Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream Review

Unfortunately, for us acne prone people after our battle with acne, we have to battle with aging. I know, I know… that aging happens to us all! But for people with acne it is like throughout our lives, our skin keeps battling with all skin problems! After acne scars we have to face signs of aging. πŸ™ Β I am 21 now and as an acne prone person I am always in the look for anti acne products. Never I have thought to try any anti aging product. But I was very intrigued to use Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream.

sarv aloe vera anti aging cream 2 Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream Review

And in today’s post it is going to be my and mummy’s experience on this anti aging cream. It was my first time using an anti aging product. Β Β This post goes out to people who have mature skin. Be it any gender! πŸ™‚

My Experience With Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream

sarv aloe vera anti aging cream 1 Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream Review

The product comes in a tub packaging, packed in a box. I loved the design and packaging! Both the box and the tub contains all the important labels. The cream is pale pink in color. (Due to the lightening the cream appears to be white!) It has extremely pleasant fragrance! Ah…whenever I sniff on it, I take a short trip to wonderland! πŸ™‚ It is not at all irritating. Really, I could sniff on it all day long!

The product is very creamy and it feels heavy on my combination facial skin. But on the back of my hand it felt light (which is dry). It takes some time to get absorbed into the skin and when it does it settles into dewy finish. So it’s perfect for extremely dry, dry and mature skin!

sarv aloe vera anti aging cream 3 Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream Review

Well, I started using this cream at night time as it would be too heavy during the day for my combination skin. (Plus, I don’t wear creams or moisturisers during day time!) I used very tiny-miny quantity of the cream and mixed it in with my night gel. I massaged my face till the cream gets absorbed into the skin after which I proceed for neck application. Even when using it at night my skin appeared oily within an hour. But at morning my skin felt hydrated, supple and more youthful! So, this encouraged me to keep using this product for a couple of days. But due to the oiliness I was afraid that I will face breakouts, but I didn’t!

Its fragrance always enveloped me and I instantly felt rejuvenated. The scent lingers around for a bit and it also helped me get some relaxing sleep! πŸ™‚ I always woke up to more glow-y skin than before. It also helped me to keep my flaky skin in control especially around the mouth.

sarv aloe vera anti aging cream 4 Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream Review

sarv aloe vera anti aging cream 5 Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream Review

But I couldn’t use this product for a longer time because I don’t have mature skin and one my fellow blogger (Neha Kumari if you are reading this! πŸ™‚ ) told me that mature skin products should only used by those who have one. As her sister suffered from breakouts while using an anti aging product. Although I suffered no extra breakouts (besides what’s common for me) from usingΒ Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream, I still had to discontinue using it. Maybe will use some time in the future!

But the product has been used by my Papa and Mummy! πŸ˜€ And it has been working well for their skin! My Mummy says that her dry and mature skin has been loving this treatment cream as her skin has been getting the needed hydration. And that she will continue using it! Same from my Papa! πŸ™‚ And as for the age spots and fine lines are concerned, they only reduce making the skin appear smoother in texture with consistent usage.

sarv aloe vera anti aging cream 6 Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream Review

sarv aloe vera anti aging cream 7 Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream Review

Overall, I had a good experience withΒ Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream. And I did not suffer from any breakouts which is great! Because heavy creams breaks me out easily. I am not sure about the age spots but this cream helped in diminishing the appearance of acne spots! πŸ™‚

Price and quantity

INR 250 for 50gms

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We loved it! πŸ™‚

RatingΒ 4.6/5

I highly recommend this cream to people who have extremely dry, dry and mature skin! I hope you fall in love with it too! Just remember to use in tiny-miny amounts, preferably at night! πŸ˜€

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18 thoughts on “Sarv Aloe Vera Anti Aging Cream Review

  1. Angel says:

    Hi Snehal, This is a really nice review. I don’t have aging problems yet. But I’m researching which products should I use. And need to ask you did this product affect your acne? Angel

  2. Meenal says:

    Thanks for creating awareness about aging and letting me know about this wonderful product..I’ve high hopes from it now:-D nice review snehal:-)

  3. Bareen says:

    Anti aging products are essential even for us! If you start using them now, your skin will thank you later as it will delay aging so you should use it too!

    • Snehal says:

      Thanks for your suggestion Bareen! Will continue using it when I am 25! πŸ˜€ For now Mummy and Papa are using it. πŸ™‚

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