Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

Hey everyone! 😀 How are you all? Well, I am just trying to survive this Summer’s heat, in Mumbai! Coming back to today’s post, I’ve just emptied Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash. So, before it’s late, here’s my review!

sarv aloe vera face wash 4 Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

My Experience With Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash

sarv aloe vera face wash 1 Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

sarv aloe vera face wash 5 Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

Just like the other Sarv products packaging, I liked this one’s packaging too! Both the tube and the box has all the important details mentioned on it. I can’t really tell if the green flip cap is spillage free because whenever I reached out to use it, I always found the area around the cap slimy. So, each time before using I had to rinse the cap area first. Thus, definitely it isn’t travel friendly but for home use, it’s okay! 🙂

The product is runny in consistency, gel like and lathers very well. I only need a drop or two for my entire face and neck. It carries a funny and weird fragrance, which I am sure no one will like. I can only hope if they do something about the fragrance. It did bother my nose initially when I started using it but with time my nose became used to the fragrance.

sarv aloe vera face wash 6 Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

I was using this face wash at least 3 times in a day! As my skin gets oily and sweaty quickly during Summer. My brother was also using it with me and he also complained about the funny fragrance. With that he also said this face wash has been helping him to keep his facial acne in control! However, I did not notice any such difference in my skin.

I liked using this face wash because in spite of using it several times in a day my skin never felt dry, stretchy or irritated. And as Summer is here I enjoyed using this as it cleansed my skin without being harsh. (I used it too many times!)

Post usage my face always looked clean, supple, hydrated and soft on touch. It also made my face appear glowy after every wash. However even with consistent usage I did not see it making any difference to my acne as it did to my brother’s skin. But neither it caused me any extra breakouts than the usual. It made sure that all the dirt and oil is removed.

Surprisingly, it also helped me to remove light makeup. As I am in the habit of using bb cream, powder, mascara, eyeliner, brow product on daily basis. With this face wash I was able to remove almost all of this makeup in one wash!

sarv aloe vera face wash 7 Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

sarv aloe vera face wash 8 Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

sarv aloe vera face wash 3 Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash Review

Price and quantity

INR 160 for 150ml

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I don’t like the smell but I liked the product! 🙂

Rating 3.5/5 (Because of the fragrance!)

Sarv Aloe Vera Face Wash is a mild and light weight face wash, which will suit all skin types. It effectively removes oil, sweat and other grime from skin. It also removes light makeup very well. With this face wash, you can wash your face N number of times this Summer! The only thing which is bothersome is the smell.

(Late edit: After having a word with the brand they have promised that they would look into the issue regarding the fragrance.)


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