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Aye peeps! ? Today I am going to introduce you to Neesh Perfumes, which are attar based perfumes. I have been using these since many months. Their claims- ensures the use of natural and fresh ingredients, contains very high quality fragrances, each spray costs less than Rs.1 and lasts up to 12 hours! Here’s my review on- Oud De Venice, Zaafran E Hindustan and Attar E Nazakat. Hop in to know more about them!

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My Experience With Neesh Perfumes

neesh perfumes 4 Smell Well With Neesh Perfumes | Review

I totally love their packaging! ? Not only pocket friendly but also very cute and colorful! The design patterns are also very pretty! The plastic bottle is opaque black in color. All the important labels are mentioned on both the box and the bottle. However, the spray mechanism is a bit hard to press. (I have to use my thumb to press it! ?) And after spraying, the area on top of the spray becomes wet with the perfume liquid. Which I then rub on my clothes. (No wasting!)

I have never been out for more than 8-9 hours, so can not comment on the 12 hours claim. These perfumes can be sprayed on the skin as well as on clothes. And these perfumes do a great job in dominating over body odor. ?

One spray is enough on one particular area. I have been using Neesh Perfumes on my body rather than on my clothes. (As I like to use fragrances on my body more than on clothes.) And it did not irritate my sensitive skin at all!

Now let’s talk on each of them one by one…

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neesh perfumes 7 Smell Well With Neesh Perfumes | Review

About Oud De Venice

Oud De Venice is a fragrance designed for lovers as it has an intense and regal composition. Contains floral, spicy as cinnamon and deep scent of amber which is absolutely aphrodisiacal and thoroughly aromatic.

The perfect fragrance for a romantic evening, the Oud De Venice by Neesh is the best pick for anybody who appreciates subtlety.

  • Top Note: citrusy, cardamom, cinnamon
  • Middle Note: rose, saffron, myrrh
  • Base Note: musk, amber, patchouli

This one is my most favourite fragrances among the three! ? I have been wearing it on special occasions. ? It is more on the spicy side. If you love floral, citrusy and spicy scents like me, then you will love this fragrance too.  At first it has a mix of floral and spicy scent. After a few hours- 3+, the fragrance lightens and then turns completely spicy. Still very pleasant! 

I have been using this the most. And I can still hear and make out that half of the content is still left to use. (When I shake the bottle.)

Price and quantity

INR 340 for 20ml

To Buy Click Here

I loved it!

Rating 5/5

My Experience With Attar E Nazakat

neesh perfumes 2 Smell Well With Neesh Perfumes | Review

About Attar E Nazakat

Enhance your first date experience with Neesh’s collection of Attar e Nazakat, a perfume that combines the right amount of grace and vitality. It sets the tone of elegance and modern sophistication.

Make your date unforgettable with Attar e Nazakat has an unmistakable graceful and dry honey and arabian agarwood smell.

  • Top Note: Arabian, agarwood, dry honey
  • Middle Note: castoreum, patchouli
  • Base Note: dry amber, musk
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This is my second favourite! ? The fragrance is very royal like to my senses. ? I like to use this one on dinner dates. ? Or when visiting any historical place! (Don’t know why I feel like wearing this perfume at that time! ?)

During the initial hours agarwood enlightens the mood. Calm, pleasant and does not induce any headaches! After few hours the fragrance softens and turns to a pleasant musky scent. I think men will love this fragrance more than women.

Price and quantity

INR 340 for 20ml

To Buy Click Here

I liked it!

Rating 5/5

My Experience With Zaafran E Hindustan

neesh perfumes 3 Smell Well With Neesh Perfumes | Review

About Zaafran E Hindustan

The aromatic fragrance of Zaafran e Hindustan characterizes the man of today as self-confident, knowledgeable and his nature to live in harmony with the natural world. Wear it to any celebration and make it memorable!

Imbibing the characteristic of all things Indian, Zaafran e Hindustan by Neesh is a unique and organic fragrance. Its essential ingredients like musk, dark rose, pink rose and Iran saffron are exponentially exotic.

  • Top Note: Iran Saffron, pink rose
  • Middle Note: white woods, dark rose
  • Base Note: musk, amber

This one is my least favourite. ? But mum liked it! And she has been using it a lot these days. ?

This fragrance is more on the saffron-woodsy side which does not seem pleasant to me. As my taste is floral, citrusy, sweet and bit spicy! If I keep sniffing on it or if I’m surrounded by this scent, I can get a headache easily. So I do not wear this one.

I think many men or women may not like this one too. (As my brother did not find this particular fragrance attractive too.) But I believe there are some men who may find this fragrance interesting. ?

Price and quantity

INR 340 for 20ml

To Buy Click Here

I didn’t like the fragrance but mum liked it!

Rating 2.5/5

neesh perfumes 5 Smell Well With Neesh Perfumes | Review

Depending on your taste Neesh Perfumes offers a huge range to select from. There are 12 different fragrances as of now. The quality of these fragrances is really impressive! And it easily lasts upto 8 hours. Yes it does softens after sometime but the fragrance exists even then.

My fave one is definitely the Oud De Venice from Neesh Perfumes. The strongest and more powerful (staying wise) when compared to the other two is- Attar E Nazakat.

Both men and women must check them out! You will be amazed by the fragrances. They are also available in two sets/boxes- for women and men.


Have you tried any fragrance from Neesh Perfumes yet? Which one did you love the most?

I love to hear from you! Share your thoughts/questions in the comment section below! 🙂

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Till next time, take care!



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27 thoughts on “Smell Well With Neesh Perfumes | Review

  1. Papri Ganguly says:

    I like neesh perfume and My favorite is Sultana. They are completely based on Attar which is a good thing and fragrance definitely brings the golden era back.

  2. Jiya B says:

    Pockt perfumes are best to carry. They are handy and easy to use. The size and bottle looks cute. Review is promising will check this range soon.

  3. Rakhi Parsai says:

    I am a great fan of attar. Having lived in Mumbai for quite some time I got introduced to amazing attar. I loved the review on Neesh Perfumes. I especially liked the sleek design as it can so easily fit in the pocket and can be carried anywhere. I am sure going to try them.

  4. Bushra Khan says:

    I have used Neesh’s Zaafraan -e-Hindustan ? and my mom asked my which sweet have I put Zafraan (Saffron) in! lol.. These are too strong for me- i guess a perfume lover would enjoy these scents!

  5. Prisha Lalwani says:

    I love your honest review .. and the product looks quite premium! I love perfumes nd the zaffran -e hindustan looks quite appealing to me

  6. Hena Jose says:

    The product packaging is very classy. From your description these smell good, also can be applied on skin directly. Wondering where we can buy it from ?

  7. Rashmi Chand #notjustmommying says:

    Hadn’t heard of these, my husband is a perfume aficionado, we would definitely love to try these out. This is Vfm too.

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