Top 10 Fruits for Glowing Skin | Fruits for Skincare

Top 10 Fruits for Glowing Skin | Fruits for Skincare

Top 10 Fruits for Glowing Skin Fruits for Skincare 1 Top 10 Fruits for Glowing Skin | Fruits for Skincare

It is rightly said that “You are what you eat”. We buy tons of skin care products to fight all kinds of skin problems. Instead of making dietary changes, we often opt for makeup to make our skin look perfect. Because when it comes to lifestyle and diet changes we mostly cringe on that idea. Our skin is the largest organ and we forget to eat for our skin to make it glow naturally and keep skin problems at bay. Don’t worry this article doesn’t consist of some kind of a diet for skin! Here I am sharing Top 10 fruits that make skin glow. These fruits you can both consume and apply on your skin. Yes, you read that right! I am also sharing my all time favorite fruit mask here.

Top 10 Fruits for Glowing Skin | Fruits for Skincare

As mentioned earlier these fruits you can consume and you can even apply on your skin for a glow. But if you are using something like Vitamin A then I suggest you skip to apply the fruit on your skin which is potent in Vitamin C. As this can cause skin irritation. Also, skip it if you have super sensitive skin or dilute it if you still like to apply on your skin. That said let’s check out the list of fruits for face glow!

1. Lemon

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and it is also contains bleaching properties. It helps gets rid of the toxins and effectively cleanses the colon.Thus it is recommended to have warm water with honey and lemon the first thing in the morning. You can consume lemon by in making a lemonade too, adding it your salad or even in your regular tea, etc. To apply on the skin to tackle skin blemishes like acne, acne marks, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone; apply lemon juice on the face. You can also add lemon to your DIY face mask. If you want to learn about more DIY lemon masks then check out this blog post:- DIY Lemon Face Masks

2. Papaya

Papaya contains many properties like it is antibacterial antiviral and antifungal. This aids in digestion and also benefits the skin. You may have heard of consuming papaya to cure constipation issues. Papapa can also be applied to the skin by mashing it. It treats dullness and scars. (I do not consume papaya because it disturbs my monthly cycle. So I like to benefit from it by using it as a mask. I have also read that consuming papayas when pregnant is risky. I am not 100% sure though. Whatever it is… Please speak to your family doctor before eating.)

3. Orange

Just like lemons oranges are also potent in vitamin C. We all love to have orange juice. It is sweet, refreshing and very healthy! You can have fresh orange juice any day or apply it on your skin. Just mix some orange juice with gram flour and apply it as a mask. If you have dry skin then add some honey to it. Alternatively, you can also use orange peel powder in your DIY face pack.

4. Watermelon

This is one of my favorites fruits and I am sure it would be yours too! Very sweet, very watery, and blissfully refreshing! It helps flush out toxins and also improves digestion. And of course, you can also apply it on your skin to fight free radicals. To make a pack add some watermelon juice to fuller’s earth and aloe vera gel for clear and glowing skin. (Since its the season we are consuming a bowl of watermelons daily!)

5. Avacado

This fruit is rich in healthy fats so for all weight watches you can consume avocados guilty free. It also contains dietary fibers hence it helps the colon. For the skin, it improves its elasticity and speeds up healing. You can consume avocados as itself or in smoothies or salads. To make a skin mask mash avocados and directly apply it on your skin. Avocados can also be added to your regular face pack or even in a DIY hair mask.

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6. Cucumber

This is very cooling internally and also on external application. It is rich in water content just like watermelons! For puffy eyes, you can keep a slice of cucumber each on eyes. To make a face pack add cucumber juice to fullers earth or gram flour. You can also simply apply grated cucumber to achieve glowing skin. (These days I am having cucumber as my main salad along with meals every day!)

7. Mango

Since its the season of mangoes, I am sure all of you are already eating mangoes. It not only aids in digestion just like the above fruits but also rejuvenates the skin. Who doesn’t love a glass of fresh mango juice or smoothie?! (Personally I like to consume mango slices along with my meal like a salad. If that even makes sense! πŸ˜› ) You can apply a mashed mango directly to your skin while gently massaging your skin.

8. Banana

Here comes my favorite fruit face mask. It is potent is antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Along with this it also helps with bowel movements. You can consume it as it is or in a fruit salad or in a smoothie. To achieve instant glowing skin mash some banana and apply it directly on the skin. You can also rub the peel of the banana on your acne scars to lighten them. Banana peel can also be rubbed on your teeth to naturally whiten them. (To learn more DIY teeth whitening methods check out this article:-Β  How To Whiten Teeth At Home) Here is a DIY banana mask that I am sure you would love to try:-Β Banana Face Pack for Instant Glow

9. Prunes

If you are suffering from acne due to constipation or other bowel problems then you should try consuming prune juice. Just drink prune juice the first thing in the morning to aid in proper bowel movement. Alternatively, you can also add it your fruit juice or smoothie. To use it on the skin add some prune juice to aloe vera gel and rose water to treat dullness and impart a healthy glow to your skin.

