Permanent Straightening- Everything You Need to Know!

Permanent Straightening- Everything You Need to Know!

Permanent Straightening Everything You Need to Know 1 Permanent Straightening  Everything You Need to Know!

Are you someone who is thinking of getting permanent hair straightening done soon? A lot of factors one has to think about before getting their hair permed. Things like cost, how long it lasts, how to take care, pros, and cons, etc. Just like any other girl who has curly and frizzy hair, I too had a dream of experiencing everyday straight hair without ironing. (How we always want to have what we don’t have.) Well, it’s been a good 6 months for me since I got my hair chemically straightened. I will be answering all your questions and clearing any doubts that you may have. Along with that, I will also be sharing my experience so far. So before you finalize your decision have a look at all the points discussed in this post.

Permanent Straightening- Everything You Need to Know!

Well, considering other things going around in the beauty industry; like everything from eyelash extensions, eyebrow filling, face, and body sculpting, etc. Getting your hair permed is a small and very common thing to do nowadays. And how long can one keep using heating tools to attend that special event sporting a new hair look? Or simply to get over bad hair day. I admit that I am obsessed with straight hair. (Just like you!) And to get straight hair I hate using the ironing machine every now and then too. As too much use of ironing machine damages hair to an irreversible extent.

Well, it’s been a while since I have been hearing a lot from my friends and relatives that they too want to get their hair permed at least once to know how it feels. It’s just like giving your hair permanent makeover! (I know it sounds like a dream for curly and frizzy hair girls!)

So, are you ready to learn about everything before getting your hair straightened?

Permanent Straightening Everything You Need to Know 2 Permanent Straightening  Everything You Need to Know!

Permanent Hair Straightening Cost

I got my hair permed in Diwali (For all the non-Indians, Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrated in India.) So there is this good parlor in my area where I usually go to. During this time of the year, they had an offer on hair straightening at INR 3999 for any length hair. Of course, I had to grab this opportunity!

So the total cost for me would be around 4-5 thousand counting on the shampoo and conditioner which I had to buy separately from them. And the hair spa before getting straightening done. Most commonly it costs anywhere from 4k to 10k depending on your hair and the parlor.

As far as I am aware of most commonly they either us Loreal or Matrix products for hair straightening. Permanent hair straightening cost in Loreal depends upon hair length and texture. Same with Matrix products.

For me, they used neutralizer cream from Loreal and straightening cream from Matrix.

Hair Straightening Steps

The process again depends upon hair length and hair texture. Also, you can tell them if you want your hair to look naturally straight or pin-point/poker straight. I wanted mine done poker straight.

Before Hair Straightening Day

Hair spa: they recommended me to get hair spa done 1 week priorly.

On Straightening Day

  1. Hair wash: they used Matrix shampoo to wash my hair
  2. Blow dry after shampooing
  3. Hair relaxer or neutralizer cream: to break the bonds in the hair
  4. Using the ironing machine
  5. Applying straightening cream
  6. Hair wash and blow dry
  7. Hair serum

After 3 days I was called again for the first hair wash and hair spa.

How Much Time It Takes for Permanent Hair Straightening?

I was scheduled in for the appointment at 11:30 am and we were done by 6:30 pm. Again this depends on hair length and hair texture.

It’s a time-consuming procedure because after the cream application they have to wait until the chemicals in the cream began its magic. And in between, they keep checking the hair- tie knots in one or two hair to check the effects. They tell you to sit straight for the entire session especially when they are combing after applying the cream.

Ah, well I have a lot of patience so I was fine by the evening. (Okay, in very rare situations I lose my patience!) And the lady who was doing my hair was very friendly and funny. So I had a fun time!

Permanent Straightening Everything You Need to Know 3 Permanent Straightening  Everything You Need to Know!

After Hair Straightening

I was told to take special care of my hair for the next 72 hours. Things like not a single drop of water on hair, no tying or clipping hair, not to put hair behind ears, etc.

How to Keep Your Hair After Straightening It?

They recommended me to get a hair spa done regularly. But I have been following my own hair care routine and that is working out for me. As I don’t notice any dryness in my hair. I shampoo and condition my hair. I don’t skip on the leave-in hair serum. Also, I don’t go out in the sun much. (Now that is because I have sun sensitive skin.)

They advised me to use Matrix opti care shampoo and conditioner only. But that did not suit me much so I am currently using a shampoo and conditioner duo from Loreal 6 Oil Nourish range. (Already reviewed it on the blog.)

How Long Does Permanent Hair Straightening Last?

Well, it depends upon your hair growth. The new hair is obviously going to be your natural hair. But on average, you will get to enjoy your straight hair from anywhere between 1.5 to 2 years.

If you’re someone who has curls from the root then I suggest not to go with this process. As after few months depending on your hair growth, you will end up with half curly half straight hair look.

My hair is curly too but for me, the curls start just below my jawline and not from the root.

Permanent Straightening Everything You Need to Know 4 Permanent Straightening  Everything You Need to Know!

Is Permanent Hair Straightening Good for Thin Hair?

I personally wouldn’t recommend you getting your hair permed if you have thin hair or if they look very less in volume. My hair is pretty voluminous naturally. Hence I have got the flowy look in my straightened hair.

Hair Straightening Side Effects

Many people complain about hair fall, wiry hair, frizzy hair, in short, damaged hair after getting their hair straightened. Personally what I feel is after getting their hair straightened they forget and don’t pay much attention to their hair care routine. Like most only use a shampoo. They completely skip on using other products like conditioner, hair oil, hair serum, and a moisturizing hair mask.

I have not experienced any of these side effects yet. (Thank God!) I got my hair permed in October 2018 and at the time of this post, it is April 2019.

Hair Straightening Tips

So, if after reading through you are finalizing on getting your hair permed. Then there are some helpful tips for you!

During the first 72 hours when you are supposed to take very good care of your hair; I know you will be worrying about things like- how do I wash my face or have a bath! Well, what I did is prior to washing my face I would carefully wrap my hair back in a dry towel. No twisting! Just wrap the dry towel so that all the hair stay back when you are busy washing your face or even while brushing your teeth.

As for bath, for 3 days I had to, ahem, clean myself with a wet cloth. I know this sounds crazy but hey I was afraid that I will splash some water on my hair! Also, it was only for three days. So no big deal for me. Anyways I have a friend who also has straightened her hair. And I remember her telling me that she actually used a clip to tie her hair back while taking a bath! I wonder how she did not get any clip marks. But she also completed her bath in less than 10 minutes. Which I really can never do! (Can you?)

Another tip is don’t touch your hair much for those 72 hours. You can comb once in a day though.

My Point of View on Permanent Straightening

It is one’s personal decision actually whether or not they want to get their hair straightened. This post is nowhere meant to indirectly tell anyone to get their curly or frizzy hair straightened! It is just that I wanted to experience this once, and I am happy with the results. And if you want to experience too then why not? (If you have the time and money that it requires!) Just take good care of your hair afterward just like how I do.

So far I think I have covered all the frequently asked questions and doubts. Let me know in the comments down below if you have any query.

If you are wondering what my hair cut is. It is U-cut with front layers.

Permanent Straightening Everything You Need to Know 5 Permanent Straightening  Everything You Need to Know!

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