Vega Eye Shadow Brush Review

Hello everyone! 🙂 Today’s review is on Vega Eye Shadow Brush, which is an eye lid brush. To complete my eye makeup brushes collection, I needed an eye lid brush for a long time. I have been delaying in getting one just because I thought that it won’t be much of help in eye makeup. But at one particular occasion I needed to pack golden eye shadow on my eye lids and I thought how useful it would have been if I had an eye lid brush too! Anyways, at that time I had adjusted putting the shadow with my ring finger. (How less pigmented did it look!) Well, now with this eye lid brush I can deposit pigmented eye shadows on my eye lids. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already!

vega eye shadow m brush 4 Vega Eye Shadow Brush Review

My Experience With Vega Eye Shadow Brush

The brush comes packed in a plastic cover packaging with a card paper, which contains some basic info. The brush handle is of wooden and has a plastic sort of cover finish to it. It also contains ‘Vega’ brand name printed on it, along with its name i.e. ‘Eye Shadow’ brush in size ‘M’ (Medium). No where on the pack is mentioned if this brush is cruelty free- synthetic or not. (So can not comment on that!). Bristles are very soft and of just the right size and shape to- pat shadow on eye lids. The  ferrule holds the densely packed bristles together in stiff form. The brush is flat and very travel friendly.

vega eye shadow m brush 1 Vega Eye Shadow Brush Review

vega eye shadow m brush 6 Vega Eye Shadow Brush Review

The normal eye shadow brush like the one which are tapered at the top (blending brushes) can not be used to pat shadow on the eye lids. And this inexpensive brush does that job very well. Brush feels very light in hand and also comfortable to do eye makeup. The bristles has ‘premium quality brush’ feel to it, as Vega claims.

vega eye shadow m brush 7 Vega Eye Shadow Brush Review

In-spite of the stiffness, the bristles feel very gentle on eye lids. I have been using this eye shadow brush to pat shadow on eye lid. The bristles picks up the right amount of eye shadow and deposits on eye lids evenly. I do wet the brush before using and thus it picks up more color especially glitters. When it is wet- the bristles feel stiff yet gentle on the eye lids, while patting shadow. 

This brush can also be used to give a nice wing to smokey eye look (when trying to pull the shadow outwards to give nice smokey eye effect). But only in dry form! I have also used this brush to highlight my brow bone precisely. This brush can also be used to smudge shadow on bottom lashes, just for the precise slight smudging.

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vega eye shadow m brush 5 Vega Eye Shadow Brush Review

These days, I use this brush in dry form to apply neutral eye shadow all over my eye lids for an everyday eye look. And it perfectly and quickly works for me! However, this brush doesn’t really help in blending eye shadow, since it is not fluffy. So, I use another blending brush to blend eye shadow(s).

I haven’t noticed any fall outs yet after washing the brush. Neither do the bristles feel scratchy after wash.

vega eye shadow m brush 3 Vega Eye Shadow Brush Review

Price INR 80

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I loved it! 🙂

Rating 4.7/5

It seems like many of you have tried Vega Eye Shadow Brush already and if not then do give it a try! Hence, all the makeup beginners should get this eye lid brush! Because it is inexpensive and also of good quality.

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