Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel Review

Hey everyone! ? How did the week fed you? And I hope you all have a happy weekend! ?Coming to today’s post, this is the other product about which I have been talking in the previous post! It is Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel. And I am so excited to share my experience about this aloe vera gel. I have been wanting to do this post looooong before but due to some reason or the other I wasn’t able to. Now as there is still a lot of heat and humidity in Mumbai and in other places, I am sure after reading this you would want to try this for its multi-uses. So what are you waiting for, hop in to know more! (Wow that rhymed! ? )

sarv aloe vera body gel 3 Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel Review

My Experience With Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel 

All Sarv products packaging is very attractive! ? The gel comes in an inverted, squeezable tube and a flip cap, which closes tight. The tube is opaque white in color. Both the box and the tube contain all the important labels on it.

I never found any spillage so the tube is quite travel friendly too.

sarv aloe vera body gel 8 Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel Review

sarv aloe vera body gel 5 Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel Review

The gel has a gel like consistency. (Duh. ? ) It is translucent and has a tinge of green to it. And it has a very smooth texture which makes it easier to glide smoothly on the skin. And as soon as the gel comes in contact with my skin it provides cool, soothing and calming sensation. ? Its fragrance is amazing! I loved it very much! ❤ It contains very pleasant, refreshing and calming scent. It ranges between mild to strong. The fragrance did not bother my nose at all so I am assuming it won’t bother sensitive noses either. (Even my brother loves it! ? )

A little bit massaging is needed and the gel gets completely absorbed into the skin. It sets into matte finish without making the skin feel dry or stretchy, that is, it provides a good amount of nourishment.

sarv aloe vera body gel 6 Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel Review

sarv aloe vera body gel 7 Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel Review

I have been using this body gel for a very long time. (? I forgot how long, soeey! ?) The tube’s content is half over.

I have been using it for mainly for 3 purposes- body gel, face moisturiser and as a primer. As Summer began, I ditched my regular body lotion and started using this body gel. (Though you can also use it in other times of the months!) Applying it in the usual areas after every shower and due to the cooling sensation I feel I can beat the heat! ?✌ Yes, my skin does sweat out as the day progresses but it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy like how normally other body lotions feel on the skin (at this time of the year).

During the hotter months my combination facial skin turns oily. ? And it becomes such a pain in the back to deal with oily skin and acne at the same time! Argh! ? So I completely stopped using cream based moisturisers because they made my skin break out even more. And switched to using this gel to keep my skin hydrated. I am so happy that I used this gel as a face moisturiser! ? Not only it helped to keep my skin hydrated but also it provided this cooling sensation which calms redness and acne (my case is mild to moderate).

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And due to the presence of glycerin in it and it is a gel, I thought why not to try this as a primer?! ?? It made my morning job so much easier! That is, this gel works best as both a moisturiser and a primer. So, no need to to slap more and more products on the skin, which also eats time in the morning! ?

I won’t say that it helps to stay makeup in place for long hours because that is the job of a makeup spray. But this gel does it job well as a primer. And as it contains aloe vera extracts, it’s a plus point! ? (Talk about skin care!)

And hey, here’s the fourth and fifth purpose! You can use it as a massaging gel too, to relax muscles. I bet you will love the cooling sensation. ☺ Also people with extremely dry skin can use it as an overnight gel mask. This also reminds me that it can be used to sooth skin post shaving! ?

My overall experience with Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel was amazing! And that’s pushing me to purchase it once it’s over. ?

sarv aloe vera body gel 2 Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel Review

sarv aloe vera body gel 1 Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel Review

sarv aloe vera body gel 4 Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel Review

Price and quantity

INR  150 for 150ml

To Buy Click Here

I loved it! 🙂

Rating 4.9/5

You should definitely try out Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel! And why not? It’s a multi purpose gel- body gel, face moisturiser (especially for oily skin), massaging gel, overnight gel mask, post shaving soothing gel and makes for a good primer! I believe it will suit all skin types and you will love the cooling effect like I do!

So, have you tried out Sarv Aloe Vera Body Gel yet? What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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For DIYs

Note: Please don’t make any DIY in huge quantity. For any DIY try to finish it within 10 to 15 days.

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  1. Bhumika says:

    One product and so many uses!! Loved how you explored all ways to use it. Also, this is so affordable. Will definitely give this a try soon!! Thanks for sharing. ?

    • Snehal says:

      I would say… go ahead and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Plus the price won’t leave you with empty pockets! ?


    Gel has gel consistency ? I liked it. I am getting attracted towards it. Love the fact it can be used as primer too

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