Top 7 Women Face Shaving Myths Busted

Top 7 Women Face Shaving Myths Busted

If you have been following Beauty Tending for a while, then by now you must have learned that I shave my face regularly! In My current skin care routine for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin post I have also shared about my face shaving regime. The razor which I use currently is from Tinkle. It’s been over 10+ months since I started shaving my face. I always get asked a lot of face shaving questions on myths etc from you guys! So here I have busted top 7 myths along with my personal experience. Hop in to know girls, you don’t want to miss on this one! ๐Ÿ™‚

Top 7 Women Face Shaving Myths Busted Top 7 Women Face Shaving Myths Busted

Myth 1: Face shaving is for men!

My experience:

No, face shaving is not just done by men. It’s been ages that women have also started shaving their face too! The only difference is in the razor used. There is a separate razor available for both men and women. And I suggest you use the women’s razor. I am not talking about the body razor here! I’m talking about facial razor or commonly said as eyebrow razor.

Myth 2: Your facial hairs grow back thicker!

My experience:

My facial hairs prior to shaving were thin. And they are still thin! Shaving has nothing to do with the hairs going coarser. Just use the right facial razor!

Myth 3: Your facial hairs grow back faster!

My experience:

I usually shave my face once in a month. And sometimes before any big event. And I’m comfortable in doing my upper lips with my Tinkleย whenever I have to. I did not experience my hair grow faster.

The fact is, if you shave very often then yes they will grow back faster. If not very often then they will not grow faster, getting me? It is just like how you shave your legs or arms! If you are a body shaver then you will understand better what I’m trying to say here!

Myth 4: Your peach fuzz will turn into beard!

My experience:

My peach fuzz has remained peach fuzz only! There is no stubble! Why? Because I am a girl and not a boy!

Myth 5: You will have ingrown hairs!

My experience:

If you scrub your face regularly there are no chances that you’ll get ingrown hairs from shaving. I scrub my face once or twice a week. The face scrub which I currently use is from Aroma Essentials, it is their almond exfo and it’s so good! Probably one of the best facial scrubs that I’ve tried.

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Myth 6: If you have acne prone skin, you will have more acne!

My experience:

I have oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. My acne condition is hormonal and hereditary. Having regular facial shave has not aggravated my acne! In fact, I find them to be in control. Since my skincare products get to penetrate more easily now!

Myth 7: It is same as derma-planing.

My experience:

Face shaving is not at all same as derma-planing. The process of derma-planing is more detailed and it involves many other steps other than using a blade. It involves a thorough exfoliation of the skin and is quite spicy too! Don’t confuse yourself with face shaving and derma-planing.

Wondering how I shave my face? I’m sharing the steps below!

  1. Wash face with your regular face wash.
  2. Use a gentle yet exfoliating facial scrub.
  3. Pat dry your skin.
  4. Before shaving, you can use any light facial oil too. I am more comfortable with dry shaving hence I do not use oil.
  5. Take your facial razor and hold it at a slant angle. You can either start shaving with upwards motion or downwards. (I go upwards!)
  6. Once you are done, rinse your face with mildly cold water and pat dry.
  7. Use a good hydrating moisturizer.

I hope this post was helpful! If you have any more queries, leave a comment below. I will get back to you ASAP! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Prisha Lalwani says:

    i swear, I DID NOT EVEN KNOW such a thing exists. I get a lot of facial and body hair too and i dread shaving even on my skin for the fear of cuts and all. But this is some great insight! Thnaks a lot for this.

  2. Minakshi bajpai says:

    Wow i never heard about that women can also do shave on her soft soft face. I also confused about these myths before. But I also got all answers for my confusions. Now I will try shaving too. Thanks for sharing this information

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