The Body Care Beer Shampoo Review

Hey everyone! πŸ™‚ I always wanted to try beer shampoo some day or the other, as I have heard a lot about them. One of my friend said that, beer shampoos makes hair very soft and also helps in taming frizz. (My hair is a frizzy bear! πŸ˜› ) So when given a chance I picked up The Body Care Beer Shampoo, which I have been using quite for some days now. My hairs have been thanking me! Let’s hop into the review!

the body care beer shampoo 8 The Body Care Beer Shampoo Review

My Experience With The Body Care Beer Shampoo

the body care beer shampoo 1 The Body Care Beer Shampoo Review

the body care beer shampoo 2 The Body Care Beer Shampoo Review

The product comes in a squeezable plastic bottle, which is transparent. Great! We can keep track of the shampoo. The black flip cap is spillage free and also shuts tight. Considering its size and the spillage free flip cap, it is very travel friendly! πŸ™‚ All the important labels are also mentioned on the bottle.

the body care beer shampoo 5 The Body Care Beer Shampoo Review

the body care beer shampoo 7 The Body Care Beer Shampoo Review

The honey colored shampoo is gel like in texture and runny in consistency. (Due to this I never had to squeeze the bottle hard.) I love its fragrance! It has a distinct fragrance of beer with a hint of sweetness in it. No, I did not feel dizzy while using this! πŸ˜€ It always uplifts my mood meanwhile the fragrance spreads across the bathroom. (To some it may smell like a sweet cough syrup! πŸ˜› )

As usual, I have been using this shampoo twice in a week, it’s about to finish now. And within two washes I could see it making a difference to my hairs- they felt more softer with less frizz! Due to my frizzy hairs I always have to use some leave-in conditioner or hair serum, and this shampoo effectively cleanses hair products within one wash. It effectively cleanses my scalp, other dust particles; and also helps me with my itchy scalp, which I have been facing prior to this. Now my scalp doesn’t itch anymore!

Along with cleaning hairs and scalp this shampoo can also wash hair oil, within one wash! (As on Saturdays I have a champy massage! πŸ™‚ ) Post usage my hairs feel much lighter and softer. I can see some natural shine in my hairs without using a hair conditioner, as I have skipped conditioner once. It also helps me to de-tangle my hairs effortlessly. And oh, did I share that I did not see any extra hair fall other than the usual!

I naturally have pretty voluminous hairs, *touch wood* so can not comment on that part. My hairs do appear to be more bouncier than before. My hairs are very prone to breakage and that has been in control too. And few days ago I had to use heat on my hairs, I was afraid of the damage which can be caused from heat on frizzy hairs. (More frizziness!) But this shampoo took great care of my hairs!

the body care beer shampoo 3 The Body Care Beer Shampoo Review

Price and quantity

INR 180 for 100ml

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I loved it! πŸ™‚

RatingΒ 4.9/5

Overall, I fell in love with this shampoo! The Body Care Beer Shampoo stays true to its claims. It will suit all hair types and due the size of this bottle you should definitely try this.


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