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Hola peeps! I have been using Noor Secrets hair oil for quite some time now. And it’s been selling like hotcakes on Amazon! After reading its claims like- prevents hair fall, premature greying, dandruff, and boosts hair growth; my expectations were set high! I was more intrigued when I read that it’s 100% natural and organic! So hop in to find out how it worked on my wavy, dry and super frizzy hairs!

noor secrets hair oil 2 Noor Secrets Hair Oil Review | Natural & Organic

Noor Secrets Hair Oil Experience

noor secrets hair oil 3 Noor Secrets Hair Oil Review | Natural & Organic

The packaging is neat and travel-friendly. Opaque white colored plastic bottle with a spill proof flip cap. It comes in a carton box. Both the bottle and the box contain all the important details. Further, you can check out each ingredient benefits (Picture inserted ahead!) on the box.

The color is greenish-brownish and it is runny in consistency. It is quite heavy compared to other hair oils and works amazingly! It contains strong ayurvedic fragrance, which many girls may not like if they are into fragrances! (Note: Not in any way trying to say that the brand should change its fragrance! As it is ayurvedic.) But from second usage my nose got used to it and the fragrance did not bother me at all. By the way, dadi loves its fragrance!

noor secrets hair oil 4 Noor Secrets Hair Oil Review | Natural & Organic

As usual, I have been oiling my hair once a week that is on Saturdays. I do keep the oil overnight and wash it the following morning with the regular shampoo. ( I keep a cloth on my pillow.) But if you break out from overnight oiling, then I suggest you keep it for 2 hours at least.

noor secrets hair oil 5 Noor Secrets Hair Oil Review | Natural & Organic

Whenever I use this hair oil it instantly calms my scalp and provides a unique sensation. As if it has already started its magic on my scalp! From the first usage, not by its fragrance but I completely fell in love with its effects! Yes, it feels quite heavy on hairs because it is like your ordinary champy massage and hair treatment hair oil, only that it isn’t ordinary! After oiling, my hair is in a braid so the heavy feeling doesn’t bother me. It is not that heavy but some may feel it slightly heavier. On the other hand, I’m used to using such hair oils!

The next day, when I wash my hair I see a significant reduction in hair fall! And after few usages, I have noticed less hair fall even while detangling after shampoo. Mild hair oil smell transfers on a towel after shampooing and conditioning. I do not suffer from severe dandruff, they are mild but sometimes I do face itchy scalp. And after I have started using this hair oil it has killed the itchiness too and also the have lessened dandruff!

My hairs are naturally dark brown sometimes appearing almost black in color. (Picture provided ahead!) And I haven’t faced any premature greying so I really can not comment if it will work on grey or white hairs. But my hairs have definitely transformed into something new- shinier, stronger, voluminous, and frizz-free! Yep, you heard that right! It significantly reduced my hair frizz and is helping in repairing the damaged strands! I believe a combination of this hair oil and a conditioner from Dove has turned my hair silky and frizz free!

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noor secrets hair oil 7 Noor Secrets Hair Oil Review | Natural & Organic

If you have read my review on Bajaj almond hair oil, then you have seen how my hair looks after shampoo and conditioner usage. That is they still look frizzy and damaged! But now it seems that these hairs are not mine and they look naturally healthy. ?

This is the picture where I’m showing how my hairs look after using Noor Secrets hair oil, Garnier Ultra Blends anti-hair fall shampoo and the conditioner I was talking about. They have never looked like this, ever! Not without a leave-in conditioner or hair serum! Now I can skip on hair serums! 😀

noor secrets hair oil 8 Noor Secrets Hair Oil Review | Natural & Organic

(P.S- I don’t have any particular haircut. They have grown naturally.)

And about inducing good sleep? Since it contains therapeutic properties it does provide a calming and cooling sensation to the scalp which further helps in sleeping peacefully!

Overall, I love Noor Secrets hair oil and my experience with it was too good! It’s one of the best weekly preparing hair oil, for healthy hair and scalp! Both men and women can use it without any doubts. I’m sure you will love the results too!

noor secrets hair oil 9 Noor Secrets Hair Oil Review | Natural & Organic

Price and quantity

INR 499 for 100ml

To Buy Click Here

I loved it!

Rating 5/5 (If it was possible, I would be giving more than this!)

I would recommend cum force you to try Noor Secrets hair oil! And if you have dry, frizzy, damaged hair with dandruff; then you must check it out! I am totally impressed by it on- how it provides natural shine to my hair and has repaired the damaged hair. Now it doesn’t matter I use hair serum or not! Worth trying and you will be repurchasing it!

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