Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Review

Aye peeps! Today I’m going to share my one time experience with Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner. Wondering why I used ‘one time’? Hop in to find out!

sarv aloe vera hair conditioner review 7 Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Review

Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Experience

sarv aloe vera hair conditioner review 2 Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Review

The packaging looks very attractive. The design pattern as well as the brand name ‘Sarv’ in hindi, gives it an Indian touch! Both the box and the tube contains all the important labels mentioned on it.

sarv aloe vera hair conditioner review 4 Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Review

The opaque white colored tube has green colored spillage-free flip open cap. Thus the tube is quite travel friendly.

sarv aloe vera hair conditioner review 3 Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Review

The product is neither thick nor thin in consistency. It is white in color and is non-greasy, unlike other hair conditioners. Hence it can be washed easily without using more water.

Now comes the part which really ticks me off! ? The fragrance! It has very strong and bothersome fragrance. If it was very mild it could have been pleasant, but the fact that it is so strong bothered my nose and gave me headache! This is the sole reason why I only used it once and can not dare to use it again! How do I say, I had to toss it away! ?

Talking about the claims- yes it did give some shine to my hairs and made it more manageable. After hair wash, I was able to detangle my hairs very easily. But it also caused hair fall more than usual! Some other cause of hairfall could be- I have noticed a bit hairfall than usual when I suddenly switch conditioners.

But the smell, I couldn’t handle it! I had to rinse off my hairs ASAP in the shower! I am glad that due to its non greasy texture it completely and quickly got washed away with water. But still the fragrance roamed in the bathroom which made me feel nauseated. The same I have experienced with Sarv Face Scrub. (The smell again!) Both the fragrances are different but very intolerable!

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I have no other points to add to this review and just wanted to share a quick review on this one. As a reviewer, it’s of utmost importance that I honestly share my experience with you all. So you can make the correct choice of choosing the products yourself. I’m not sure if the overall experience of mine would be the same for you. But I can surely tell that you won’t be able to handle Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner fragrance too!

sarv aloe vera hair conditioner review 5 Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Review

sarv aloe vera hair conditioner review 6 Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Review

Price and quantity

INR 160 for 150ml

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I didn’t like it! And I really wish they do something about the fragrance.

Rating 1.5/5

I can not recommend this to anyone. I know that this particular product doesn’t even deserve ‘1.5’. Considering that it provided some shine and luster to my otherwise dull hairs (monsoon taking toll over my hairs!) I had to.


Have you tried Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner? How did it work for you? How would you describe its fragrance?

I love to hear from you! Share your thoughts/questions in the comment section below! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Sarv Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Review

  1. Bhumika says:

    Oh god!!! An aloevera conditioner can cause headache! Even I am prone to headaches by fragrances. Thanks to you, I’ll be staying away from this!!

  2. Ms Via says:

    Thanks for the honest review. I believe hair products should smell pleasant as even after washing the conditioner off the smell remains for a longer period of time and no body wants bad smelling hair. hehehe. ?

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