Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review

Hey everyone! 🙂 So recently I noticed that my hairs look healthy and less frizzy due to the combination of three haircare products, which I have been using these days. One is the beer shampoo by The Body Care, hair serum (I will be writing on it soon) and Satthwa Premium Hair Oil, which I’m reviewing today. So hop in to know how Satthwa Premium Hair Oil works on hair fall, dandruff and frizzy hairs!

satthwa premium hair oil 1 Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review

My Experience With Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

satthwa premium hair oil 2 Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review

satthwa premium hair oil 3 Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review

I received it in a carton box containing the hair oil bottle and a pamphlet which tells us about The Power Of 9 oils. All the important labels are mentioned on the bottle. The plastic bottle is transparent and has white flip cap, which shuts tight. However, I can’t say that the bottle is travel friendly because after every usage the bottle is always oily and slimy. But then again this is common in all the other hair oil bottles, which I have used so far. 🙂

satthwa premium hair oil 6 Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review

The yellow colored oil is quite thick and heavy compared to other hair oils, which I have used so far. It is also runny and contains mild smell of castor oil which did not bother my nose at all.

satthwa premium hair oil 4 Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review

Make sure that you read about the oils used in the picture above. So that you come to know about the benefits of Satthwa Premium Hair Oil. ?

So I have been using this oil for more than a month now and I could really see a difference in my hairs. They are stronger than before! 😀 My main hair issues are- hairfall and frizzy hairs. And prior to using this hair oil I always felt my scalp itchy and on scratching I noticed some dandruff in my finger nails. ? Gross I know but this was an important observation. 

I started using this hair oil once in a week and sometimes twice if time permitted. On Saturdays, I receive a good champy massage from my mummy. ? She carefully applies the oil making sure it gets evenly distributed on my scalp, following a massage for a good 3-4 minutes. I made sure to use this oil almost two hours before hitting bed so that it gets absorbed in my scalp properly. 

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This oil could be easily washed off within one wash. And while washing my hairs, I did not notice any extra hair fall besides the usual. As I said that I had some dandruff and itchy scalp issues, well, I don’t suffer from dandruff and itchy scalp anymore! Thanks Satthwa! 😀 Just within two weeks I noticed that it began keeping my dandruff in control. Along with this it also made my hair stronger and I noticed less hair fall. It made detangling my hairs so easy and less painful. Otherwise while detangling I always see a chunk of hairs on the comb! Now it has reduced. 🙂

It is also aiding with my hair frizz and now my hairs can absorb hair serum properly than before. (I hope this makes sense! 😀 ) I am happy that I have started using Satthwa Premium Hair Oil and will continue using it.

satthwa premium hair oil 5 Satthwa Premium Hair Oil Review

Price and quantity

INR 599 for 100ml

To Buy Click Here

I loved it! 😀

Rating 5/5

If you suffer from dandruff and hair fall issues like I did then you must try Satthwa Premium Hair Oil. It also helps to keep hair frizz in control by providing proper nourishment from roots to tips. Along with this I also use my regular conditioner and hair serum as I have super frizzy hairs.


Have you tried Satthwa Premium Hair Oil yet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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