My Experience Taking Birth Control Pills For Acne, Before & After

My Experience Taking Birth Control Pills For Acne, Before & After

Well, this is going to be a chatty blog post! So ladies, sit back and relax. First of all my sincere apologies to everyone who kept waiting for this post! Without further ado, I think we should jump right into the post where I would be talking only about birth control pills and acne. (No other stories!) But of course, if you have any other questions then you can bug me in the comment section down below! Let’s get to the story! (I mean my experience!)

My Experience Taking Birth Control Pills For Acne 1 My Experience Taking Birth Control Pills For Acne, Before & After

My Experience Taking Birth Control Pills For Acne

A quick back story on my acne- I have acne since the age of 12. I have visited many Derms by now only to find myself keep getting back to square one! I am currently a Retinol user you can read more about that in this post- My Years Of Experience With Retinol For Acne & Acne Marks I have also used Betnovate-N too which I still have and use whenever I get uncontrollable pimples. But I limit myself to using it for max 5 days. I have done a different post on it too! My Experience With Betnovate-N For Acne & Acne Marks

So taking birth control pills for acne was my last resort, which I only kept for the future. But a few months back I started experiencing terrible and painful breakouts on my entire face! They were cystic and painful to sleep on! And to top it off I was also scared about the terrible marks they will leave behind! So during this time, I thought of giving birth control pills a short since pretty much every medication was covered in the past. I assumed there is something to do with the hormonal imbalance or perhaps stress. (By the way, my acne is hereditary, I got it from my mum!) So, of course, after consulting my Dr. I began taking birth control pills for acne. I also started making tiny notes for myself to see if birth control pills help get rid of the painful breakouts or not.

Does birth control help acne?

My Experience Taking Birth Control Pills For Acne 2 My Experience Taking Birth Control Pills For Acne, Before & After

I was very regular on taking them. And I have to say that they do work in clearing your face! I was on the combination pill. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Estrogen has something to do with the oil-producing glands. (Correct me if I am wrong!) So my face stopped producing oil like crazy as it used to do and it only stayed in normal-oily range.

But whenever I was on the 7-days break, pimples started attacking my face again. Though this time they were not as much as before. Maybe three or four which honestly did not bother me much. So the cycle kept going on like this. When I would be back on the pills, during those 21 days my face stayed clear and less oily. And during the pill-free days, some pimple would resurface.

How long does birth control take to clear acne?

My Experience Taking Birth Control Pills For Acne 3 My Experience Taking Birth Control Pills For Acne, Before & After

During the first few days, my skin somehow stopped producing more acne and oil. And after 2 weeks, subsequently, my face started clearing up! Thus on myself, I started seeing the results within 2 weeks! They were just gone like- puff! I was so impressed that I wanted to take these pills for the lifetime! Yes, just because it helped with my acne! (I am facing acne issues for past 10 years! Now I hope you understand why I fell in love with the pills.)

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Acne after going off the pill

So wondering why did I stop then? The side effects! It is going to get a bit more personal from here so get ready! It is believed that BCP stops or lessen any menstruation issues like cramps and mood swings- horrible situations for women, you get it! Many women report that their mood always remains under control and that they stop having bad cramps due to the pill. And there are several other benefits too like- fewer flow days, light flows, etc. I generally do not get any mood swings/PMS or pains during my menstruation. So when I started taking birth control pills for my acne, it was all opposite! Yes, my acne stopped, but with that what wasn’t happening before started happening to me. (Terrible mood swings + bad cramps!) And that’s the reason why I had to stop taking the pill. So, I am not sure if I will take these pills again in the future or not. Ahh…most probably nah!

So, where were we… ahh the acne after pills, did it come back? Yes, somewhat but not as bad as before. They would be controlled easily but this time I did not feel like I was back to square one! So in the end, I was glad taking birth control pills for acne. Also during that time, I started following very strict skincare routine. And now half of the products which I use are all DIY stuff! Yes, that’s why you have started seeing DIYs here! You can check out this post My Current Skincare Routine For Oily, Sensitive & Acne Prone Skin to know what products I used during the time when I was taking birth control pills for my acne. I will be coming up with more updated skincare routine soon. So watch out for that and Subscribe if you haven’t!

I have gone on other pretty crazy medications too like Accutane! If you wanna know my experience then just ask below! A quick Disclaimer to all- whatever medications you take, please consult a Dr before popping them into your mouth! Whichever medications I have used in the past or still using, I have them with my Dr’s prescription. So, please don’t self-medicate! That’s all! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “My Experience Taking Birth Control Pills For Acne, Before & After

  1. KeshiaRichmond says:

    Your cure and side effects while using this medication is good information that brings awareness to many.

  2. Elizabeth | Tired Mom Supermom says:

    My acne trick has always just been dove bar of soap and cold water for washing face and then a tea tree oil wipe down before bedtime. Keeps my skin pretty clear!

  3. Pria says:

    Hi, i stopped bcp for acne because i gained a lot of weight. I took them for 3 months and i gained about 4-5 kgs. I wonder what would have happened if i had taken them for one year (which was what was initially prescribed to me by my gyanecologist). Did this happen to you? I believe its just water weight and yes i did shed it (well almost all of it anyway) but it was terrible those 3 months. I felt swollen and fat and horrible! However my acne did clear up. Now one year on, my acne is back again, more painful than ever. I tried antibiotics which didnt work so im considering going back on the pill but i dont know what i would do if i gained weight again. Do you have any suggestions? Or any experiences in weight gain? Thanks.

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