Tat Queen Temporary Tattoos Review

Aye peeps! Today I’m very excited to share my review on Tat Queen temporary tattoos! ? These tattoos are not just for skin application but also for- hair, coffee cups, bags, phone cases, nails etc. The tattoo designs which they offer are very stylish and pretty! I fell in love with them right after opening the beautiful envelope, in which it came packed. So without further ado hop in to know more about them!

tatqueen temporary tattoos 1 Tat Queen Temporary Tattoos Review

My Experience With Tat Queen Temporary Tattoos

tatqueen temporary tattoos 3 Tat Queen Temporary Tattoos Review

They currently have four themes- Beach, Party Time, Elegance & Rose Gold. The one which I received is Party Time. Which contained 4 sheets + 1. ? The size of each sheet is 3×4 inches. All the tattoo designs are available in both metallic gold and metallic silver colors. I received all designs in metallic gold. And the designs are to die for! ?

They come in a beautiful envelope which also contains an information sheet (picture provided above). All the important labels are provided. The application is very easy and quick. No muss, no fuss!

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tatqueen temporary tattoos 7 Tat Queen Temporary Tattoos Review

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So far I have used these tattoos on the back of my hand only. I had a special occasion to attend! ? So I created my own style by cutting off some designs from two different sheets. These are the ones that I chose to use. ?

tatqueen temporary tattoos 5 Tat Queen Temporary Tattoos Review

 After reading the information sheet, I did as directed and applied the tattoo carefully one by one, on the back of my hand. You can have a look at the final design. ? 

tatqueen temporary tattoos 04 Tat Queen Temporary Tattoos Review

Doesn’t it look pretty? ? I loved how it gave an Egyptian goddess like look to my hand! ?

I loved everything about the tattoos- the quality, shine, color and designs! ? As I said, in love with Tat Queen temporary tattoos! I have some more designs in my mind which I’ll share on my Instagram account- @beautytending (Follow me there!)

tatqueen temporary tattoos 2 Tat Queen Temporary Tattoos Review

Now coming to the lasting power- it lasted on my hand for about 2 days after which it started disappearing slowly. It could be because I bathe with loofah. (Very aggressive user! ?) Anyways, they claim that the tattoos would easily last for 4-6 days. So I believe if taken good care they will last for more days compared to mine. If you are someone who bathes with a loofah or scrubs regularly then you can apply these tattoos just minutes before the special event. It hardly takes 30 seconds to transfer from the sheet to the area of application. (No time wastage here!)

At first I was a bit nervous to pull off the sheet after 30 seconds had passed. As in the past I have used other temporary tattoos which takes a lot of time to transfer and when it does in some areas it appears to be missing. (I hope you are able to understand what I am trying to tell! ?) And this is the sole reason that I did not like temporary tattoos at all before this. But Tat Queen changed my mind as they provide awesome quality tattoos! ?

There is another look which my sis created using these designs. You can check it out HERE.

Overall, I love these tattoos from Tat Queen! ? Excited to create more designs with these!



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I loved it!

Rating 5/5

If you are someone who doesn’t like getting inked like me. (Because I have zero pain threshold! ?) And love to try out temporary tattoos as they are easy to use and pain free! Then you must try out these from Tat Queen! The quality which they provide is worth the try. Plus, they are safe, non-toxic, suitable and fun for all ages! ☺


So have you tried out Tat Queen temporary tattoos, yet?

I love to hear from you! Share your thoughts/questions in the comment section below! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Tat Queen Temporary Tattoos Review

  1. Meenal says:

    It reminded me of my childhood days!! Where it was the trend of temporary tattooing but have never seen such kind of stylish tattoos apart from cartoon tattoos:-D thanks for the amazing review! !♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥

  2. laks says:

    these cute golden tattoos are really pretty. Even though I have permanent tattoos I would love to try these for parties and occasions.

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