup products along with you.

What I really like about this bag is that it is very compact and has several partitions to separate all your makeup products. And it is very travel-friendly and waterproof! Even if you don’t carry all your makeup products around with you, this still makes a good makeup vanity bag. I like it how all the makeup products fit into this bag and make it well organized! Plus it doesn’t require that much of storage space!

The Final Note

Now you don’t have to think hard before applying makeup during the rainy days. Follow these tips and get the right makeup products to use. Then I am sure you will be welcoming a rainy day with a smile! After all, your makeup worries got sorted!

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37 thoughts on “Monsoon Makeup Hacks- 7 Tried and Tested Tips for Rainy Season

  1. nita says:

    If your skin is oily then which compact powder or gel is useful to glow skin. Because when I am going to wear nose pin or maang tikka it doesnt suit on my skin because of dullness & oily impact.

    • Snehal says:

      Nosepin won’t fall off due to oily skin if you have pierced your nose. However on unpierced nose, if the skin is getting that oily that the nose pin falls off it could be due to loose nosepin. And for an oily forehead a powdered maang tikka is suggested. Or you could apply your regular maang tikka and then apply some powdered maang tikka on it to keep it in place. Also, remember to wash your oily face atleast three times in a day.

      As for the gel, my personal favorite is aloe vera gel! For compact go ahead with Maybelline Fit Me Compact Powder. Let me know if this works for you! 🙂

  2. Kavita Singh says:

    I have never tried gel liner before, this is really helpful. I am saving this post and make sure to use these tips for the next time I get ready.

  3. Lyosha says:

    Great tips! Makeup is great for me but I don’t really apply it often and can’t actually call myself an expert. Weather means a lot to makeup impression, you tricks definitely work

  4. Debra Roberts says:

    I don’t own primer of any kind. I worry about my skin being able to breathe with so many layers. I use a tinted moisturizer for foundation so I wonder if a primer would even work with that? Thoughts?

    • Snehal says:

      Using a tinted moisturizer is fine too! Only if you are going for something heavier than a tinted moisturizer then I suggest using a primer to create a protective layer between your skin and makeup, and also to make makeup last longer! 🙂

  5. Thuy says:

    I adore makeup so I wear it even when running obstacle course races with mud and water. I definitely needed this article so I can make my “war paint” last. The bright lipstick is a must and I seriously need to invest in a waterproof mascara

  6. Charmaine Daisley says:

    It’s now the rainy season where I am as well and I can relate to these tips. I’ve recently started using my primer again and not using my liquid foundation as it feels too wet on my face these days. I apply an almost-dry, creamy foundation-to-powder over the primer and that’s more comfortable and looks better. That red lipstick suggestion sounds really good for a pop of pizazz on my otherwise neutral makeup. Thanks for these suggestions.

  7. Kaye says:

    I love your list. I adore Matte finish for lips. Glad you listed it in the rainy-day-safe category…I have to get some now!!

  8. Megan Kerry says:

    I wouldn’t survive summer without waterproof mascara and powder foundation! Lately it has been incredibly rainy here and these items have been a lifesaver!

  9. Live Learn Better says:

    These are easy ways to make the life of a makeup user better during the rainy season. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips.

  10. Neha Sharma says:

    My make up always gets caked up during monsoons, I will get a powder foundation, I think it will do the trick. Thanks for sharing these makeup hacks, really helpful.

  11. Varsh says:

    Makeup is quite tricky during monsoons. Waterproof mascara and liner and bright lipsticks indeed save the day. Setting it with a spray is a good tip.

  12. Shubhreet Kaur says:

    Extremely handy tips! Even I prefer using powder foundation in this weather and always carry that and paper napkins to keep dabbing on the way!

  13. Sonia Seivwright says:

    The rainy season is about to start in the U.K as we are slowly reaching autumn, these hacks and products will definitely come handy for me.

  14. Alexandra says:

    I must confess I’m not that into makeup. However, as I read on I also must confess that I am tired of putting it on in the morning and then having people ask me why I don’t wear makeup a few hours later. I never knew there was a finishing matte spray that could kind of seal it in. I clicked on the link of the Wet n Wild spray and it took me to Amazon but not to the item. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on my iPad but I wanted to let you know. Thanks for the detailed post. Maybe now I can get my makeup to last!

    • Snehal says:

      Ahh… it could be because the link is of Amazon India page and maybe you are accessing from other country. Then I suggest using your preferred online shopping site and search the product. Or you can ask at your local stores or in shopping malls. 🙂

  15. Lindsay Brown says:

    Getting caught in the rain with your make up n is always a bummer but with these great tips it wouldnt be so bad! I especially love the make up bag – super cute!

  16. Erica (The Prepping Wife) says:

    I don’t wear much makeup or very often just because I live in such a rainy climate. I have a friend who lives in Arizona, and his daughter wears makeup every day, so I’ll be forwarding this to her. It is monsoon season there right now, and just starting. This article will be perfect to help her out! I’ll also be saving it for when falls comes around if I need to wear makeup on a rainy day for whatever reason.

  17. Elizabeth | Tired Mom Supermom says:

    that’s really clever to title this monsoon makeup tips! It was a great read and I never plan my makeup for monsoon seasons. Very helpful, thank you.

  18. Tracy C says:

    I love powder foundation in the summer when it’s so humid. I do wear waterproof mascara all year round–you never know when you’ll need it!

  19. Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women says:

    What a great idea to put these ideas together for when the Monsoon seasons occurs. Extremely practical advice with some fabulous products here. The last thing you want is for streaky makeup because you were totally unprepared – no there is no excuse!

  20. Despite Pain says:

    These are great tips. There’s nothing worse than makeup which runs in the rain. I had never heard of the makeup setting spray.

  21. Ruchi Verma says:

    I was looking for such kind of makeup post for monsoon and glad I hopped here …I have recently started using powder foundation and loving its result!

  22. Diane C DeNicola says:

    Aside fro, the rainy season I assume this also helps with the humidity season that we experience in NY just about all summer. That mixed with rain is a terrible combination. Definitely will look to employ some of these techniques.

  23. Dipika says:

    Wow, this is a brilliant listicle post with all required make-up essentials for monsoons. I love the way you have also added the links to get directly on the products without any hassle.

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