Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass Review

Aye peeps! If you follow me on Instagram @beautytending you may recollect that about three weeks ago I started using Moor Innovate facial bar for acne. This was given to me by a beautician, who works in my local beauty store, where I went for a facial clean up once. The soap was lying around in my cabinet until recently I decided that I should use it and see if it is effective on acne or not. So here’s my review on how it works on my oily, acne prone and sensitive skin. Hop in to know more!

moor innnovate facial bar lemon grass 1 Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass Review

Moor Innovate facial bar Experience

moor innnovate facial bar lemon grass 8 Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass Review

I received only one soap bar from the beautician. After the bar was over, I quite liked it and went ahead to buy the box. The original packaging i.e, the box contains four soap bars. I have ordered this box from Amazon. (You’ll find a buying link ahead in the post.) The box is black in color and contains all the important details on it.

Each Moor Innovate facial bar also come in a black box, encased in a plastic. The packaging is quite neat but not travel friendly. Since the soap melts way too quickly! This is how I finished using the first bar within two weeks. I wish it was formulated in such a way that it doesn’t melt easily or came in a face wash version. Anyways, the bar is tortilla in color and contains tiny lemongrass particles, which you will find in one of the pictures below. Moor Innovate is engraved on one side of the soap.

moor innnovate facial bar lemon grass 5 Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass Review

It has citrusy fragrance which is quite pleasant and refreshing! Moor Innovate facial bar forms a good lather which is quite buildable. The only thing which annoys me is that it melts very quickly. So I have been storing it in a normal soap box and placing a tissue paper underneath. The soap has melted onto the tissue paper into a thick paste. ? And it really piss** me off if a fine product is wasted like this. So sometimes I take the melted soap paste from the tissue for usage. ?

moor innnovate facial bar lemon grass 2 Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass Review

moor innnovate facial bar lemon grass 3 Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass Review

Before we move ahead, a bit of background info about my skin type. It is oily, sensitive and acne prone which I have already shared. And my acne condition currently is moderate to severe. Before it was mild to moderate. ? Going through a hellotta hormonal issue these days! Plus falling sick now and then! ??

I have been using Moor Innovate facial bar 4-5 times per a day. The box says to leave the foam on the face for 3 minutes. I’ll be honest that sometimes I don’t have that much patience, but I make sure that it sits on my face for some seconds at least! This soap effectively cleanses the skin, removes all the oil, grime and also helps in removing mild makeup. Although it is a soap based anti-acne cleanser, I haven’t faced any drying or stretchy skin issues. Unlike some other anti-acne soaps which dries out the skin, the Moor Innovate facial bar leaves the skin feeling hydrated and supple.

It did not cause me any irritation or redness either. It claims to work as a toner and exfoliator too. As a toner, yes it does clean the pores and does not leave behind any traces of makeup. My skin feels a bit firmer too. But I don’t understand how is this suppose to work as an exfoliator? Since it doesn’t have any exfoliating beads and it is a soap! ? Anyways, I regularly scrub my face to exfoliate the dead skin cells.

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It also claims to brighten the skin, to which I absolutely agree! During the monsoon season our skin looks a bit dull and kinda weird. But my skin has been glowing! It makes my skin appear brighter giving it an illusion of glowing inside out. Of course the after wash effect is not long lasting though. As with time, the oil and sweat begins to trouble me. This takes me to another point- oil control. My face is oily, along with my T-zone my cheeks get oily too. Usually within 2 hours after face wash my entire face turns oily. But with this facial bar my face gets oily after 3 or so hours. Isn’t that great! 🙂

And the most important part- acne! I am really amazed with results! I can see a positive change in my skin from the past two weeks. My acne has reduced a bit i.e, its severity has reduced. The soap has been working well to keep the acne in control. However, it does not prevent future breakouts. That’s sad, but no product can actually prevent future breakouts especially in the case of hormonal acne or hereditary ones. (Which is my case!)

Overall, my experience with Moor Innovate facial bar was awesome! ?

moor innnovate facial bar lemon grass 4 Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass Review

moor innnovate facial bar lemon grass 6 Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass Review

moor innnovate facial bar lemon grass 7 Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass Review

Price and quantity

INR 350 per box, containing 4 bars

To Buy Click Here

I loved it!

Rating 5/5

If you have mild to moderate acne and looking for a good cleanser/face wash then Moor Innovate facial bar is for you. Especially if your acne is stress related. But if you have moderate to severe acne caused due to hormonal issues or acne is hereditary; then your skin might get used to this facial bar. And in the coming months its efficacy may reduce. But I do believe that if you are taking good care of your skin and following every step in your skincare regime; then you will find it working for you even for your moderate to severe acne condition. As it did for me!

It will suit all skin types, excluding extremely dry ones.

So, have you used Moor Innovate facial bar yet?

Which anti-acne facial bar have you used and love?

I love to hear from you! Share your thoughts/questions in the comment section below! 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Moor Innovate Facial Bar Lemongrass Review

  1. Nisha Malik says:

    Recently i have noticed a rise in facial bars availablilty in market.. Earlier cosmetic companies were all against using a soap on face. I too am using an acne bar from botanic love. It is good but as you said nothing can control hormonal acne

  2. Sabeeka Lambe says:

    Loved the fact that it soothes acne… I had tried a similar looking face bar years ago when I was out abroad on a vacation and had not found something similar here.. This totally reminded me of it.. Will surely try

  3. Minakshi bajpai says:

    These soap bars seems wonderfully effective and naturally awesome. These looks very promising one coz of natural variants. But this box is little pricey for me. But overall Like the review

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