10. Apple

We all are familiar with the saying ” An apple a day keeps a doctor away”. Because it is one of the super foods and contains antioxidant properties too. Thus it also fights free radicals on the skin. Just like other fruits in this list even apple can be both consumed and applied on the skin. I suggest you eat apple along with its peel since its peel is also rich in antioxidants. You can either consume them as it or in juice form or mixed with other cut fruits as a fruit salad. To apply it on the skin grate an apple and add some honey to it. Use this as a mask for glowing skin.

Final Note

So these are some of the fruits to eat for glowing skin. You can eat them whenever you would like to. But please don’t start applying them all together on your skin! Like my personal favorite out of these is a DIY banana mask. So you pick one or two which works best for you. Along with consuming and topically applying these fruits on your skin, I suggest you have a well-balanced diet. And stay physically active to stay fit. πŸ™‚

Top 10 Fruits for Glowing Skin Fruits for Skincare 2 Top 10 Fruits for Glowing Skin | Fruits for Skincare

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41 thoughts on “Top 10 Fruits for Glowing Skin | Fruits for Skincare

  1. Sharvari says:

    I have never tried banana mask…this is a new ine for me. My fav is mango and watermelon for hydration and of course avocados.

  2. Kinshoo says:

    Wow. Never knew about teeth whitening. Fruits are multi-beneficial for sure. Will try out few of your masks.

  3. Roopika Sareen says:

    I love home hacks for glowy skin! This list certainly is going be a great help in making some really cool fruit packs for summers.

  4. dipika says:

    Absolutely, I so agree with this information. Especially during summers when you have such a wonderful supply of seasonal fruits. Very valuable information here.

    • Snehal says:

      Prunes for skin care came in as a surprise for me too! Avacoados I know are great for both skin and hair. πŸ™‚

  5. Rakhi Parsai says:

    Such a helpful post. With each changing season, there are so many fruits that are available to eat. We should definitely consume them and as suggested by you use them in beauty treatments as well. Lovely and helpful post

  6. Neha Sharma says:

    I’ve heard this many times that we can use fruits as face masks for glowing skin but I didn’t know that we can use so many fruits. Using avocado, apple, prunes & mangoes is totally new to me. I’m going to try mango this weekend, it sounds like a really delicious option πŸ˜‹

  7. Pragnya Mishra says:

    My Maa used to make DIY orange powder for me during teen years. This post reminded me othose days when my Maa and Grandmaa made fruit facepacks and chase me.
    Wonderful post.

  8. Deepika says:

    Papaya, banana, mango, lemon and oranges are the fruits which I use mostly. Nice post. I also used banana and papaya for a face mask. I never tried any fruit mask for hairs.

  9. Surbhi Mahobia says:

    I too try DIY fruit masks in summers when fruits are aplenty in the market. Every fruit is beneficial for the skin. Loved the exhaustive list that you have shared.

  10. NEHA JAIN says:

    Fruits have numerous benefits for the inside – out of your body. I love fruits and I eat minimum two fruits daily.

  11. Subhashish Roy says:

    I was trying to check which ones I have been having over the years. Cucumber everyday last 30 years. I love fruits too.

  12. By Joanna K says:

    This article smells summer. Well, I knew about lemon from my grandmother. She used to apply it to her elbows, to make them feel softer. I have never had warm water with honey and lemon. I will definitely give it a try.
    About watermelon, in my culture, we tend to serve that with feta cheese. Simply amazing!

  13. Charmaine Daisley says:

    Ahhhh! I love fruit face masks, they make my skin glow! My favorite is banana as well and I mostly use the banana peel on my face (I prefer to eat the banana lol). The first time I tried banana peel on my face I was so impressed with the results – I got an instant glow and my face also felt firmer, and I later read that this is because of the pectin in bananas. I’ve also tried papaya and got good results, but banana rules for me. It’s also mango season where I am so I’m going to try some on my face. Thanks for the heads up. Great article.

  14. Snehalata Jain says:

    Wow! These many fruits help in getting that healthy skin.I support natural and healthy diet.
    Never tried Avocado and Banana yet,will do so soon.Useful post.

  15. Live Learn Better says:

    Never knew all these fruits except lemon is so useful for glowing skin care regimen. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Tracy C says:

    I didn’t know you could use a banana peel on your skin and teeth. I’m definitely going to try this at home!

  17. Despite Pain says:

    I love this post. I really didn’t realise that some of those fruits could also be used as face masks. Fruit is so refreshing in the summer. I love to throw a few different fruits in the blender to make a smoothie. Delicious.

  18. Erica (The Prepping Wife) says:

    I had never even considered putting bananas on my face, let alone rubbing the peels on my teeth! I’m saving this post so I can give those a try. Avocado also helps with periods and cramps too, which is a reason it is a favorite of mine. I eat a bunch around that time each month. I’m like you in watermelon being a favorite of mine. Easily my favorite part of summer! The hydration that comes from watermelon is great, especially on the days when I get busy and don’t drink enough water.

  19. Scott J DeNicola says:

    It is interesting that you wrote this because we were just having a conversation last night at dinner about how I wasn’t really a candy eater as a child. I often times ate fruit instead of candy. Peaches, plums, oranges nectarines. Perhaps that is why I’ve always had good skin even as a teenager. Luckily my children are fruit eaters as well, especially my youngest, so things look good for them too! Interesting article.

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