The Body Care Hair Serum Frizz Control Review

? Aye peeps! Today I’ll share my, mum’s and sis’s experience with The Body Care hair serum frizz control. My hair is frizzy in nature and during this time of the year (monsoon) they become super frizzy! On the other hand, my mum’s and sis’s hairs are normal. In this post, I’ll be sharing our views about this hair serum on both frizzy and normal to frizzy hairs. By the way, I won The Body Care hair serum frizz control in a giveaway which was hosted by The Body Care. Without further ado, hop in to know more!

the body care hair serum frizz control 1 The Body Care Hair Serum Frizz Control Review

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Nature’s Absolutes Rosehip Oil Review

Hello everyone! ☺ I hope you are doing well. Today I’ll be reviewing Nature’s Absolutes Rosehip Oil, which I have been using for a little over four months now.  Rosehip oil promises to correct dark spots and hydrate dry, itchy skin, all the while reducing scars and fine lines. It can also help to hydrate and nourish scalp promoting healthy hair growth. I have used this oil both on my facial skin and hairs, so hop in to find out how it works!

natures absolutes rose hip oil 5 Natures Absolutes Rosehip Oil Review

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